12 Twitter Analytics Tools for Trendsetters to Boost Engagement

12 Twitter Analytics Tools for Trendsetters to Boost Engagement

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Twitter is a goldmine if you’re trying to build a brand and get your name up there. Check out these Twitter Analytics tools to help you boost engagement.

In this fast-paced world, social media plays a vital role in the growth of business and professional life. Twitter, currently renamed X, is one of those social media platforms. Whether you want to reach a broad audience or create brand awareness, Twitter does it all. 

Consequently, it becomes essential to analyze the growth and performance of your content. That’s where analytics tools come to the rescue. These tools assist you with high-tech features that help improve your online performance and engagement.

Therefore in this blog, we will help you to closely understand the importance of these tools and discuss the top Twitter analytics tools you can opt for to enhance your Twitter strategy. So, follow this blog till the end to understand which Twitter analytics tool is right for you and how it can change your Twitter game.  

Understanding Twitter Analytics


We have been mentioning Twitter analytics repeatedly in this blog. Thus, it becomes essential to understand what Twitter analytics is before directly diving into the list of best Twitter analytics tools. 

Twitter analytics is an essential part of Twitter’s journey to assist users in understanding their performance on the platform. The analytics provide valuable metrics and data points that let individuals and businesses make better decisions about their content strategies, audience targeting, and more. 

Overall, Twitter analytics is like Google Maps for Twitter enthusiasts. This high-tech function helps Twitter users to make wise decisions during their journey and reach their destination successfully and faster. 

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The impact of Twitter analytics on performance and engagement


As mentioned earlier, Twitter analytics provides valuable insights to users about their tweets and overall accounts performance. Hence, Twitter analytics impacts the overall performance and engagement of Twitter accounts. Here are a few ways Twitter analytics can influence your performance and engagement.

  1. Understand audience behavior – The users can get familiar with audience behavior, like peak activity times, preferred content, etc., using Twitter analytics. These deep insights help users make tweets strategically and deliver better-performing content.
  1. Improve content strategy – Twitter analytics give insights about your content performance. The users can know which tweets perform well and which ones don’t. By identifying your top-performing content, you can optimize your content strategy and focus on better-performing topics and formats.
  1. Measuring engagement metrics – Twitter analytics offers essential data about retweets, likes, replies, link clicks, etc. These metrics help you better understand your audience’s preferences and reactions.
  1. Identifying influential followers – Analytics gives you information about your followers. In that data, they also let you identify influential followers who have a valid number of followers. With this data, you can know with whom to interact more to get exposure to an extensive audience.
  1. Tracking follower growth – The analytics help you track your followers’ growth at a specific time. This data helps you know your strategies’ results and make wiser decisions. 

Besides this, various Twitter analytic tools come with unique features. As a result, they offer more analytics like competitive analytics, identifying trending topics, scheduling tweets, etc. Overall, Twitter analytics is the best companion anyone can have while growing on Twitter. 

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We have clearly understood what Twitter analytics is and its impact. Now, let’s dive into the list of Twitter analytics tools you can opt for to boost your Twitter game. 

Twitter Analytics 

If you are already familiar with Twitter, no doubt you would know about Twitter’s inbuilt analytics. Twitter offers its reporting dashboard to its users, where they can access deep insights about the performance of their accounts.


Are you wondering how? Then let me help you. Any Twitter user can access Twitter Analytics through a desktop. You only need to go to Twitter Analytics’s official site and log in with the password. However, even though Twitter offers good insights and metrics, it is always better to go for a third-party app to get more advanced features and insights. 


Vaizle is one of marketing experts’ most used and trusted reporting tools. You can customize the Twitter report, compare it with your competitors, and convert it into actionable insights.

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Vaizle is a paid reporting tool. You can change and cancel plans as per your preference. However, they offer a free 14-day trial for better decision-making. Besides this, Vaizle also offers free social media analytics tools.

Returning to Twitter reporting, Vaizle has a lot of insights to present in front of you. Whether you want to analyze your Twitter content or hashtag, it does it all. Additionally, Vaizle prioritizes your privacy and offers a secure experience. 

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is one of the most powerful tools you can find. Through Sprout’s Twitter analytics, you can enhance your Twitter’s overall performance and have presentation-ready reports.


This analytics tool isn’t only about getting your profile data. Instead, it has a lot more to offer. The analytics of this tool provides you with automated data collection, which helps you focus on the KPI and inform strategy.

If you are wondering about engaging and scheduling features, Sprout’s heard you already. Sprout Social’s the only analytic tool anyone needs to change their Twitter game and connect with the audience.

Rival IQ

If you are looking for a Twitter analytics tool that keeps an eye on your every action on Twitter, then Rival IQ is right for you. This advanced analytics tool gives you an analyzed report of every tweet, retweet, and as you give. 


Sounds interesting? But this isn’t the end. Rival IQ strengthens your Twitter strategy by handing you hashtag analysis, audience tracking, mentions tracking, types of post insights, and more. Besides this, Rival IQ takes you closer to your audience.

It informs you when your most followers are online and when your content performs best and also analyzes your competitors’ tweeting time. Overall, Rival IQ isn’t only an analytics tool; it’s a spy that keeps you informed about everything happening with your account.

Zoho Analytics

What can be better than finding a Twitter analytics tool that lets you collaborate on analytics? That’s what Zoho Analytics promises and serves to its users. Zoho is a trusted analytics tool by marketing agencies for significant reasons.


While most analytics tools don’t have any advanced visualizations, Zoho provides 75 pre-built reports and dashboards. Additionally, Zoho has an AI assistant that provides suitable answers to all your queries.

Besides this, regarding analytical features, Zoho isn’t any less than other apps on the list. This versatile analytics tool offers you competitive analysis and engagement analysis to help you understand your audience better.


Nothing can be better than seeing the insights of your competitor, as it helps you to enhance your content by knowing their best one. That’s what Emplifi lets you do. Emplifi is a well-known Twitter analytics tool that brands like Domino’s, Vivo, and more utilize.


Emplifi provides you with peak Twitter analytics features. Using this tool, you can track Twitter followers, analyze engagement, and manage your Twitter account efficiently. While other analytics tools could be hard to understand, Emplifi is the opposite.

With this analytics tool, you receive a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard with a digestible overview of your Twitter performance. Emplifi also gives you analytics based on clicks, retweets, and favorites. 


Marketing expert and looking for a Twitter hashtag analytics tool? We got you covered. Keyhole is a Twitter analytics tool popularly known for its hashtag analytics. It is the best analytics tool any hashtag enthusiast might need.


Besides reliable hashtag analytics, Keyhole offers deep insights into any Twitter account. This tool gives you real-time data and creates a presentation-ready report at a glance. Additionally, you can also compare more than two profiles with ease. Overall, Keyhole is worth-trying, as it offers a free trial without taking any credit card details. 


FollowerWonk is a popular AI-integrated analytics tool most Twitter influencers use. Besides a good user base, FollowerWonk has many other significant reasons to be on this list.


While most analytics tools are limited to likes and retweets, FollowersWonk lets you connect with anyone by searching Twitter bios. Furthermore, you can also compare different accounts to target new influencers.

FollowerWonk isn’t about only comparing accounts with competitors. Instead, it lets you know your followers by location, bio, and who they follow so that you construct a strong relationship with them.


If you are wondering if any tool records your following and followers, take a deep breath; Twitonomy is the one you need. This analytics tool has no high-peak features but is still worth investing time in. Why? Let us explain.

Everyone knows that the following and follower ratio is essential. Furthermore, it is also important to check whether you are attracting the targeted audience or not. All this is possible by keeping an eye on the followers’ list. But is that easy? 

No, right! That’s what Twitonomy does. This analytics tool gives you deep insights into the people you follow and your followers. From tracking your follower’s growth to identifying people who don’t follow you back, Twitonomy does it all for you.


It is quite impossible if you are looking for Twitter analytics tools and have never heard about Hootsuite. However, even if you haven’t heard of it, we are here to help you. Hootsuite is a popular and most recommended Twitter analytics tool you will ever find.

YouTube video

The primary features of this tool that make it so popular are scheduling tweets and their privacy. Hootsuite is the safest Twitter analytics tool that gives you insights into your account and lets you schedule from videos to tweets in seconds.


Like other analytics tools on the list, Agropulse isn’t only a Twitter analytics tool and an overall Social media best friend. This enhanced and well-designed tool assists users in upgrading their Twitter game and connecting better.


Agorapulse offers basic Twitter analytics like any other tool. However, it is still on this list due to its content recommendation. What can be better than an analytics tool that gives content suggestions based on your profile insights?

That’s what Agorapulse does. This analytics tool lets you detect your best-performing content, when and where it was posted. Furthermore, this tool offers collaboration which the same app can further track. 


What can be better than knowing how many people shared your Twitter post? These insights help you to improve your content strategy and get better exposure. That’s where Sendible comes in with its expertise in Twitter analytics.


Sendible is an award-winning analytics tool with advanced and much-needed analytics features. This tool isn’t only about Twitter. You can also use it for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Overall, Sendible is a tool worth trying if you want unique features.  

Benefits of Utilizing Twitter Analytics Tools

As you have gone through the list of top Twitter analytics tools, you might still wonder why you need to use one. So, here are the key benefits of using Twitter analytics tools. 

  1. Get deep insights – What’s the use of constantly experimenting with content strategy when you can’t track the results? That’s where Twitter analytics tools help. These tools monitor your content performance and help you make better strategies.
  1. Understand the audience – Analytics tools bring you data you can never get; one of those is understanding your audience’s timing. Twitter analytics tools tell you when your audience is most active, what they want to see, and how to approach them. 
  1. Real-time monitoring – Twitter analytics tools give you real-time data, which allows you to make needed changes and decisions without wasting much time.

Besides the points mentioned above, Twitter analytics tools have many other benefits. It lets you measure ROI, KPI, monitor your growth, understand your competitors, and more. 


Twitter is a growing platform, so it becomes essential to grow your presence there to make the most out of it. Twitter analytics tools are the only companion you need. These tools let you deeply understand your profile and audience. Hence, today in this blog, we discussed the best analytics tools and understood why you need one.

You may also explore some best Twitter Thread tools to go viral.

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