Best Interactive Product Demo Software to Showcase Your Products

11 Best Interactive Product Demo Software to Showcase Your Products

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Interactive product demo software helps sales teams create personalized and live demos for their websites to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

Competition is high in today’s market, where different companies offer similar products and services.

So, customers are confused about whose promises are real and what to choose. At the same time, they don’t want to keep a blind eye when purchasing something. Instead, they want to see or feel the product or interact with the product in some way before buying it. 

Therefore, showing your product in real action is a great strategy that will help you close more deals. 

This is where product demos come in.

You can now find multiple product demo platforms that offer amazing capabilities to help you create interactive demos for your prospects.

Let me discuss with you what these interactive product demos are, some use cases, tips to create them, their types, and some interactive demo platforms you can choose from.

Here is a quick summary of the best interactive product demo software I’ll be discussing below.

Software Notable Features
Storylane Interactive product demos, no-code platform, integration with sales/marketing tools.
Arcade Quick creation of product demos, flexible builder, powerful analytics.
Usetiful Automated presentations, prospect understanding.
Walnut Personalized and interactive demos, CRM integration, insights tracking.
Navattic Interactive demos anytime, marketing funnel, integration with CRM.
HowdyGo HTML-based demos, frictionless personalized demos
Reprise Interactive product demos, quick-capture functionality, minimized demo time.
Demostack One-stop product demo control, customized demos, analytics dashboard.
Tourial Discovery Flows, guided walkthroughs, visitor insights, sales cycle reduction.
Saleo Robust demos, no-code AI engine, custom creation, industry-grade templates.
Lancey Growth engine, quick demo capture, personalization, conversion improvement.

What Is An Interactive Product Demo?

An interactive product demo is a type of content that gives the live experience of a product which is basically used for marketing that product without much effort.

It is like a test-drive of a product before buying it.

Interactive product demo software helps you test a product or service virtually through an application before you actually buy it.

In other words, an interactive product demo is a one-way process where you highlight the next steps for your prospects to make their buying journey smooth. Therefore, it offers an immersive, personalized, and the best buying experience to your customers, proving your product’s true value and showcasing to them its benefits. 

How Interactive Demos Perform Better Than Passive Demos?

Interactive product demos engage your prospects in a better way as compared to passive demos.

Interactive demos highlight your product values, optimize self-guided paths for customers to buy your product, give a frictionless experience, showcase the updates and features, build a sales pipeline, and do more. 

Furthermore, interactive demos give flexibility to your prospects to access your demos anytime and anywhere they want in order to close deals faster. It helps your customers understand your product value before the beginning of the sales cycle, which can help increase your brand’s sales rate. 

Examples of Interactive Product Demos

#1. Clari

Clari is a revenue platform that helps your business take complete control over revenue processes. It uses interactive product demos for its customers to let them go through each problem they face in their revenue systems and view the solutions Clari offers. 

While going through Clari’s website, you will find a pop-up screen that asks for a live demo. This attracts more users and convinces them through its smart solutions. In addition, Clari shows a comparison between traditional and modern tools in its live demo to let customers understand the use of modern solutions.

#2. Athelas

Athelas is a platform that provides medical management and billing solutions to healthcare institutions. It provides a next-level product demo showing healthcare institutions how they can use those digital tools effectively by themselves without seeking help.

Athelas’s product demos navigate users through the crucial components and usage of digital tools. This way, healthcare bodies can understand the software’s functions, features, user interface, limitations, etc. 

Additionally, it offers a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the product and use it. 

#3. Lawpath

Lawpath is a legal advisory platform that provides professional legal advice and documents to businesses, which could be startups and enterprises. 

Its interactive product demo includes a brief but clear introduction to Lawpath, emojis to make the learning process funny, and a to-the-point call to action (CTA) to motivate users to sign up or use the free trial.

#4. Filecamp

Filecamp is a digital asset management platform that helps design agencies or SMBs manage their digital assets with ease. It creates multi-chapter product demos to let you understand the platform’s functions.

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In addition, it explains each feature in detail so that any business can understand how to start using Filecamp. Keeping the storyline short, they have managed to cover all the essential functions and features of their platform in their interactive product demo.

#5. Tab.

Tab. provides a payment solution to businesses, especially the ones that are travel-oriented. It enables businesses to accept payments from various countries. 

The platform has created an interactive product, showing businesses the payment acceptance process in Tab., so travel businesses can understand how to secure advance bookings, send payment links to customers, and quickly get paid.

This helps them attract more and more travel companies who can understand the overall payment process and use Tab.

Types of Interactive Product Demos

An interactive product demo is a type of product demo that lets customers experience the product and understand how to use it without hassles. It also shows all the functions, features, use cases, etc. of a product to ease the understanding of the target users. 

You can find different interactive demo software models or types as explained below:

  • Self-serve: Self-serve interactive demo software is an interesting model that allows users to serve themselves without any help from the sales team. They can explore the product on their own by clicking over the functions, features, and other components to see how these work.
  • Linear adventure: Linear means a straight-line path, theoretically speaking. In this model, demo software focuses on straight-path demos for their prospects. Here, you won’t get a chance to use the software of your own. Instead, you can go through a step-by-step procedure already generated by the demo. 
  • Sandbox: Sandbox interactive demo is like an isolated testing of a product without any hassle. Here, you will get a chance to use your company data to test the software and its features. This way, you will get to know the software better and understand its usefulness.
  • Choose an adventure: It is a combination of multiple linear adventures that users can choose to test a product. Here, based on the needs or preferences, a business can choose a suitable path to see how a product performs and decide whether it’s useful for them or not. 

For example, a business may want to experience a product like an end user in order to understand how to use it. In this case, they may want to choose the linear model.

Interactive Demo Platforms

Let’s discuss some platforms that offer capabilities to create interactive demos for your products.


Storylane is an interactive no-code platform that enables you to build interactive product demos in just 10 minutes. It caters to both marketing and sales teams, helping them capture more leads and win more deals.

The platform enables you to show your visitors the real quality, usefulness, and value of the product to improve the growth rate.

Make your product launch super exciting for your customers and buyers by showing them the feature updates. This enhances your product marketing and ensures the true value of the product to your customers. 

Storylane has helped many Saas companies improve their buyer experience; some notable names include Gong, Clari, Nutanix, and Cognism.

It integrates with your existing sales and marketing tools. You can integrate Zapier, HubSpot, Pardot, Salesforce, Marketo, and more. This helps you attract more leads faster and convert them into customers easily. 


  • Easy-to-understand visual assets
  • A powerful engine that can store complex designs 
  • Free plan for individuals


  • Limited features in the free plan
  • Limitation on 250 demo reveals in the starter plan

You can start for free or choose paid plans at a starting price of $40/user/month. 


Create stunning product demos in a fraction of the time with Arcade interactive demo software. It will help you provide the best demo experiences by recording your product automatically. Thus, you can tell your product story in a more interactive way with the help of videos, images, recordings, etc. 

Arcade’s flexible builder makes your product story look perfect by creating live assets that you can update anytime you want without going back to the starting stage. Now, it’s your turn to share your demos via email, social media, or your web application to bring interest and curiosity. 

You can utilize Arcade’s powerful analytics solutions to track which feature or part of your product gives a better experience to your audience. Moreover, you can let your users view the demos at their preferred pace without rewinding or pausing to accelerate your product growth. 

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  • Easy-to-use
  • Free package
  • Online support is very helpful


  • Changing font is difficult
  • It is slower on smartphones

Arcade offers you a free plan along with paid plans starting at $32/month.


Usetiful enables you to display your interactive and personalized product demo 24/7 in your application to close deals faster. 

Don’t let your customers wait for your sales team’s free slot. You can leverage its automated presentations to reduce friction or share the demos through emails easily. 

Maintain consistency in your sales by presenting your product in a more personalized manner rather than just slides. Usetiful allows you to understand your prospects and attract them easily by showing them what they want. 


  • Easy-to-setup
  • Its tour builder is user-friendly
  • Great support team


  • Doesn’t support multilingual tour of a product
  • Extension sometimes fails

Prevent your sales champions from repetitive and bulky tasks and let them use their free time to focus on closing more deals. You can start Usetiful for free to create your product demos or take any paid plan.


Design personalized and interactive demos for your products with Walnut and make your prospects fall in love with your product. It empowers you to win sales by delivering unique product demos, showing your product’s true value, and closing more deals. 

You will get insights into your demos that you can track directly from your CRM software. This helps you gain knowledge on what is missing and take immediate action. In addition, you will find how your leads use your product demos and what your team is doing to convert leads into customers. 


  • Highly interactive and live demos
  • Setup is easy
  • Offers codeless personalization


  • Team collaboration can sometimes become complex 
  • Difficult multimedia integration

With Walnut, you can let your prospects access your product demos whenever they want. Share, embed, script, and analyze your product demos with its robust integrations. Fill out the form and talk to the sales team to get suitable pricing.


If you want your prospects to access your product whenever and wherever they want by creating interactive demos, try Navattic. This gives your prospects the best buying experience. It offers a new way for your product to unlock product-led growth across your marketing funnel.

Navattic allows your go-to-market team to improve your user activation rates and conversations, enhance the speed-up time and quality of the leads, and give customers what they need. I could easily integrate this platform with lead management, analytics, and CRM tools to power up workflows. 


  • Great UI
  • Live demo assets
  • Frictionless access
  • User-friendly 


  • No free plan or trial
  • Difficult in tracking user behavior

The base price starts at $500/month for unlimited interactive demos. 


Capture your SaaS product in HTML with HowdyGo and show your prospects a beautiful and short story. Allow your prospects to use your product anywhere during the sales process. It also allows you to clear paths for your visitors to access the product directly. 

Unlock several opportunities for your sales champions by allowing them to share the engaging demos with others. You can embed the demo in your website or send emails. 

HowdyGo allows you to create frictionless and personalized demos of your products. In addition, you can let your customers use your product and quickly adopt its latest features. 


  • Unlimited HTML recordings
  • Clear usage analytics
  • Custom integrations 


  • Integration options are less
  • Fewer functionalities

The price starts at $39/month with unlimited HTML recordings and users, including a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Build amazing product demos and deliver smoother outcomes with Reprise and show your prospects the true power of your product. You will get an interactive and functional copy of the product with its quick-capture functionality. It allows you to edit your interactive demos to address your leads directly. 

Reprise lets your prospects take a test drive in a guided and controlled environment without communicating with your sales representatives. This will minimize the time spent on demos and let your team focus on other essential tasks. 


  • Offers several useful tools
  • Flexible and editable
  • Top-notch support team


  • Time-taking process
  • Hard-to learn UI

Additionally, you can allow your marketing teams to move your product demo forward by customizing experiences and telling short stories, mentioning the touchpoints. Reprise integrates with other tools to boost your sales pipeline, so closing more deals becomes easier. 


Create interactive demos that always win with Demostack – one place for your product demo with zero dependencies and full control. It allows you to build product demos for different stages of your deal cycle. You can customize them by segment or vertical to enhance their appearance. 

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Demostack lets you launch demo assets with a single click from its demo library to any browser easily. This helps you make your demos more perfect and close more deals.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Effortless cloning
  • Live demo creation becomes easy


  • Limited options
  • The analytics capability is not that good

You can control and track your demos in its intuitive and robust analytics dashboard. It integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and other tools to maximize efficiency. 


With Tourial interactive product demo software, allow your buyers to see your product in action from your website before they buy it. This helps you become more product-led and avoid getting overwhelmed with the hard tasks. 

You can create Discovery Flows for your prospects so that they can access the product experience whenever they want, maximizing the chances of conversion. Also, let your visitors understand your amazing product deeply with the guided walk-throughs.


  • Flexible to use
  • Better customer service
  • Easy-to-understand features


You can minimize the sales cycle by knowing what your visitors want and boosting conversion rates. 


Create complete and stunning demos with Saleo and win more deals. It syncs to your demo or production environment with its no-code AI model engine and delivers robust capabilities, which can maximize your sales. You will get tables, text, icons, workflows, metrics, images, and graphs to add to your demos.

Saleo allows your sales engineer to spend more time generating leads and less time creating demos.


  • Custom demo creation
  • Minimize preparation time
  • Industry-grade templates to save your efforts


  • Little hard to understand the interface

With Saleo, you can build relevant data sets, use cases, and demos in less time. You can also share the demos with other teams and customers via email to increase the reach. 


Create a product demo and use it as your growth engine to drive more visitors and convert them to customers with Lancey. Its extension helps you capture a copy of the product demo in minutes without any integration. 

Personalize your product demo by including graphs, texts, tables, images, and icons. Share your product demos with your users directly to their emails or embed the demo into your website by providing the necessary analytics. 

As a result, your visitors engage more and improve your conversion rates.


  • Self-serve demos
  • User-friendly
  • Intuitive interface
  • High-quality support


You can speed up your sales speed by engaging your prospects and letting them use your product. To experiment, Lancey, I took the free plan.

Some Tips to Generate Better Interactive Demos

Here are some tips to generate interactive demos.

  • Before creating product demos, you need to focus on your prospects’s interests and preferences. This helps you create personalized demos for your visitors.
  • Demos must be simple and straightforward in their design and content if you want to avoid frustrating users or prospects. 
  • Prioritize your product touch points by letting your customers visualize its features, looks, etc. Keeping a prospect-centric approach allows them to go through your product easily.
  • Showcase your product’s potential through relevant images, texts, graphs, colors, etc. 
  • Show your customers real-time use cases of your product to understand how it solves certain challenges. 


An interactive product demo must clearly represent your product’s potential, features, capabilities, and other details to your prospects. But it depends on how you want to create a demo for your visitors.

As discussed above, there are several types of interactive product demo software. If you want to show catalogs to your customers, you will find product catalog demo software. 

I also have mentioned different platforms to create interactive product demos. According to your business requirements, budget, and preferences, you can choose one of them.

Next, you may also explore some best product management software for modern apps.

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