8 Best Gmail CRMs to Streamline Customer Relationships

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Gmail’s staggering user base and association with the corporate world hooks most companies, teams, and remote workers into using the platform almost daily.

Over 345 Billion emails are sent and received daily, with Gmail being the most popular emailing platform with a 1.8 Billion user base. That’s massive!

But most are unaware that a simple CRM integration with Gmail can shoot up the platform’s utility by 10X. 🚀

Having a CRM integration with Gmail means you can– automate your email marketing, organize contact data, and streamline your sales process– within Gmail itself.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Gmail CRMs, how they work, their benefits, and the best Gmail-integrated CRMs available in the market.

Introduction to Gmail CRMs


A Gmail CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud-based software that helps manage your customer base, track sales processes, and streamline customer relationships without leaving the Gmail inbox.

These AI-powered CRMs integrate with your Gmail account and allow you to:

  • Send and receive emails directly in CRM
  • Segment and organize emails based on contact, company, or deal size
  • Automatically identify and include new leads to the sales pipeline
  • Capture detailed insights into emails performance: view, open, click, bounce

With over 80% of SMBs using emails as their point of contact with leads or customers, having a Gmail CRM sounds fruitful.

The most well-integrated Gmail CRM allows you to build sales pipelines, create reports, automate lead generation and monotonous tasks, and create jaw-dropping campaigns– all from your inbox.

How Does a Gmail CRM Work?

If you already have an existing CRM system, simply integrate your Gmail account through a browser or plug-in.

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And then, the software automatically extracts and stores relevant information about each contact– name, email address, phone number, company, and any notes or tags you add.


Next, the CRM tracks your email interactions with each contact and creates individual customer personas based on these interactions. You can use this information to:

  • Prioritize follow-up tasks
  • Personalize your communication
  • Track your sales leads

Furthermore, you can assign leads to specific sales reps, track their progress through the sales funnel, and set reminders for follow-up tasks – all from a unified dashboard.

But, not all CRMs come fully integrated with Gmail. Some just hook up to your Gmail sidebar and let you avail of limited features. So, the software working typically depends on the level of integration with Gmail. 

Benefits of Gmail CRMs


Better Gmail Management

89% of marketers use emails as their primary lead-generation source. And CRMs integrated with Gmail are the cherry on the cake for them.

You see, Gmail CRMs help organize and centralize your messy inbox into a lead-generation powerhouse. You get every information regarding your contacts, deals, and sales pipeline structured in a refined manner in one place.

Plus, you can connect other Google apps like Google Calendar, Hangout, and G Suite apps to create a centralized ecosystem without juggling multiple tabs.

Improved Productivity

Gmail CRMs are well-automated tools that help you build long-lasting customer relationships with minimal effort. 

They scan through your Gmail inbox to automatically manage calendars, plan meetings, make phone calls, do follow-ups, and aid in every typical manual task. Some even provide ready-made email templates for repetitive emails to clients. 

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This frees up sales and customer service executives to focus on high-value tasks, such as nurturing customer relationships, finding leaks, and optimizing the sales funnel.

Simplify Lead Management

A typical business engages with tens and thousands of leads daily. Some are actually interested in what you provide, while most are just hanging out in your inbox.


Using Gmail CRMs, businesses can manage leads better without missing out on any crucial ones. The software monitors email conversations with prospects and provides detailed buyer persons.

Furthermore, you can create a sales pipeline to segment leads based on their lead score or stage in the sales funnel. This helps sales executives identify the big fish and prioritize converting them. 

Seamless Team Collaboration

Gone are the days when you needed to ‘CC‘ your team members on every client-related email. 

With CRM, you can easily collaborate with your teams on tight deals without letting the client know of it. You can create and share reports, write notes, and get access to conversation history with a click. 

Some CRMs offer gamification to enhance team collaboration and build friendly competition among team members. 

That said, below mentioned are some of the best Gmail CRMs to streamline customer relations and increase sales without stressing out much.


Streak is a cloud-based CRM built into your Gmail to supercharge your inbox with lead tracking, sales pipelines, and customer management. It has over 750k+ users, including companies like Uber, WeWork, BlueApron, and more.



  • Over 1000+ integrations through Zapier, including G Suite; robust APIs to build custom integrations or to integrate with internal systems
  • Email marketing functionalities like mail merge, custom email templates, view tracking, and email scheduling
  • Built-in customer support analytics to track ticket resolution time and identify over or under-performing support executives‍
  • Streak can link together the communication of contacts with separate teams across pipelines, so you know who you’re talking to and what to do next
  • Create custom pipelines and automatically fill in data such as sender name, date of last email, and last point of contact using magic columns

Streak is a mobile-friendly CRM solution that allows users to manage their contacts and deals on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and syncs with the web version of Streak in real-time.


Nethunt is a user-favorite CRM software with a robust interface and flexible customization options. Its CRM integration with Gmail helps businesses manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close more deals without switching between tabs.

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  • Automatically add and update contacts in CRM based on Gmail communications; use duplicate prevention features to maintain a clean database
  • Enable role-based management to control who can view/edit the customer database
  • Create unlimited sales pipelines for products and services and track deal progress via different stages of the sales cycle in real-time
  • Pull CRM data to Looker Studio and build real-time reports that unite data from various sources
  • Launch automatic email and follow-up sequences via Gmail, NetHunt SMTP, or your own SMTP server
  • Built-in email tracking to get in-depth insights on email performance: views, opens, clicks, and replies

Unlike other Gmail CRMs, NetHunt caters to all departments across various industries. It’s an excellent tool for Customer Support, Customer Success, and Marketing. 


Salesmate is an easy-to-set-up CRM for teams and businesses that use Google Workspace. The platform empowers 4,000+ sales teams across 70 countries, including some top names like Sony Music, Kissflow, Piktochart, and more. 

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  • Over 700+ integrations with business apps, including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier
  • Two-way Gmail sync with Salesmate CRM lets you manage your emails from both apps
  • Event-driven alerts to track deals, sales activities, and conversations as it happens in real-time
  • Use pre-built report templates or create custom dashboards to better understand insights and sales performance
  • Built-in Sales intelligence tools like sales forecasting, goal tracking, and team insights to dive deeper into your sales pipeline and team’s performance 

Besides, Salesmate integrates with Quickbooks, helping you keep up with accounting without leaving your inbox. Apart from the daily send limit for emails, the software is an affordable Gmail CRM option and comes with a 15-day free trial period.


Copper is a comprehensive CRM software designed for teams that use Google Workspace. It integrates with Gmail and other Google apps to offer an array of customizable solutions for end-to-end sales and customer journeys.

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  • Enable auto-magic syncing to allow contacts to see your availability and book meetings; see contextual information about attendees with a click 
  • Automatically attach and view files sent to customers and prospects under a centralized dashboard
  • Easy-to-build sales pipelines with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to track and manage leads or opportunities effortlessly
  • Has over 70+ integrations, including Google Hangout, Google Chat, and third-party collaboration tools like Slack 

Copper is built with Google Materials design. It’s easy to navigate and mimics the look and feel of Google products. Hence, Copper CRM is a good choice for teams unfamiliar with using CRM software.


Folwlu is a one-stop business management solution trusted by over 25,000 companies worldwide. Its free CRM solution integrates with Gmail to centralize existing email lists, databases, clients, and business functions in one place– no juggling around different apps and tabs.

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  • Easy-to-read Kanban boards, allowing users to centralize leads and optimize workflows under one roof
  • Leverage lead and contact management features to create and store detailed customer persons
  • Has built-in sales analytics to analyze your sales funnel and financial data
  • Use comments to easily collaborate on your opportunities, leave notes, attach files, and provide updates.
  • Efficiently manage your sales pipeline by tracking leads, setting reminders, and automating follow-up emails

Flowlu Gmail CRM integrates with your telephony provider to dial your customers with a single click right from their CRM record. Plus, it automatically captures the entire communication history with call logging and audio recordings.


Agile CRM is an easy-to-use yet powerful software for small to mid-sized businesses with sales and marketing automation. The system integration with Gmail comes with loads of CRM Gmail tools, making it the best CRM for users.

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  • Has a centralized dashboard to keep track of your emails and visualize insights related to email delivery, opens, and clicks
  • Set-up two way sync at frequent intervals to access all your contacts from both systems in either Gmail or Agile CRM
  • 360° contact view for a detailed buyer persona for any contact, including conversations, call notes, social presence, and web activity
  • Offers gamification elements to reward, motivate, and improve employee efficiency 

The software is trusted by over 15,000+ customers, including the likes of Indeed, people per hour, and TNW (The Next Web). Freelancers and small to mid-sized companies will do best with Agile CRM.


Method is an AI-powered CRM that integrates with Gmail to help you streamline your workflow and improve customer experience with automation. It lets users add contacts, schedule follow-ups, and log opportunities right from their Gmail inbox. 

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  • Get a 360° view of each lead and customer – contact details, purchase history, past conversations–without having to leave your Gmail inbox
  • Get access to sales activities, turn emails into tasks, and easily create new leads that automatically update in Method’s CRM
  • Two-way integration with Quickbooks makes accounting and tax time a breeze
  • Automated lead capture lets you save new prospects from web forms directly to Mehod’s CRM
  • Create various sales pipelines to track the status of each lead or deal, assign lead scores, opportunity scores, and deal weights to prioritize the right deals

Method CRM comes with a dedicated mobile app allowing you to manage and enhance customer relationships from your fingertip. 


Close CRM integrates with Gmail to streamline communication and improve sales productivity. It’s a scalable CRM solution that expands its capabilities as your business grows.

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  • Two-way sync between Close and Gmail; automatic contact creation, allowing new contacts to be added directly from Gmail
  • Has built-in Email tracking and analytics, giving sales teams insight into who has opened, clicked, or replied to their emails
  • Use pre-built email templates or create custom snippets for monotonous emails for faster and more efficient communication
  • Customizable workflows and automation, allowing users to automate tasks and follow-ups based on specific actions or triggers within Gmail

Close’s robust features and easy-to-use interface makes it a must-have tool for any sales team looking to streamline their workflow and enhance overall team performance.

Wrapping Up

Despite the increasing popularity of mobile messenger apps, Gmail is still a sought-after tool for professional communications.

Above mentioned are the best CRMs integrated with Gmail to streamline workflow and enhance customer relationships hassle-free. However, there are certain features you must ensure to have in your chosen Gmail CRM:

  • Automatic contact exploration and storage capability
  • Has a dedicated mobile app
  • Offers reporting and dashboarding options
  • Built-in insights for emails and sales analysis

Lastly, ensure that the CRM fits your business requirements and is light on your pocket. 💰

You may also explore the best Cloud CRM solutions for growing businesses.

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