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How to Get a Meta (Facebook) Blueprint Certification in 2022?

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There are very few souls on this planet who haven’t heard of Facebook. Facebook is not only a social media giant but has transformed into a conglomerate absorbing other social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. 

Businesses are in a rush to build their portfolio on the platform, all for the right reasons. Given its growing popularity, Facebook has launched Blueprint certifications to offer more to its users. 

Before we get into the best ways of obtaining Facebook (meta) Blueprint certifications, let us first understand what the term means and why it should matter to you.

What are Meta (Facebook) Blueprint certifications?

Meta Blueprint certifications are online learning courses and training programs for you to get the most out of Facebook marketing platforms. As mentioned earlier, businesses are rushing to build their portfolio on Facebook. Every person, individual, and small, medium, and large scale enterprise is trying to push their product ahead of their competitors the right way. Meta Blueprint allows just that without any involvement of intermediaries.

The courses offered are free, fast, self-guided, and self-paced, built to hone your marketing skills across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

The entire Meta Blueprint is categorized into two sections, Learning programs and Blueprint Certifications. The learning programs are available for small businesses, brands, agencies, job seekers, educators, non-profit organizations, community leaders, developers, and almost everyone with the vigor to learn.  

Meta Blueprint certifications help you make a mark in Digital Marketing by becoming a Meta Certified Professional. The certifications programs offered by Meta Blueprint recognize an advanced level of proficiency with all of the apps and services in the Facebook group.

In addition to these courses being offered by Meta on its website, they are also provided by some of the leading online course platforms, which can be checked out at users’ convenience. 

Meta Blueprint by Meta

Since we are talking about courses for Meta Marketing, it becomes imperative that we talk about the courses offered by Facebook first. We have already discussed how Meta categorized its courses into two parts: learning programs and certification courses. We will be keeping our focus on the Blueprint Certifications for this one. 

Facebook Inc. as a business has recently transformed itself into Meta, with the vision to incorporate virtual reality under its umbrella. The following certification programs are being offered.

  • Digital Marketing Associate: Associate 100-101: Digital Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Science Professional: Professional 200-101
  • Creative Strategy Professional: Professional 300-101
  • Media Planning Professional: Professional 400-101
  • Media Buying Professional: Professional 410-101
  • Marketing Developer: Professional 500-101
  • Advanced Marketing Developer: Professional 510-101
  • Advertising API Developer: Professional 520-101

You can choose the certifications that excite you and help you build your career at the same time. You can take its online 90-minute exam on the website, thereby obtaining your certification. Yes, it is as simple as that. 

The courses offered by Meta are entirely free, self-paced, and device-independent, which makes them one of the most sought-after and most popular courses on the internet. The range of courses and certifications we discussed earlier has something to offer to everyone, from novice to advanced developers.

Professionals, students, and business owners can now plan their courses and learning time at their convenience, making the most of this opportunity. 

Associate 100-101: Digital Marketing Associate

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate covers foundational advertising concepts on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.  

meta digital marketing certificate

The Digital Marketing Associate is considered suitable for entry-level marketers with little or no relevant experience in the field. This means job-seekers, students, or professionals looking for an industry change.  

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The duration of the certification exam is 90 minutes, which tests your understanding of different products that make up meta families, familiarity with platform presence, fundamentals of advertising, awareness of creation and management of ads, and Reporting.

Meta Certified Marketing Science Professional

The Marketing Science certification exam is about using data, insights, and measurements to reach informed marketing decisions. It is considered relevant for candidates with over 3 years of career experience with consulting on measurement strategies and executing research, statistics knowledge, and data manipulation skills.   

meta marketing science certificate

Applicable roles for the Meta Certified Marketing Science Professional exam are Media Analyst, Data Scientist, Quantitative Researcher, Measurement Partner, Measurement FMP Analyst, and Consultant (Technical).

The certification covers the assessment of business goals through Key Performance Indices (KPIs), hypothesis and determination of variables for testing and measurement, application of concepts for validation/invalidation, the performance of analysis, generation of insights, and recommending optimum measurement solutions to reach a data-driven approach. 

Meta Certified Creative Strategy Professional

Media Creative Strategy certification by Meta identifies and acknowledges candidates’ advanced competency skills in strategic decision making. It certifies insight-driven, impactful creative briefs. With the help of such a certification, candidates can seek opportunities in the creative space of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Marketing.  

meta creative strategy certificate

The exam is suitable for strategy professionals who acquire experience in creative advertising on Facebook and associated social media platforms like Messenger and Instagram.  

The certification covers mobile fundamentals, research and insights, Brief development, and evaluation and measurement as part of their syllabus. The students are expected to be able to outline consumers’ shift to mobile and understand facebook’s position within the shift to creative teams. 

Meta Certified Media Planning Professional

Media Planning Professional Certification is for the competency in designing an end-to-end marketing strategy for Meta. This should align with the business goals and should also complement a holistic marketing plan. The Media Planning certification aims to enable Meta marketers to be able to reach insight and data-driven marketing goals.   

The exam duration is 105 minutes and is considered suitable for digital planners, media planners, programmatic planners, common planners, marketing consultants, and planning and buying hybrid roles.

The preparation for Media Planning Professional can be done through the resources recommended and offered by Facebook/Meta on their platforms in the form of online courses, practice tests, and study guides. You could take the help of all these resources to understand the demand of the exam and deliver better in the actual test. 

Before attempting the Media Planning Professional certification, it is recommended that the candidates acquire skills like Needs assessment, learning, and insights, Campaign Performance Monitoring, Media Strategy, and Media recommendations. They should be able to translate advertiser’s challenges into specific, measurable business Key performance Indices. They should be able to utilize industry research and meta tools to identify and avail new opportunities. 

Meta Certified Media Buying/ Shopping Professional

Media Buying Professional Certification by Meta identifies candidates with advanced competency skills in tools, policies, and practices required to buy ads on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. This exam certifies candidates’ knowledge about Facebook ads and campaigns.  

The exam duration is 105 minutes and is considered suitable for digital media buyers, account salespeople, account managers, account executives, marketing executives, social media managers, brand marketers, and marketing consultants.

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The Media Shopping Certification opens the opportunity for the candidates to acquire the Specialist Badge of Digital Commerce Specialist after earning the Meta Media Buying Professional Certification.  

The exam syllabus covers Campaign Planning, Setup, Optimization, and Measurement & Reporting. The understanding of the fundamentals of Meta Buying, business goals, scenarios, audience, and policies are tested in the exam. 

Meta Certified Marketing Developer

Marketing Developer Certification measures students’ competency in the technical implementation of marketing solutions. The certification encompasses a multiple-choice question exam along with a coding assessment. 

met certified marketing developer

The exam duration of the MCQ test is 90 minutes, and the coding assessment’s duration is approximately 1 hour. The certification is considered suitable for software developers, front-end engineers, website developers, IT consultants, technology integrators, technology consultants, technical account managers, and technical partner managers.

While most of the certifications are multilingual, the Meta Certified Marketing Developer Certifications are only available in English. Similar to the previous certification, Marketing Developer opens opportunities for the students to earn badges for Mobile Ad Technical Specialist and Advertising API Specialist. This opportunity is, however, only available after the completion of the certification.   

Before attempting the exam, students are expected to clarify their concepts around creating a business manager, asset management, pixels, product catalog, decisions, and product feed. The students are also expected to make themselves comfortable with the troubleshooting concepts related to pixel integration, product feed, product match, and advanced matching. 

Meta Certified Ads API Developer

The Meta Ads API Developer certification assesses competency in configuring and troubleshooting Marketing API integrations. The umbrella certification covers a multiple choice question and a coding assessment similar to the previous certificate we discussed.

The duration of the multiple-choice question exam is 90 minutes, and approximately 2 hours for the coding assessment. The test and assessment are considered suitable for software developers, full-stack engineers, backend engineers, and solution architects. However, to be able to appear for the certification, one needs to have acquired Facebook certified marketing Developer certification. The test is only available in the English language.  

The resources available for the students to acclimate them to the structure and content of the exam are available in the form of online courses, coding practice grounds, developer documentation, and practice sets. 

Now that you know about all the exams, here are some resources to help you prepare for Meta Blueprint Certification.

Facebook Learn

We will start right from the maker. In addition to providing certifications, Facebook also offers free online courses for getting your business online, establishing a presence, and capturing the audience’s attention with interactive posts and ads. They also assist the business owners in building digital relationships with the customers through enhanced and optimized creative strategies.

The learning programs by Facebook Business Learn have a lot to offer when it comes to the content. As the content is owned and managed by Facebook, it is continuously updated with the latest changes in the algorithm and other updates.



Facebook Business Certification Marketing Course by Benjamin Wilson from Entrepreneur Academy trains its applicants to optimize the brand Facebook home page, Identification, and the right way to interact with customers. The Udemy Certified Facebook Marketing Course also pays close attention to paid ads to promote brands on Facebook while also harnessing Facebook groups’ content. You can also learn to involve Facebook insights in your strategic planning.

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Markeko offers multiple practice questions covering a range of topics and subjects relevant to the Facebook (meta) Blueprint Certification Exam. They train their students in planning, buying, and association through recorded and live sessions.


HubSpot is not a natural resource for the exam. However, you can still learn a lot about Facebook advertising through HubSpot. It is considered a right fit for Social Media Managers, Marketing Managers, and Directors of businesses. HubSpot courses are designed for you to learn to generate leads and grow your business through Facebook ads, design winning campaigns, and run effective ads. 

HubSpot Facebook (Meta) Blueprint certification curriculum covers Facebook Lead Generation Tutorial; Getting Started with Facebook Ads, and a Dollar-a-day Facebook Ads over 3 lessons, 15 videos, 2 quizzes spread over a total span of 1:24 hours.


Coursera, similar to HubSpot, is not a direct resource for the exam. But it is a great platform to learn about Facebook Advertising as it trains its students on the concepts of Facebook in general. The course offered by Coursera, Advertising with Facebook, is a part of the Meta Social Media marketing professional certificate with over 4.8 ratings reviewed by over 1,250 users.

Although you will learn everything you need for the Facebook Certificate at Coursera, this platform is considered the best for structuring campaigns in Meta Ads, setting the budget, placement, and scheduling for ads.

LinkedIn Learning

When we talk about professional certifications, platforms such as LinkedIn cannot be left behind. Although it might not train you dedicatedly for the exam, Megan Adams, Instructor at Linked Learning classes, is full of concepts and lessons you need for the certification. 

What’s best about the LinkedIn Learning program for the Facebook certification is that it also offers its certificate of completion on completing the course. At LinkedIn Learning, you will learn to amplify your advertising on Facebook and create and manage Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Final Words

Facebook Blueprint certification is a great way to make your way in the Digital marketing space that only seems to grow in the coming years. Become a Facebook-certified professional way ahead of others and land the dream job you have always wanted. 

Here are some more courses to help you become a social media manager.

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