6 Best Proxy Managers to Manage Proxies at Scale

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Proxies are useful to businesses, individuals, universities, NGOs, and other organizations for collecting data and accessing resources required in their workflows.

Using proxies can offer higher network uptime, unlimited concurrent requests, reliable IP addresses, limitless rotation, and a lot more.

Apart from that, proxies help conceal your data and location from cyber attackers to prevent information thefts and loss of reputation and customer trust.

Since larger organizations need multiple proxies to perform their tasks, it becomes difficult to manage and track all the proxies they use.

This is where a proxy manager can help them manage their proxies and switch between different proxies anytime as per the requirement.

It gives a seamless experience to users wanting to manage and control the proxies, staff access, failed requests, etc., and get a detailed report in a single place.

In this article, I’ll discuss proxy servers and their benefits and some of the best proxy managers for you to choose from.

Let’s begin!

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a gateway between the internet and you. It is an intermediary server that separates end users from the websites they browse. With a proxy server, you will get varying levels of security, privacy, and functionality depending on the type you choose for your needs, organizational policy, and use cases.

proxy server

In simple terms, a proxy server is a router or a system that comes in between the internet and users to prevent cyber attackers from making a path to a private network. It may exist in the same device as a firewall server or on a separate server that forwards requests through firewalls. 

The main advantage of using a proxy server is that its cache serves all the users. This will enhance user response time. A proxy can also log its own interactions, which helps troubleshoot an issue. 

What Is a Proxy Manager?

A Proxy Manager is software designed to manage or control a computer network’s proxy servers in a single place. It also helps in writing and implementing policies and filtering resource requests. This helps in enhancing your productivity and security.


You can get complete statistics, IP rotations control, and detailed request logs with a good proxy manager.

Since extracting data from the web is critical and can lead to blocking or banning your web address, a proxy manager can be helpful in this case too. It will help you select the best proxies at scale so that you can safely continue with your web scraping. 

Proxy manager handles retries, applies rotation as well as fingerprinting logic, and more to maximize the success of your business. As a result, you will get your required web data quickly and reliably. 

Why Do You Need a Proxy Manager?

It’s relatively easier for a small or growing business to handle all its proxies. However, with the growing requirements, it will gradually become more hectic to manage all the proxies you use and track every single one of them. 

The proxy manager will help you add proxies to your list and manage all the proxies in a single place so that you can use the service any time you want. It offers you the power of automation features to enhance the success rate.


You can manage your sessions from the dashboard and send multiple requests by the same IP. Along with that, you can easily visualize the performance of each proxy or multiple proxies on a single screen. This helps you to improve recommendations and get what you seek quickly without much effort.  

A proxy manager not only helps with scaling but also improves security, privacy, and accessibility. It can control internet usage, give access to blocked resources, and save bandwidth. Furthermore, it secures employees’ activity and balances internet traffic to secure them from crashes. With a proper proxy manager, you can control the staff’s access to the proxies to maintain security across your organization. 

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How to Use a Proxy Manager?

Whether you use Windows, Linux, or macOS, you can have a Proxy Manager installed through a few simple steps. You can follow the install scripts from the proxy providers to activate the proxy manager in your system. 

The recommended requirements of having a proxy manager in your system are 2 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, and 3 GB SSD. 

Sometimes, you can go for a docker-compose.yml file to run the proxy manager application. Some providers also offer proxy manager extensions in your browser to provide a seamless experience. 

First, you need to download the extension file from the web store to use proxy manager extensions. Once this is complete, you can start creating new files. Now, the proxy manager application is a mobile application for Android users. Download the app from Playstore and use the same on your mobile device to manage your proxies and staff access from anywhere. 

What Do You Mean by a Proxy Extension?


Proxies are a crucial tool for online privacy. They take your requests, replace the IP and other necessary information, and send your request to the destination. This simple functionality maintains your network security by providing high privacy. 

There are several ways to set up a proxy server, such as settings in your operating systems, etc. It requires deep digging into menus and sub-menus; and hence, is tiresome. So, if you simply want to switch between multiple proxies, proxy extension is an effective approach.

You can add unlimited proxies and easily switch between them with a single click in your browser—no need to dig into the options and enter details. 

Thus, a proxy extension saves your time and allows you to take complete advantage of the proxies. 

Now, you have some ideas about a proxy manager, its benefits, and how you can get it into your system. So, let’s discuss some of the best proxy managers to help you manage all your proxies easily. 

Bright Data

Get the best way to manage your proxy sessions and enhance the scraper’s success rate with Bright Data’s Proxy Manager. You can measure statistics by the port and get complete control of IP rotations and detailed request logs. 

If you get any failed requests, Bright Data will automatically retry till you have the success. Thus, it guarantees a success rate of 99.99%. You can easily adjust SSL fingerprints and headers. So, you need to focus on your data and allow the proxy manager to handle the rest. 

With Bright Data, you will have full control. You can determine who has access to which proxy, including blacklists or whitelists. Also, you will find which countries to target by using this proxy manager. It will allow you to manage all your IPs along with their metrics in a single place and optimize the overall performance. 

brightdata proxy manager

Get a user-friendly interface specially designed by developers, so you will never face any issues while using it. You can also set some custom rules to minimize the costs effectively. In addition, you can quickly and straightforwardly route the requests by four proxy networks. 

This Proxy Manager offers advanced features like custom rules and regex to help you in many ways, such as reducing traffic. You can monitor all the requests with ease that are sent through the proxy through request logs. 

Moreover, engineers prefer Bright Data due to its high-quality data, best network uptime, fastest output, and largest GEO coverage. The minimal requirements to install this proxy manager are 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 3 GB HDD. 

Sign up now and start managing all the proxies in a single place. 


Expose your web services securely and efficiently with Nginx’s Proxy Manager. It is perfect for home networks and is designed with security. You will get free SSL along with options to choose from, Let’s Encrypt. 

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Get connected everywhere with private network services. Nginx offers a user-friendly interface that is a pleasure to use, which is based on Tabler. This also makes configuring a server easier than before. 

nginx proxy manager

Additionally, you can configure other users to manage or view their hosts. Get full access permissions to everything lying within your services. Nginx Proxy manager is built as a Docker image that requires a database. 

You will get many useful features like:

  • Secure and beautiful interface based on Tabler
  • Options like forwarding domains, streams, redirections, 404 hosts, and more
  • Basic HTTP authentication along with access lists
  • User management, audit log, and permissions
  • Advanced Nginx configuration for super users

Set up your proxy manager by installing Docker and Docker-compose, creating a docker-compose.yml file, bringing up your stack, and logging into the UI. 


Get IPRoyal’s Google Chrome proxy manager and easily add, remove, or switch between proxies. Configure your Google Chrome browser to use the proxies without changing your operating system settings.

You can configure a fallback proxy for the situation where any of the protocol-specific proxies stop working. IPRoyal also comes with a Firefox browser extension so you can use dedicated proxies for every protocol. You need to download the IPRoyal Proxy Manager from the Firefox or Chrome web store to use this proxy manager for all your proxies. 

iproyal proxy manager

Once installed, click on the options and start designing new profiles. Extension in both cases offers single as well as multiple proxy profiles. In general, a single proxy is used for the browser traffic. You can set up multiple proxies for every protocol, such as FTP, HTTPS, and HTTP.

Furthermore, IPRoyal provides quick links to the offerings, including residential proxies, data center proxies, sneaker proxies, and static residential proxies along with its advanced features. Now, you will be ready to go further in your browser. 

Switch between proxies by clicking the proxy manager icon in Google Chrome or Firefox and selecting any profile. With a single click, you can turn off your proxies and also turn them on whenever you need; it’s that simple. 

Order your required proxy services and download your browser extension today. Start controlling all your proxies in one place. 


Zyte offers a smart proxy manager for all your proxies so that you don’t need to take the stress of managing them. It is critical to extract web data using proxy management, but this smart proxy manager will automatically select the best proxies for you to keep you getting through the data. 

Zyte’s smart Proxy manager handles retries. In addition, it applies fingerprinting and rotation logic to enhance your success rate. It will manage hundreds of thousands of proxies on your behalf to get web data quickly and reliably. 

zyte proxy manager

Zyte offers many features, such as:

  • Automatic retries
  • Automatic proxy rotation
  • Geolocation
  • Van detection
  • Residential IPs
  • Session support
  • Mimic real browser
  • Powerful insights
  • Headless browser support

Manage your own sessions and send multiple requests through the same IP. You can integrate the headless browser scraping tools with Zyte’s client libraries for Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright. Get benefits from an easy-to-use dashboard and visualize the overall performance of the crawler. You will also get detailed reports and enhancements recommendations. 

Try Zyte’s proxy manager FREE for up to 14 days and pay only for successful requests. Get the proxy you want at a starting price of $29/month.


Experience a free proxy manager application with Oxylabs that works with almost every proxy provider. It is super simple to use and supports the latest Android versions. It will help you add and manage all the proxies directly from your mobile device. 

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Switch between different IPs in a single click and get all essential features at your fingertips. You can also go for Proxy Extension for the Chrome browser. Oxylabs’ Proxy Manager application works well with every proxy of your choice. 

oxylab proxy manager

Forget about jumping from one setting and menu option to another; add any proxies you have in multiple platforms and stay chill. No need to root your device and choose your preferable proxy to connect with the internet after installing the app from Google Playstore. 

Set the preferred theme as Oxylabs supports both light and dark modes. If you don’t have any proxy provider yet, you can find one, such as residential proxies, nest-gen residential proxies, SOCKS% proxies, data center proxies, etc., directly from Oxylabs’ homepage.

Scale your business today with proper data from the network by using Oxylabs’ proxy manager. Register today and enjoy using the best-performing proxies.


Manage proxy votes effectively and efficiently for all your stakeholders and rights with OpusXenta’s proxy manager. It simplifies the process of voting by recording responses, summarizing results, and distributing documentation. 

Manage all your meetings by sending information quickly about meetings with automated campaigns. OpusXenta’s Proxy Manager is integrated with the records management tool to generate documents for your stakeholders. It also creates mailing labels after emailing your rights. 


This proxy manager records responses accurately from the proxies. The step-by-step procedure simplifies the collection of data and minimizes the risk of errors, saving staff effort and time. It also provides easy-to-understand reports so you will have a clear idea of outcomes.

OpusXenta’s proxy manager helps you validate votes within the system and prepare for the meeting. You can request a free demo to understand the concept in a better way. Fill out the form and take your next step towards success. 


Proxy managers are easy-to-use applications that give you many benefits, such as effortless management, detailed reports, and more while using proxies. Whether you want to install a proxy manager into your system directly through code, download the application on your mobile device, or try a browser extension, you will get equal benefits.

Thus, manage your proxies effectively by choosing the best proxy manager based on your organizational requirements and use cases.

If you are looking to enhance your internet privacy, you should look at some of the best Proxy Browsers.

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