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How to Get a PMP Certification in 2022

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People are dealing with unknown challenges in project management nowadays, and everything appears to be in turmoil. Most people do not know about managing a project.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a non-profit organization that provides training in project management for project managers and other project professionals. The PMI intends to help project managers learn the art of project management. It does so by specializing in an individual’s project management technical quotient, with the end goal of fostering increased technological development. 


Project management professionals who stay abreast of developing trends in technology are better able to understand the growing importance of technology and how it may affect their jobs in the coming years. You can guarantee that the operations at your business will continue to be ahead of the curve if you provide incentives to your staff to follow the trends that the PMI has highlighted.

What is the PMP Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is widely recognized in the project management world. PMP certification confirms that the candidate has the necessary experience, education, ability, and competence to manage and direct projects. 

A Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is widely regarded as the most desirable qualification for recruiting project managers in the United States.

Professionals skilled in project management are an absolute need in every sector. The demand is expressed in terms of the required levels of expertise, which might vary widely among sectors and locations. 

As more individuals from many cultural backgrounds are recruited by firms, the need for project managers who possess a standard set of abilities is expected to expand. 

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These project managers will need to take on projects including system reorganizations, translate strategic vision into attainable objectives, and assure effective and agreed-upon results while managing a variety of project limitations.

Companies and organizations are looking for insights that may assist them in simplifying things. In the past, things were less complicated, and everything was centered on profit, procedure, product, partners, etc. As the market continues to heat up, the complexity of the term “management” continues to expand. There has to be something that can assist them with this subject. This is where the PMP comes in.

When an employer sees a PMP certification on a resume, they know that the candidate has satisfied the stringent eligibility requirements and has passed the exam required to earn the certification. This makes the employer more interested in the certified professional.

Eligibility criteria to appear for a PMP certification exam

Prerequisites for taking the PMP exam

For individuals with a high school degree:

  • 60 months spent on project management activities
  • 35 hours of classroom instruction in project management.

If the applicant already has a bachelor’s degree that requires four years of study:

  • 36 months spent directing and managing various initiatives.
  • 35 hours of classroom instruction in project management

The PMP Certification Process

A process is a sequence of steps that you do to accomplish a goal to get there. Therefore, to become a project management expert, you will have to go through the step-by-step PMP certification process.» alt=»YouTube video» width=»480″ height=»360″ data-pin-nopin=»true»/>

One other way to think about a process is as a string of related activities that you carry out to transform the inputs into the outcomes that you need. Therefore, to achieve your aim of becoming a PMP, let us examine the information you need and the PMP certification procedure.

Three Steps of the PMP Certification Process

As we have seen, a process is the set of actions that one takes to accomplish the desired result. Consequently, what interdependent responsibilities do you need to fulfill to become a PMP?

PMP Certification

Step 1: Fulfil the PMP eligibility requirements.

The most important influence on your success will be whether you choose to do the PMP Boot camp, the PMP online certification course, or the 35-hour project management education program. 

This PMP Exam Prep phase, which is part of getting a PMP certification, confers upon you the necessary eligibility and equips you with the ammo you need to hit your goal.

Through participation in this program, you will acquire the information necessary to pass the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) test, which serves as the basis for the certification. As a result, the PMBOK and any PMP Study Guides that you acquire should be included in the well-defined study plan.

Prepare yourself by studying, going through a practice exam, going over your answers, and then doing it again. The PMBOK consists of 47 processes, each requiring a specific set of inputs, tools, and procedures to provide the necessary result. These are dispersed over the 10 knowledge areas of project management, and to answer the questions, you will need an understanding of the interdependencies between the various processes.

Step 2: Apply for the PMP Exam

As part of becoming PMP Certified, you may begin the application process by logging onto the PMI website and filling out the online application form. In this section, you will be asked to submit your contact information and educational credentials as well as your experience. 

When entering your experience, you need to ensure that it adheres to the five process categories: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. In the last area, you will need to input the total number of hours of the PMP certification course that you have completed.

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Evaluation of the Application

You will be notified about the payment of the application fee when you have successfully submitted the online application. If your application is picked for audit by the officers, you will be sent a link to the audit package that you may download.

If your application is picked for an audit, you will have to fulfill the necessary formalities up to ninety days after obtaining the audit link. PMI will take about 5-7 days to process the information.

Make Your Appointment to Take the Test

The next step in the process of PMP Certification for you to do is to arrange your test when you have received confirmation that the cost has been paid. However, the extent to which you are prepared for this in your previous academic endeavors is a primary factor. The score you earn on your practice exams should typically serve as the basis for when you schedule the actual exam.

The PMP Certification procedure will assist you in gaining an understanding of the checkpoints on which you should concentrate. Before scheduling the test, one important thing is to determine whether or not it has been more than a year since you received your eligibility ID.

Step 3: Take the PMP Certification Exam

Taking the test is the last step in becoming a certified Project Management Professional.

You have four and a half hours to respond to 180 questions during the test. Your comprehension, application, and interpretation of the project management framework and the project data will be tested with these questions. Your participation in the PMP Certification Process guarantees that you are prepared for this as a result.


It would be best if you had figured out how to schedule your time effectively and how to approach the questions for the test by this point. Getting your PMP certification ensures that you don’t overlook any essential preparation areas, such as managing your time effectively, being in the right frame of mind for the test, and applying the PMBOK to real-world projects. You should not spend more than one minute on any question, and if you have any doubts about the answer, you should flag the question for review.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your PMP Certification?

The Project Management Professional certificate price may range anywhere from $500 to $900 based on your location. You are powerless to change the cost of the test, but if you engage in a training program offered at a reasonable price, you will be able to save some money.

The cost of applying for the PMP exam

The PMP test is only available to candidates who have first paid the application fee and then registered on the PMI website. You may apply for the test after being a member of PMI, or you can apply for the exam without becoming a member. 

You will be required to pay a membership fee and joining fee of $129 per year and $10 per year, respectively, before becoming a member of the organization. It is advantageous to join PMI since members get a cost reduction when applying for certification exams. The examination cost for non-members is $555, while the charge for members is $405.

The cost of PMP training

Taking the Project Management Professional test requires completing 35 contact hours of project management study. There is a wide range of prices for quality training, but it has the potential to become the most expensive component of your certification cost. It depends on the sort of training you choose and the training facility you go to.

Simulation Exercises

You may discover many free practice exams on the internet. Nevertheless, you should still consider purchasing a paid exam since the quality of many of the free tests is dubious.

A simulator with a large number of practice questions is one of the most crucial tools. A decent simulator will put your knowledge to the test, but it will also boost your confidence significantly. To improve your chances of passing the test, you should consider investing in a high-quality simulator.

Multiple attempts

Once your application is accepted, you will have a maximum of three chances to get certified. In the unfortunate event that you do not pass the test the first time, you have the opportunity to do so again. You will be required to pay a re-examination fee for each attempt that you make.

The cost of continuing certification

The Project Management Professional certification has to be updated after every three years. There is a formal procedure that must be followed in order to renew the certificate. It requires the payment of fees of $60 for members and $150 for non-members, respectively. You do not need to stay a member for all three years to renew your certificate. You can either become a member in the third year or just pay the full renewal charge.

Now, let us explore some worthy external resources to prepare for the PMP Certification exam other than PMI’s own study guides.

Resources to Prepare for PMP Certification Exam


The PMBOK Guide is an essential reference used while studying for the PMP test. Even though a studying Guide is not required, it helps with comprehension of PMI terminology. If you sign up to be a member of the PMI, you’ll have access to a digital version of the PMBOK Guide.

YouTube video

Additional Books

On the market, you may find a significant number of publications that are geared toward test preparation. You may choose to purchase any one of them to simplify your comprehension of the PMBOK Guide ideas. The following is a list of excellent books that you may consult:

  • Rita Mulcahy – PMP Exam Prep
  • PMP Exam Preparation Guide by Andy Crowe
  • Kim Heldman – PMP Study Guide
  • PMP Exam Prep Simplified by Andrew Ramdayal Head First PMP 6 by Andrew Ramdayal Fee for Repeat Examination

Online training programs

Listed below are some good online training programs which will cover the 35 hours of mandatory training required to be eligible for the PMP exam.

PMP Training Experts

PMP Training Experts provide a diverse selection of training courses throughout the world to assist you in achieving the aims and objectives you set out for yourself. Their training courses are compiled by professionals in the relevant field, and they cover every conceivable aspect of both business and personal training of the PMP course.

PMP Training Experts

You have the option of selecting Classroom Training, Online Instructor-Led Training, Online Self-Paced Training, or Onsite Training in order to participate in their training certifications. The flexibility is the best thing over here.

PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp [The Knowledge Academy]

The Project Management Institute has authorized The Knowledge Academy as an Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.) to give Professional Development Units (PDUs). You will be awarded a certificate attesting to the fact that you have successfully finished the training course and accumulated the necessary 35 contact hours in order to take the examination.

They have such belief in the quality of their PMP training that they will refund your whole payment if you are unable to pass the test after three separate trials. The only things they need from you are that you take the test within a month of finishing the course, that you attend every single day of class, and that you do every single assignment, including your PMP mock examinations.

PMP Exam Prep Seminar – Complete Exam Coverage with 35 PDUs [Udemy]

Joseph Phillips, an authority on project management and author, is the instructor for this Udemy course that offers 35 professional development units (PDUs). He holds certifications in Project Management Professional (PMP), Associate Certified Project Manager (PMI-ACP), Project+, and Certified Technical Trainer.

PMP Exam Prep Seminar

The completion of the entire course, including all of the assignments, exercises, and quizzes, is required in order to earn the 35 hours of education in project management. Your progression through the course is monitored by the Learning Management System. If you finish all of the videos, assignments, and interactive sessions, you are eligible to claim these hours toward your application to take the PMP exam or toward maintaining your PMP certification.

You have the ability to compare and contrast different processes, knowledge areas, theories, and best practices in project management. By putting in the effort to finish hands-on assignments and exercises, it will be easier to establish a solid foundation in Agile project management and prepare for the PMP exam.

PMP Certification Training Course [Simplilearn]

The PMP Certification Training Course offered by Simplilearn covers all the best practices that are highlighted in the PMBOK guide. In addition, this training course is aligned with the syllabus that is covered in the actual PMP certification exam. 

Because they use an approach called applied learning, you will have an easier time understanding the concepts. The PMP course will provide you with access to digital materials provided by PMI, as well as case studies, industry projects, interactive quizzes, and simulation exams, all of which are designed to help you prepare for the PMP Certification exam and pass it on your very first try.

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Benefits of taking up this course:

  • Get access to the content of their online courses.
  • Perform role-playing exercises regularly.
  • Videos packed with helpful hints and strategies to get you through the most challenging questions on the PMP Certification exam.
  • Online participant handbook that includes references to the material covered in the online course.

PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU [Udemy]

This PMP Certification Exam Prep Course on Udemy has been completely revised for the 2021 version of the Project Management Professional examination. It now contains more than 35 hours of information and 440+ videos. It includes not just the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition but also the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition as well as the Agile Practice Guide.

PMP Certification Exam Prep Course

This course will cover all of the necessary material for you to be successful on your very first attempt at the PMP test. This course will cover conventional project management as well as Agile and hybrid project management.

The course focuses on covering both theoretical and practical concepts for better understanding. You won’t face any issues because the instructor will use real-world examples to make every concept easier for you.

PMP Certification Training Course [Edureka]

The purpose of Edureka’s Project Management Professional (PMP) online course is to equip present and prospective project managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage projects in a manner that is both more efficient and successful across the entire Project Management Life Cycle.

YouTube video

You will get to learn about everything from scratch when it comes to project management. Some of the basic concepts that you will be able to explore are creating a team, starting the project, distributing the work, keeping the team together, and more.

So, it will work as a complete hands-on course for you. Here, you will understand the entire process by applying the learnings.


The PMP credential is still highly sought after. PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is the pinnacle of achievement for project managers. You need not have second thoughts on whether your PMP certification is worthwhile and if it will benefit your professional development. 

PMP certification will pay off in the practical form of raise in compensation for those willing to put in the time and effort. In short, getting the PMP certificate will give you a good return on investment.

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