13 Most Popular IoT Devices for Home and Work

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Discover the ultimate list of popular and reliable IoT devices that helps you in your personal and professional life at home, during travel, and workplace.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the course of automation based on digital technologies like computers, Wi-Fi, and machine-to-machine communication. IoT enabled the human race to create a network of devices in homes, offices, and industries that perform certain repetitive tasks on their own.

Therefore, humans can spend more time interacting with people or brainstorming new ideas. It is high time that you start using basic IoT devices that do not require much control and management and get going with your busy life. Read on to learn more about some exciting smart devices below.        

What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)

The conventional internet connects you with the world wide web where billions of websites are available to serve you information, images, videos, etc. But what about another internet where machines would talk to each other and help humans in achieving their day-to-day goals and objectives? Here comes the Internet of Things.

As the name suggests, it is a network of non-standard computers and physical objects. These objects consist of a miniature computer, various sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) codes, machine learning (ML) software, and automated mechanical parts.

Now, this network is not anything new that needs a different introduction. Instead, these devices use the same internet that we use.

IoT is the cloud where smart gadgets talk to each other, share data, collect data, and respond to human commands through computer software, web app, or smartphone app.        

What Are IoT Devices?


Any device that consists of smart hardware, AI and ML programming, data analysis capability, and can communicate with the internet, is popularly known as an IoT device.

Smart devices are often small or miniature in size. They are mainly mechanical arms, actuators, home appliances, car accessories, vehicle parts, and industrial tools that can connect to the internet. Also, these devices can make decisions based on information available on the internet and commands given by their human masters.

Most IoT devices come with built-in sensors for temperature, sound, direction, vibration, liquid detection, and optics. Smart devices collect environmental data using these devices and analyze them to make a sense of their surroundings and execute scheduled tasks.

The best and latest example of IoT devices are components found inside a self-driving car. Such vehicles consist of LiDAR, Stereo Cameras, Surround View Cameras, RADAR Sensors, Acoustic Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, GPS, etc.

A high-tech computer connected to the internet and satellite controls all these IoT devices. Hence, by analyzing the road, people, other vehicles, environmental conditions, and destination, a self-driving vehicle functions.       

How Does an IoT Device Work?

How Does an IoT Device Work

A smart device works by integrating various components like embedded hardware, sensors, firmware, software, human user interface (UI), environmental data, and the internet.

Humans need to set up devices in their homes or offices using a mobile or computer app. In most cases, the mobile, computer, and IoT devices should be connected to the same wireless or wired internet network for easier and secured processing of data.

Some smart devices can process data locally, through software, or on the cloud. Finally, the smart devices take the decision by analyzing commands set up by their human masters and performing their tasks.

For example, a Google Nest Thermostat collects data from your HVAC system through wired connectivity. Then, it analyzes data locally. According to your room temperature settings, the smart device would either instruct the HVAC to blow hot air or cold air to make the temperature comfortable.       

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Until now, you have gone through the basic technologies and working principles behind IoT devices. Though the above theory might sound a little bit techy, it is just a cakewalk when it comes to using smart devices.

Find below a curated list of popular IoT devices that you can buy without any second thoughts:  

Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Echo Dot (4th Gen) is a compact smart speaker with a sleek design that easily fits most interiors. It is a lightweight and small device. Hence, you can easily take it to the office or buy two for both office and home.

Echo Dot (4th Gen) IoT Devices

This smart home speaker comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa smart assistant. Once you set it up, you can instruct Alexa to play songs or other audio content online. Its built-in high-quality speakers offer balanced bass and crisp vocals for easy listening of audio. It also has advanced microphones so that it can hear your voice commands.

Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best IoT devices to control smart home and office systems that comply with Amazon Alexa protocol.    

Amazon Smart Plug

Though homes and offices are going through the Internet of Things transformation, it does not mean you need to throw away old appliances. Bring home this extraordinary Amazon Smart Plug to convert dumb home appliances into smart home appliances.

Amazon Smart Plug IoT»/>

These smart plugs are suitable for most home appliances that connect to the main power socket. For example, you can connect lamps, fans, holiday lighting systems, coffee makers, humidifiers, electric kettles, and so on.

You can connect all Amazon Echo smart speaker systems with this plug. Then, using the Amazon Alexa mobile app you can add scheduling, automation, and ad-hoc instructions to the smart plug.       

SMONET Smart Lock

Forget the stress of losing keys or key rings by getting this ultra-modern smart lock system from SOMNET. You can further increase the functionalities by connecting the smart lock with the SMONET G2 Wi-Fi gateway. Find below the notable features:

SMONET Smart Lock IoT Devices
  • Mobile app control
  • IC card
  • Keypad-based locking and unlocking
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • A backup key for unlocking the door during power failure
  • Schedule access for guests or roommates
  • Store up to 250 keypad access codes

Moreover, the mobile app gives home owners a detailed history of door operations by themselves and other individuals who have access to this smart lock system. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag

Never lose any backpack, keychain, IoT devices, wallet, purse, glasses, TV remote, and more when you bring home SmartTags from SAMSUNG. Also, these SmartTags are pet-friendly so that you can attach one to their collar and stay worry-free when they are roaming outside. You can locate SmartTag-attached things from a distance of up to 130 yards. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag IoT Devices

You can easily control more than one SmartTags using your SAMSUNG Galaxy phone and the SmartThings app. Moreover, Using the Galaxy Find Network, you can even detect offline SmartTags.    

NETGEAR Orbi Pro With Wi-Fi 6

NETGEAR Orbi Pro brings the right kind of Wi-Fi coverage for your smart home or office. It comes with the latest iteration of Wi-Fi which is Wi-Fi 6. Hence, it can cater to more IoT devices than any conventional Wi-Fi routers. Plus, you can create a mesh Wi-Fi system in your whole home or office by connecting multiple NETGEAR Orbi Pro.

NETGEAR Orbi Pro With Wi-Fi 6

It offers dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, you do not need to worry about smart devices working in 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz. All the devices will connect seamlessly and receive steady internet for latency-proof functioning.   

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Google Nest Thermostat 

Google Nest Thermostat with ENERGY STAR certification is a device that saves your energy when you are away from home. It lets you control the heating and cooling system from anywhere using your smartphone.

Google Nest Thermostat

You can easily install this device and connect it with the Google Home app. This programmable Wi-Fi thermostat supports notifications and alerts to alert you of HVAC issues. Its Savings Finders offers you more ways to save, including making a schedule for energy efficiency.

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) 

Echo Frames are smart glasses that offer hands-free access to Alexa and other IoT devices. It saves your time by allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Its open-ear audio discreetly directs sound to your ears so you can listen to audio entertainment, communicate, and control your smart home hands-free.

Echo Frames (2nd Gen)

If you want, you can add prescription lenses to the frames without affecting their features and functionalities. You can get notifications from your favorite apps and stay away from the rest with its VIP filter.

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

If you often forget whether you have locked your garage or not, myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control is highly useful for you. Using this device, you can open and shut your garage gate from anywhere. All you need to do is to download the free myQ app on your Android phone or iPhone and connect it to the device. 

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

You need to have a sectional garage door to use it. After setting it up, any garage door activity will result in a real-time notification. Moreover, it allows securely sharing access to your device with three more people.

RENPHO Smart Tape

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a mother-to-be, RENPHO Smart Tape lets you seamlessly track the changes in your body. You can use it for any other purposes that need tape measurement. Its large LCD screen shows the measurement in digits so you can avoid any error or misreading. 

RENPHO Smart Tape

This IoT device supports measurement in inches and meters. You can use it to measure your body without help from anyone else using its easy lock hook design. The device not only supports integration with RENPHO App, but it is also compatible with Apple Health. 

Inus N32 Electric Bidet Seat

Inus N32 Electric Bidet Seat is a sophisticated smart bathroom accessory, which is environment-friendly at the same time. Its self-cleaning nozzle offers complete cleaning for both men and women. Its intelligent air-dryer with 5 levels of warm air lets you dry yourself after washing. 

Inus N32 Electric Bidet Seat

You can adjust the seat temperature between 4 different levels according to the temperature. It comes with a waterproof and touch-supported smart side panel to control all the major functionalities. 

You can use its LED light at night instead of switching on the light. It also supports a direct water system so you can enjoy warm water instantly. 

Huepar Self-Leveling Laser Level

If you are an engineer, designer, or architect and often use leveling tools for your work, it is time to switch to this self-leveling laser level from Huepar. Key product highlights are:

Huepar Self-Leveling Laser Level
  • Self-leveling
  • High visibility
  • IP54 dustproof and water resistance rating
  • Gravity pendulum
  • Manual mode
  • Vertical and horizontal laser beam for cross-line applications
  • Magnetic L mount with tripod thread
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You can utilize this smart laser tool for home decoration, bridge construction, road construction, wall photo mounting, stair laying, wall tiling, door window installation, and more.        

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is the perfect device for knowing indoor air quality. It can measure carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM 2.5), temperature, and humidity. 

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Its color-coded LED light indicates the quality and you can effortlessly check the air quality score in the app. With the Routines feature of this device, you can switch on different Alexa-enabled devices like fans, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers based on indoor air quality.

It does not have any built-in speaker, microphone, or Alexa, hence you need to use Alexa mobile app or any Echo device to use features like alerts, routines, and voice control. However, the monitor is made especially for non-techy people so they can easily set up the device with Alexa.

Pocketalk Classic Language Translator

Pocketalk Classic Language Translator is a two-way voice translator that lets you communicate with confidence in 130+ countries. The device uses cloud-based translation engines to provide you with accurate and real-time translations for business and other purposes.

Pocketalk Classic Language Translator

It supports 82 languages for translation, including English, French, Afrikaans, Arabic, German, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, Swahili, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

It also comes with features such as dual microphones with noise-cancellation and intuitive touchscreen navigation. Moreover, the 2-year built-in data plan of this translator makes sure that it functions whenever there is an internet signal, even without no Wi-Fi.

Final Words

So far, you have gone through some extraordinary, affordable, and convenient IoT devices that help you to make a positive difference at home or office. The article outlines smart devices from different spectrums and for various lifestyles. 

You can take your pick from the above list and enjoy home and office automation for a peaceful living and productive work.

You may also be interested in smart WFH essentials for a productive and convenient professional life.

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