Growth Hacking Strategies to Gain New Users in 2023

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Every business needs consistency when acquiring or reaching out to new customers. It doesn’t matter if a company is well-established or just a startup. Failure to gain new consumers may limit a company’s growth potential and risk its long-term existence.

Nevertheless, gaining new users benefits businesses by increasing revenue, broadening brand reach, and diversifying the consumer base. It can lead to a steady and expanding client base, which is necessary for the business’s long-term success and sustainability.

Furthermore, acquiring new users may provide helpful feedback and insights, allowing businesses to develop their new products and services to match the demands of their target audience better.

That is why marketing and branding are nowadays on steep. Companies now understand that social media likes do not just define business growth; it is about results and generating revenue.

There are a lot of marketing strategies out there; people run ads and have different strategies to acquire customers and be in the market.

Growth hacking is one of those strategies that help businesses to grow faster and easier; it also helps to find the bottleneck.

However, some companies criticize this strategy. So, in this article, you will find out why growth hacking is on buzz, how you can use it for your business, and why people say this strategy is not good.

What is Growth Hacking?


Growth hacking is a data-driven method to recognize and capitalize on growth opportunities in a company or organization. It includes testing and scaling marketing and product strategies that lead to quick business development utilizing creativity, data, and technology.

Growth hacking seeks effective methods of acquiring and retaining consumers, increasing engagement, and driving revenue.

Benefits of the Growth Hacking


Suppose you are always trying to find ways to grow your business or hustle to streamline your business with traditional marketing. Then, you should try growth hacking methods to get the most out of your marketing efforts and activities.

Here are some benefits of the growth hacking method:-

Strategic Growth

Growth hacking helps startups and enterprises to achieve rapid growth in a short period.

Cost Effectiveness

Growth hacking focuses on developing low-cost, high-impact customer acquisition and retention solutions, minimizing the need for significant marketing resources.

Data-Driven Approach

This method is focused on testing and analytics, allowing for data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization of growth initiatives, which is important in this competitive market.


Growth hacking enables fast iteration and changes in any step of your funnel, allowing firms to pivot and adapt swiftly to new opportunities and problems.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses may achieve a competitive edge over their field by developing innovative and efficient growth methods.

Allows for Quicker Monetization

Traditional marketing and promotion techniques will take a long time to produce results. Using growth hacking from the start allows you to build your brand quicker than traditional techniques. There will be greater cash flow if you rapidly create buzz and gain new individuals.

Allows you to Gain Market Domination

Once you catch your audience’s eyes, people are more likely to know and understand your brand. Also, You may go close to becoming a household name in your field.

It allows you to learn about new business ideas and product concepts. Growth hacking gives you a deeper understanding of your consumers and industry. And you may put strategies that will help you make money. You must experiment to find an approach that produces results.

AARRR Method for growth hacking


AARRR (also known as Pirate Metrics) evaluates a company’s growth. It is an acronym for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral.

It provides a framework for measuring key customer acquisition, engagement, and revenue parameters, which are critical for a startup’s success. Companies may better understand their consumers and enhance their growth strategy by measuring these variables


How are customers acquired, and what are the acquisition methods?

What channels do you use to reach out to new customers? It can include SEO, social media, paid ads, etc.

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How are customers activated, and are people taking any action?

Do they sign in for a free trial or check your website?


How are customers kept, and what is the retention rate?

Do your customers and users repeatedly check your website or sign up for your newsletter?


How are customers recommended, and what is the referral rate?

Do they share your social media post or sharing the referral codes?


How is income created, and how much is earned for each user?

Now, you must check whether your marketing and tracking investment is worth it.

Businesses can identify where to focus their growth efforts and refine their strategy for optimum impact by measuring these variables.

The AAARRR framework is useful for growth hackers, marketers, and product managers who want to drive growth while enhancing the customer experience.

Furthermore, You can build a strategy, considering the above pointers.

Content Repurposing


Content repurposing is transforming current content (such as blog posts, films, infographics, and so on) into new formats for various audiences.

You can reach new audiences and broaden your reach by adapting old content to new forms or channels (such as social media, email, or podcasts). It saves time and resources, and you don’t have to create content from scratch.

Consistent, high-quality content may boost brand exposure and aid in developing a strong, identifiable brand. Furthermore, engaging and quality content may increase engagement and conversions. Thus, it is for acquiring and attention of new customers or users.

Use Urgency and FOMO


Urgency and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) are growth hacking methods that use psychological concepts to motivate people to take action. You can drive consumers to take action, such as making a purchase, subscribing, or signing up for a service, by generating a sense of urgency or playing on people’s fear of losing out on a good chance.

You can create an offer for a limited-time discount or incentive, generating a sense of urgency for customers to act before the offer expires.

In addition, it creates a feeling of scarcity by restricting a product’s or service’s availability, making it more desired and raising the possibility that consumers will act. For example, countdown timers on the landing pages or websites.

Furthermore, showing social proof that others are taking advantage of an offer or product increases the perceived value and creates FOMO.

Optimize your Online Presence

It is essential because it helps users discover your brand before they know its existence and learn about your reputation before making a purchase. Optimizing your website, app, and content for search engines may help you improve organic traffic, increasing your exposure and reach.

You may improve the number of individuals who buy or do other desired actions on your website by raising your conversion rates using CRO. A strong online presence also helps boost your brand’s reputation and position your company as an industry thought leader.

Use Social Media Platforms


The online market has enormous potential. You may interact with users or customers in novel ways. So, first, conduct market research and identify popular social media channels among your target audience.

Build relationships by engaging with your audience, sharing great information, and responding to comments and messages. Analytic tools may help you measure the performance of your platform efforts and change your approach as needed.

Your competition must still incorporate social media channels to reach new audiences, create connections, and promote your brand, product, and services as a thought leader in your sector.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is essential to the growth hacking process since it enables you to make data-driven decisions and enhance your website or marketing efforts for better outcomes. You can tell what methods or approaches work for you and which do not.

For example, a call-to-action or the subject line of an email, the arrangement of videos and text on the landing page, and so on.

A/B testing tools also give vital insights into consumer behavior and preferences, helping you to make educated decisions regarding your marketing and growth initiatives. It means you won’t have to rely on your website or marketing strategy based on assumptions or instincts.

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Offer Freemium Option

Giving a freemium option is vital in the growth hacking strategy because it helps you to attract new consumers by offering a free version of your product or service; you may attract new clients who would not be prepared to pay upfront otherwise.

Because People love freebies, it might help you broaden your reach and increase your user base.

Users who have had the opportunity to trial your product or service for free are more inclined to upgrade to a premium version if they find it worthwhile. A freemium option is also an important aspect of the growth hacking strategy since it helps you attract new clients, collect useful data, and establish customer loyalty, which may contribute to your growth and success.

Build an Email List


Building an email list is important in the growth hacking method because it allows you to individualized communication method that allows you to reach out straight to your audience’s mailbox, generating conversions and increasing brand exposure.

Sending targeted and relevant emails using email marketing tools may help you enhance consumer interaction and establish connections with your subscribers. You may retarget more offers and promotions to your email list subscribers by developing one.

Use of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing may produce high-quality leads for your company since referrals are more likely to convert customers than other leads.

It functions similarly to “word of mouth.”

You may boost customer loyalty and pleasure by rewarding your present customers to suggest others. It is a key component of the growth hacking strategy since it helps you to attract new consumers, develop customer loyalty, raise conversions, and improve your brand reputation while saving money on marketing.

Creating a community is essential to growth hacking because it helps you create engagement, acquire useful insights, and develop brand recognition.

Also, it lets you understand your customers better, give customer assistance, and enhance customer retention. Hence, it makes you more approachable and trustworthy in the eyes of your customers.

Content Marketing


You may use content marketing to increase traffic, develop thought leadership, build connections, generate leads, improve SEO, give value, and retarget your audience.

You can also retarget your audience using content marketing tools with further offers and promotions if you use content marketing to increase traffic to your website.

As a result, it assists your company in attracting new clients and consumers.

Collaboration with Influencers

Collaboration with influencers broadens your reach and attracts many new users since consumers trust influencers and what they say. They assist you in successfully describing your goods and service online. Collaborating with an influencer is a smart idea if you are a startup or a small business.

Guest Posting

It generates authority and high-quality backlinks. Many businesses are unaware of the benefits of guest posting.

Writing articles for another company’s website is known as guest blogging. In general, guest writers contribute to comparable sites in their field to: Bring visitors back to their websites. Increase their domain authority by linking to high-authority websites.

You may reach new audiences and broaden your reach by publishing guest articles on websites that appeal to different or new audiences.

As a result, you may approach guest writers in your industry and ask them to create a blog for you. It can also be paid for free.

Build a Growth Hacking Strategy


Now that you understand the AARRR method and different growth hacking strategies, it is important to understand how to apply it effectively.

To build a growth hacking strategy, follow these steps:

#1. Define your Target Market and Audience

Define your goal for your growth hacking activities and make a buyer persona to understand your target audience.

#2. Determine your Distinct Value Proposition

Set your USP and the value you provide to your customers. What distinguishes you from your competitors? What issue does your product address for your intended audience?

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#3. Set Growth Objectives

Set explicit, quantifiable targets and define success for your growth hacking activities.

#4. Experiment with Different Channels

To evaluate what connects with your target audience, experiment with numerous marketing channels such as content marketing, social media, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

#5. Track and Measure Results

Use analytics and metrics to track the success of your growth hacking efforts and adjust your strategy accordingly.

#6. Scale What Works

Once you have found a successful channel or tactic, scale it up to reach more people.

#7. Continuously Iterate and Improve

Keep experimenting, refining, and adjusting your growth hacking strategy to drive growth continuously.

Growth Hacking vs. Traditional Marketing

The following are important distinctions between growth hacking and traditional marketing:

Parameters Growth Hacking Traditional Marketing
Philosophy Growth hacking involves identifying novel, data-driven, and often unorthodox techniques for driving growth Traditional marketing focuses on well-established best practices and tried-and-true strategies to reach customers and generate growth.
Techniques To promote expansion, and growth, hackers employ various strategies such as viral marketing, referral marketing, influencer marketing, and product-market fit. It includes advertising, public relations, events, and direct mail.
Objectives Expansion hacking focuses on quick growth and achieving defined, quantifiable goals, such as gaining new customers or improving engagement. It focuses on increasing brand recognition and developing long-term client connections.
Goals Growth hacking is frequently defined by its speed and agility, emphasizing rapid testing and iterating on multiple techniques to determine what works best. Traditional marketing is more systematic and slow-paced, concentrating on the steady, long-term implementation of established methods.
Data-Driven Growth hacking largely depends on data and analytics to guide decision-making and improve growth initiatives. It is becoming more data-driven but still depends on intuition and experience.

Both growth hacking and traditional marketing may be valuable in their own right, and the specific needs and goals of the organization will decide the best strategy. Many successful businesses use a combination of growth hacking and traditional marketing to achieve their goals.

Criticism Against the Growth Hacking

Some People believe that growth hacking prioritizes quick wins and short-term advantages above long-term growth and sustainability.

Furthermore, certain growth hacking tactics, such as spamming or duping people, have been called immoral or deceptive.


Some growth hackers are chastised for employing strategies without a clear strategy or grasp of their target audience, resulting in a scattergun approach that is less successful and more difficult to continue. They argue that growth hacking frequently relies on technology, which might restrict its efficacy in businesses or marketplaces where technology is less established and widely used.

Despite these concerns, growth hacking may still be a helpful method for many firms seeking to drive growth, particularly those in their early phases of development.

However, growth hacking tactics must be used carefully and as part of a larger growth plan that considers the business’s particular requirements and difficulties.


Growth hacking is a contemporary strategy to drive growth and acquire new users. Follow a structured process of defining your target audience, identifying your unique value proposition, setting growth goals, experimenting with various channels, tracking and measuring results, scaling what works, and continuously iterating and improving.

The key is to be imaginative, creative, and eager to experiment and measure and alter your efforts to optimize outcomes constantly. You can remain ahead of the curve and generate development for your firm with a well-planned and executed growth hacking strategy.

You may also explore the best viral marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness.

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