12 Best Multiplayer VR Games to Play with Friends in 2023

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Plenty of people are playing games because of multiplayer support. Read further to explore some cool multiplayer VR games to play with friends.

No doubt, VR gaming is gaining so much love from gamers worldwide because who wouldn’t like to experience their favorite game right in front of their eyes?

In addition to this, VR gaming isn’t limited to only solo players. You can get more VR headsets and enjoy multiplayer VR games.


You can experience your favorite genre game with other enthusiastic VR friends in no time through VR multiplayer games. Hence, today in this blog, we have picked some of the best VR games you can play with your friends.

Reasons Why You Should Play VR Games

Before we directly peep into the list of best multiplayer VR games, let’s briefly discuss the reasons why you shouldn’t miss playing them.

Better Experience

VR gaming offers a unique and realistic experience compared to traditional or PC gaming. Whenever we think of trying a new game, we always look for a unique experience with a touch of our preferred genre. But what makes the difference between PC gaming and VR gaming?


In PC gaming, you control the lead character, but in VR gaming, you virtually live the character’s life.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that VR gaming helps you meet your fantasies in the virtual world. Whether you want to experience the life of a spy or fight with zombies, you can do all of this in front of you through VR gaming.

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Burn calories

The most disliked characteristic of PC gaming is that it makes you physically lazy and unfit. PC gaming doesn’t require any physical moments other than finger movements.

On top of that, the gamer has to stick to the screen as long as they play the game. That’s where VR gaming comes to the rescue. VR games have broken many gaming norms, including physical actions.

When a gamer plays VR games, they have to physically move and make actions to continue and win the game.

For instance, if you are playing a game that needs you to shoot zombies, then you should physically move and pick the gun in the virtual world. This is a key reason gamers adopt VR games over PC gaming. VR games need you to be physically active, which can easily burn calories and give good body workouts with entertainment.


Reduce stress

Games have been helping people to reduce stress and give them a break from daily chaos since the start. But VR gaming directly multiplies the effect and reduces stress more efficiently due to the use of its peak technology.

As we know, PC gaming is only limited to screens. On the other hand, VR gaming provides an entirely different environment with great graphics and background music which helps the human brain to produce dopamine and reduce stress.

Fight Phobias

Even if you choose a game as per your preferred genre, you still can’t be sure what comes next. That’s what makes everything amazing and helpful in VR gaming. VR games push gamers to face their phobias to continue the game and justify their hard work until then.

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In addition to this, you can also try choosing VR games from the genre you are afraid of like horror, flying, driving, diving, etc. As a result, you can try facing your phobias in the virtual world and slowly overcome them.

Improve focus and concentration

VR games are unique in that you don’t control the key character through the keyboard. Instead, you should get completely involved in the game to stay alive and continue with it.

Therefore, you should focus completely on the game as it isn’t limited to only the screen. You have to look over 360° degrees to escape and save yourself from the upcoming danger in the game. As a result of such games, you can improve your focus and concentration.

Now, you might have a good idea about the benefits of playing VR games. So, let’s quickly jump to explore some of the best VR multiplayer games for you to try.

The Dirt Rally

The Dirt Rally is one of the largest VR racing games as there aren’t many VR driving games available. The Dirt Rally is loved by racing community players as it offers many cars to drive and experience different tracks in the game.

The game lets you enter the game in first-person mode by default, but you can change the perspective later as per your preference.


The Dirt Rally is an engaging game that offers you the experience of 10 unique locations and multiple tracks in each of them. Hence, to get a more realistic experience you can also try playing it with a steering wheel and gas pedal. Besides so many pros, the only drawback is that it offers a low resolution.

In terms of multiplayer experience, the game offers you to connect with other Dirty Rally players and also play with your friends. However, Steam players only play with other Steam users and the same is the case for Oculus store users.

Platforms – PC and PSVR

Genre – Racing Simulation

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is another excellent multiplayer VR game. When we hear the word Star war, the first thought that hits our mind is a hero who has unnatural power. This game entirely justifies these thoughts. The game gives you 14 missions with several new characters including cameos.

YouTube video

Star Wars: Squadrons allows solo and multiplayer modes in which you can fight against AI by teaming with your friend or dueling against other players.

Star Wars: Squadrons has gained great popularity among gamers due to several character options and different modes options in multiplayer games. Overall, if you want to experience a heroic world with peak graphics and superpowers, then you shouldn’t miss this game. Get it on Steam.

Platforms – PC, PSVR, PS4, and PS5

Genre – Space Combat

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew is a multiplayer VR game that offers you to play various roles in it. So, if you want a good role-playing game, then you shouldn’t miss this one. Star Trek: Bridge Crew takes you to a unique sci-fi gaming universe with well-designed graphics and a storyline.


The key mission of the player is to figure out a new home for displaced Vulcans. The entire Star Trek Bridge Crew works on a team of players in which it includes the captain, a weapons operative, the steering seat, and a technical engineer.

However, you can also play this game alone or get along with other online game players easily. This game is basically available on multiple platforms, including Steam for PC and Oculus for VR.

Platforms – PC, PS4, Oculus Quest

Genre – Action-adventure

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

If you ever think how it would feel to be a pilot during wars, then let this game fulfill your experience. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is one of the most loved games in the Meta quest Store.

This game allows you to experience the life of a pilot during the Great War with up to 20 playable planes.


In terms of multiplayer experience, the Warplanes: WW1 Fighters has been gaining attention for a long time. This game offers various multiplayer modes and easy access to them.

In addition to this, Warplanes: WW1 Fighters allows multiplayer games with the same and cross-platform players. You can download it from Steam and Oculus.

Platforms – PSVR, Oculus store

Genre – Arcade

Arizona Sunshine

If you are tired of boring racing and shooting games, then you should add Arizona Sunshine to your game list for a pinch of thrill and adventure.

YouTube video

Arizona Sunshine is a shooting game in which you and your team are sent on various missions. Here, you have to hunt hundreds of hungry undead.

Arizona Sunshine is one of the best games you must try with your friend to test your survival skills with realistic graphics. Grab your game from Oculus and Steam.

Platforms – Quest, PS VR, and PC VR

Genre – Shooting


Pavlov is a multiplayer Shooter VR game that designed per two eras, including modern and WWI. Besides realistic graphics, the offline mode and practice range are worth exploring.


Pavlov is a great game to spend time with your friend and get into a thrilling adventure world. Besides competitive multiplayer mode, what makes this game even more engaging is its in-game ranking system.

The game developers have paid attention to every small detail, like the gun’s response, realistic buildings, etc., to give the best experience to gamers. You can download it from Steam with ease.

Platforms – PC, PSVR, SteamVR, or Oculus PC

Genre – Action

PayDay 2

Madly interested in Money Heist? This game is relatable to Money Heist where you and your team execute the hardest heists in banks, casinos, and more. PayDay 2 isn’t that simple, as you have to be tricky enough to choose the best strategy and execute it without leaving a trace.

One mistake can ruin your entire hard work. Along with great criminals, the game has the toughest cops too.

YouTube video

In addition to this, the game isn’t limited to two players. You can make a good team of up to 4 players to execute your heist smoothly. Besides this, you can also play PayDay 2 offline alone with the best AI teammates.

Overall, if you want to challenge the entire US in VR, then you can grab this game without wasting a minute. Get it on Steam now!

Platforms – PC, PS4, PSVR

Genre – Role-playing & Stealth

No Man’s Sky

Surviving in our world is quite easy, but what about surviving and experiencing an entirely new planet? No Man’s Sky is a survival VR game in which the game lands you on various new planets and universes. This survival is not just limited to fighting or shooting. No Man’s Sky is a game that has come up with a unique concept.


In terms of multiplayer in this game you can dogfight, race exocraft, build colonies, explore, trade, and do much more with your friends and survive together. 

Experiencing the realistic world in VR is great but experiencing an entire universe created by a human being is much more unique. That’s what No Man’s Sky brings for the gamers. Download it now from Steam.

Platforms – PSVR, Steam, PS4, PS5

Genre – Survival

Walkabout Mini Golf

This one is a casual fun game that is best for all casual game lovers but a bit more special for golfers. Walkabout Mini Golf is a fun casual game that takes you to a soothing world filled with the best mini golf courses. The game allows you to play alone, make new friends online, or invite up to 8 friends to play golf with you.

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YouTube video

The game gives an extremely realistic experience as they have used physics for every moment in the game which gives the perfect golf experience to golfers.

Walkabout Mini Golf isn’t limited to playing golf. To make it more engaging, one has to search for lost balls, unlock hidden clubs, etc. Besides all this, you can also give it a personal touch by customizing your avatar. Play it now from Steam and Oculus.

Platforms – PC, Meta Quest, Steam VR, PSVR

Genre – Casual

Beat Saber

Bringing creativity to the list, we have an out-of-the-box game and that is Beat Saber. If you are looking for a VR which is not only exciting but can also burn calories, then Beat Saber perfectly fits your requirement. Beat Saber is a fast-paced game in which you have to save yourself from fast-moving music beats coming toward you.

YouTube video

The unique concept of the game is entirely justified by its graphics too. The visuals of the game include breathtaking neon lights and provide you with a hand slash in each hand to rescue yourself from the upcoming beats. 

In terms of multiplayer, you can compete with up to 5 players in private or public matches in the game. So, if you want to test the concentration and reaction speed of yourself or a friend, then you should try this Beat Saber. Grab it now from Steam and Oculus.

Platforms – PSVR, Oculus Quest, Steam VR

Genre – Rhythm

IronWolf VR

This one is an underwater adventure game called IronWolf VR. As the name suggests, IronWolf is a VR submarine game that can be played alone and with friends.

YouTube video

IronWolf is a survival game in which you have to save yourself from destroyers and shoot down the enemy’s ships with numerous realistic weapons provided in the game.

Besides the creative theme, the background music is like the cherry on the cake for an even better experience. If you want to live that experience, get it now from Oculus and Steam.

Platforms – PC, Steam VR, Meta Quest

Genre – Action


Propagation is a multiplayer VR game that throws in a world of zombies and other nightmarish creatures. Hence, you have to battle with these hungry undead creatures with your friend or with any other online player.


Propagation is a great choice for multiplayer as it allows you to chat, gain your scores, and fight for each other’s survival. Overall, it is similar to other zombie games but you can still consider the game for additional fun as it offers more difficulty compared to other games. Download it now from Steam.

Platforms – PC, PSVR, Steam VR

Genre – Shooting


VR games have been getting popular among gamers since their introduction. Playing games in VR alone is so much fun, then who wouldn’t like to experience the games with a friend? Today in this blog, we covered the best VR multiplayer games from various genres you must try with your friends.

Next, check out some of the Best PlayStation VR Games.

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