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17 Multiversus Roster Members You Can Play With Right Now

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We know how curious people are to know the new characters of MultiVersus. That’s why we have come up with a myriad of information.

Read on if you’re interested in learning about the confirmed MultiVersus roster and who is likely to join the lineup in the future. 

There have been numerous buzzes that several characters from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Rick and Morty, to name a few, could also be coming shortly. The MultiVersus roster is already packed with well-known characters from Warner Bros begets. However, players may be curious about which characters they can control now and in the future. 


MultiVersus is a crossover fighting game similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. The main play option of the free-to-play fighting game is a 2v2 duel, which gives it a special twist on the Smash Bros formula. Meanwhile, the characters are also made to operate in pairs; a level of teamwork is not present on any other platform.

An Overview of the Game Type

Minimum Specification

  • Lowest Specifications: 60 FPS at 720p
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 Ti or Radeon HD 7770
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5


MultiVersus will be available on a variety of platforms. The following are all confirmed:

Does MultiVersus support cross-platform content?

Definitely, MultiVersus will feature cross-platform play to ensure all players can participate. Moreover, the system will have a cross-progression feature available immediately.


The multiverse can unlock these characters in MultiVersus in four different ways:

Level I – Beyond our Cosmic Universe

This can be outlined back to the fact that we accept those invisible things are part of existence, but we may fail to see them if we are in a good position. The lesson drawn from the study of parallel universes is the proposition that the needle can be tested and retested even though the universes that cannot be seen are not in existence.

Level II – Post Inflation Bubbles

It’s the end of the big bang theory. Compiling loose ends in one theory explains how the level II multiverse works with other post-inflation bubbles. It is a part of the chaos eternal theory of inflation, explains how the universe’s vastness, flatness, and uniformity developed and explains the uniform expansion of space over time.

Level III – Quantum Many Worlds

We have the potential to discover all the dimensions of our universe thanks to quantum physics and associated theories. This is not a classical aspect but in terms of a mathematical object called the wave function.

Level IV – Mathematical Structure

This level discovers that the ultimate type of parallel universe can be found in a world of potential opportunities. However, the differences in universes are not the only cause of location, cosmological properties, and the laws of physics.


Below are the confirmed maps which you can play in this game:

  • Sky Arena 
  • Tree Fort 
  • The Batcave 
  • Scooby’s Haunted Mansion
  • Trophy’s E.D.G.E.
  • Trophy’s E.D.G.E. 2
  • Training Room


In any game, modes can be very helpful in gaining popularity. For instance, PubG gained popularity because of its Classic mode. MultiVersus also comes with numerous modes such as:

  • 1 vs. 1 match
  • 2 vs. 2 team-based cooperative mode
  • 1-4 player local matches
  • The Lab and tutorials
  • 4-player free-for-all
  • Custom online lobbies

Now, let us get familiar with the confirmed characters of the MultiVersus Roster. So, it’s time to get to know all the characters before you enter the game.


His skill of neutralizing his anger allows him to deal extra injury to enemies. In addition, his skill allows him to dig up a sandwich he can hurl, which greatly damages enemies if it passes your team. Shaggy is a powerful character with a good assortment of capabilities, making him a proper candidate for MultiVersus.



LeBron James, from the film Space Jam, plays a Mage role. LeBron’s entire kit revolves around his basketball. It can carry a bit of effort to maintain the fast-moving ball projectile in a straight line, but LeBron’s normal attacks are good at taking out opponents, even after the ball has left his hand.

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He has an exclusive skill that allows him to spring in and slam a basketball to the ground, launching enemies into the air but hitting the ball. This skill can be activated with his neutral skill or regenerated automatically after assaulting an enemy.

The Iron Giant

While other Tank characters will keep Iron Giant at bay, he is actually vulnerable to combo-locking because of his weight. His enormous strength can cause him to rebuild the combo, though it will make him more vulnerable to damage. When Iron Giant descends on his adversaries, his down special, Cannonball, throws him into the air, dealing significant physical and visual damage. Practice can make him a formidable force.


Taz from the Looney Tunes show is a unique case for this list and MultiVersus as a whole currently. It has a relatively meagre portfolio of items, which, although tasty, revolve mostly around chomping and spitting at his enemies and the strategic distribution of tasty chicken resources, eventually turning his victims into tasty chickens that become totally nerfed and incapable of attack.


The best third support leading role from Scooby-Doo is Velma in MultiVersus, and she has a great set of moves that helps her damage, bolster her teammates, and self-heal quickly. Similar in action, her neutral special is a beam drawn from Velma that can be extended if she hits a teammate.

Wonder Woman

In MultiVersus, Wonder Woman is one of the Tank characters who are at her best and also quite powerful. All the Tank characters can carry on taking damage for longer than others, and none of them takes much damage. However, her ordinary attacks hit fairly hard, and the ability to confirm death by pulling one enemy with the Lasso of Truth makes Wonder Woman, despite her shortcomings, a pretty good character.

Wonder Woman

Her passive ability will trigger whenever she blocks a projectile or attacks her shield. Wonder Woman’s most useful weapon is her Down Special. It can shield herself and her ally from attacks. The Lasso of Truth, her neutral weapon, allows you to capture an enemy or your teammate and lead them to your position.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark, an assassin from Game of Thrones, shares several characteristics with the last two characters, Arya and Melisandre. She moves very quickly and has a great deal of a diverse spread of attacks, making her a nightmare to deal with. Her passive includes quite a few buffs to help her.

Arya can use Arya’s counter special to reveal the face, which stuns an enemy if they’re at close range. Her guard special throws a knife, which you can use again. Her regular attacks can also be combined to create whole combos, making her an efficient yet complicated character.


Batman is a Bruiser and is well equipped with many unique abilities and gadgets to deal with rivalries. He excels at using grappling hooks or Batarangs to unveil combos to get further into the fight. His focus is directing efforts toward inflicting considerable harm on the enemy. Still, you might need help from your teammates to get the job done without getting enemies to surpass high damage percentages.


Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny, the animator for Best Looney Tunes, is the only currently-playing Mage on MultiVersus. As a Mage, he completes a few cool arrangements and depends vigorously on the executives’ cooldown, yet in the event that you can understand him, he is an excellent person. Bugs’ does not involve because of the off chance that he is crouching. He pulls a light box out of the ground and tosses it to his colleagues for however long it isn’t on cooldown.

Bugs move extremely fast. Each time he attacks, his speed allows him to move about the map, allowing him to deal damage to the other assailants. Also, his speed makes it harder for him to deal damage to an enemy. He has a lot of options for his specials, and then his neutral character will drop a mine from above enemies and can hit them once it lands.

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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are the Mages within MultiVersus’ allied roster, and Tom and Jerry have an extraordinary mixture that can injure the opponent if you understand their interactions. When getting Jerry off the ground, allies will receive a buff by Donning him. To launch a tennis ball that Jerry hits back at Tom, you may have to revisit one of the more complex moves performed in Tom and Jerry. Test shooting a tennis ball at Jerry after the slingshot is fired is among the most complicated moves you can make in Jerry vs. Tom. 

Tom and Jerry

Jerry will often be absent from Tom at the same time as Tom, granting you more freedom to handle the difficulties. Similar to Bugs, Tom and Jerry are intricate but effective once mastered. In addition, Tom and Jerry’s fighting attitude takes everyone else out of the equation.


She can do a charged side assault that dispatches her clenched hands at individuals and a down assault that causes a shock wave shot to discharge at individuals. Her impartial uniqueness makes a field that dials back projectiles. They can be useful against foes who depend on projectiles.

Her offense job creates an area where the bullets lose power, which can be beneficial if oppositely directed combatants rely on pneumatic weapons to battle. Garnet does not prefer to exercise, but she can dish out a lot of damage.

Garnet is one of the main characters who doesn’t have an uninvolved capacity and uses her capacities to go after different characters. Her property damage and even the amount of damage she deals are somewhat off, but if you work out her tactics, you’ll do great damage.

Harley Quinn

MultiVersus has delayed the pattern of placing Harley Quinn into anything DC-related. Another assassin, Harley Quinn, finds some harmony between being a strong harming seller without being excessively complicated. Harley Quinn has an incredible number of fast combo attacks that are not difficult to utilize and smash. Her side-charge assaults have a ton to launch, which provides you with methods to take enemies out at lower injury.

Her unique swing elevates a baseball bat, launching your enemies skyward. Assuming that any foe is above you, they can be up-specialized on the screen without any problem. Harley can help ablaze adversaries by slamming them with a hazardous or confetti impact. She has a neutral special that she uses at will, which infects opponents. She can stick an opponent to the stage and knock them off using her explosive.


Kal-El (real name) escaped his home planet of Krypton as he had just become a toddler. His rocket crash-landed on Earth, where it came into contact with Martha and Jonathan Kent and raised them as their sudden child. His ice breath, his unique cold skill, freezes opponents and deals damage with an exceptionally wide range.


Superman is by far the most suitable Tank in MultiVersus for various reasons. He can take a crazy measure of harm for a certain something before getting completely concealed. The single most interesting part of the Superman’s kit is its aerial side special, and the aerial up special is available for quick knockouts. This move feels rather cheap after a short amount of time, but it consistently delivers the results.

He moves speedier and has the sultriest launches anyone can manage. He can dodge upward, making another’s injury simpler. If an enemy launches halfway through the monitor, Superman can easily catch the balloon and be tossed out of it.


He is inferior to the other two assassins on the assorted roster. Finn from Adventure Time is the only assassin that’ll behave slightly differently from the others. So, it isn’t easy having to communicate and switch it up during a match. His passive, along with the shop, are interesting abilities, but they do not provide enough of an edge for the attention, control, and dialogue between you and the fighter.

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Finn has an impressive passive skill where he can claim gold coins that fall through the exercise. These coins may be used to purchase a speed boost, bullet shields, or BMO, boasting Finn’s attack special to an assault using BMO.


Reindog is one of Edward Newton’s support characters and the only character he made, especially for MultiVersus. It surpasses Steven due to his support talents being more straightforward to play. Playing a supporting person demands your partner to comprehend the help character and work around their capacities, mentioning more coordination than the typical player will escape an irregular person.

Reindog gets put directly above Steven because his supporting ability is better to use. His exceptional impartial support allows you to tie to your partner, managing harm to foes assuming that you take harm from them and the tie contacts, and giving you a choice to pull your colleague toward you.

Steven Universe

The supporting character might provide a little damage assistance to the teammate at the cost of receiving less physical damage and being unable to communicate as much. Assuming it works properly, you can use these shields to protect your teammate from injury or when an enemy tries to jump backward off of the ledge to keep from falling.

Steven Universe

For the most part, Steven Universe is the right choice because this character’s support is more proficient than the other characters. This means it would be less desirable to play one of the other characters over this one. As for this particular character, he’s far more skilled at using the shield screens to make Checkpoint locations or bounce his enemies onto them, but you can only activate one per play phase.

Besides three MultiVersus support characters, this Smash clone distinguishes itself from the healer among its cast. Steven also has a heal, but your party needs to be in a location where you can do that, which isn’t practical in a fast-paced fight.


Adventure Time’s Jake is a hybrid bruiser that can mix up his offense by taking hits and dealing damage in virtually any direction. Unfortunately, this implies that Jake has nothing that he is especially great at, with his pack missing the mark in some angle or one more contrast with the remainder of the program. 

Jake’s most reasonable skill is his aerial down attack. Over here, he bounces on and kicks opposing players, but this isn’t enough to keep him down the list.


Any individual can play this video game if you understand the principles. It’s available on Epic Games and Steam to make it accessible with any compatible OS and processor.

After reading this, you can now start your game and crush each and every mode as you are now familiar with all the Roster members of this game.

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