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Best Employee Attendance Tracker for Small to Medium Businesses

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Employee attendance tracking software has swiftly replaced traditional processes as they are easy to manage at any time and any place.

Gone are the days when keeping a register or excel spreadsheet was required to track your employee’s attendance. Employees can mark their attendance online without any physical intervention, while managers will track their employees’ movements at any time by using their mobile phones. It is beneficial for both employees and managers.

Let’s look at how the employee attendance apps are excellent tools to manage workflows in an organization.


There are times when employees must work outside of the office. They could be working from home or attending meetings outside of the office. It is challenging to keep track of every action of your employees if they are not in the office. It can help employees track their working hours and allow managers to give them work schedules.


With the help of this app, reduce manual errors and record time with precision.


Attendance tracking software saves administration time spent monitoring and directing employee attendance. It will automate the tedious chores of managing paperwork and punching cards.

Attendance Reports

Reports of each task completed or assigned on the app are visible. Centralized data helps in better understanding employee performance and track record.


It can be integrated with any third-party hardware, such as swipe or biometric machines. The policies for attendance can be customized and designed to suit your requirements.

Real-time tracking

The employee attendance app is typically cloud-based that allows you to monitor your staff’s location in real-time.

Let’s now look at some of the best employee attendance tracking tools.


Clockify provides a timesheet software that allows you and your team to monitor work hours across various projects. Users can have unlimited access to this, and the best thing is that it’s free at no additional cost. The data is automatically synced online and is accessible on all types of devices.


Time Tracker: Helps track the amount of time dedicated to the tasks at hand manually or automatically. The program monitors the time using the stopwatch in timer mode. If you choose manual, you can add your hours later manually.

Timing Sheet Management: It is possible to report your weeks’ worth of work in under an hour with the help of this timesheet. Create a plan of tasks that you have defined and track the total time for each day/activity.

Project and Team Management: With the help of this feature, you will be able to determine where you spend the most of your time and what your team is working on. You can also share or downloads reports in pdf, excel, or CSV format.

Zoho People

Zoho People provides an efficient solution that assists in coordinating the HR administrative tasks at a particular location. It offers employee database management, time and leave management, performance management, travel management, and payslip generation.


Leave Management: Through Zoho People, it is possible to record and monitor every type of leave. It could be for training, vacation, and sick leaves. It is also possible to analyze patterns of leaves to maintain the efficiency of your employees.

Attendance Management: You can track check-in and check-out times of employees anywhere using Zoho People (cloud-based application). There’s also a function of geolocation tracking, where check-ins and checks-outs on mobile devices are possible. Managers can also set different IP limitations to regulate the time and location where employees are permitted to check in.

Time tracker: Zoho People includes a feature known as a time tracker that helps companies keep track of employees’ tasks and locations. It allows you to regularly check the team’s efficiency and boost their overall productivity.

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Evaluation of Performance: It helps you evaluate employees’ capabilities and performance. Zoho people also assist with the performance appraisal process to ensure it is conducted effectively.


Jibble is a cloud-based application that offers easy time management, employee and attendance tracking capabilities. It comes with a user-friendly interface that can simplify time tracking within the Slack and Microsoft Teams.


  • Utilize facial recognition to unlock the application.
  • Monitor the location and the working hours of employees by using GPS.
  • Utilize pin codes to count in and out to minimize human error.

The app provides a free plan that allows unlimited users. Its paid plans start at $2/user per month.


QuickBooks is the most effective time and attendance system for mobile businesses (e.g., remote or offsite workers or field service personnel). Companies with constantly moving employees require an automated time and attendance system that makes it simple to keep track of their work hours outside the office premises.

QuickBooks is a cloud-based solution that users can access via a mobile or web-based browser to log in and out of their work, look up schedule changes, and even request PTO.

Businesses with remote workforces require systems to monitor the employees to make sure they’re at the right place at the right time. QuickBooks lets you accomplish this with live GPS tracking. You can also establish geofences so that employees only check-in and out of designated zones.

QuickBooks provides managers with the ability to create schedules for employees based on jobs or shifts. They can communicate with employees to ensure everyone is on the same level. The software can be used to either approve or refuse PTO requests, send reminders to check in or out, and change the codes for jobs.

QuickBooks also has more comprehensive job tracking capabilities than many of its competitors. It permits you to track the progress of your project and compare estimates of the project concerning actual expenses, send messages, and keep track of the project status and costs.

It can integrate with third-party software, meaning it can seamlessly transfer employee time tracking data to your payroll and accounting software.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch has various time and attendance functions that can assist businesses in maintaining conformity with their internal policies and the laws governing employment and labor. For instance, it provides automated overtime calculations to ensure correct payment, automatic breaks, and check-outs, as well as webcam pictures of punches. These tools help to limit employee punching while ensuring accuracy in time and payment records.

You can ensure that your employees are working according to the rules by limiting punches to specific dates of the day or schedule shifts. Also, you have the possibility of blocking particular IP addresses and devices. If you are working with mobile employees, it is possible to ensure they’re clocking in out at the right places using GPS monitoring and geofencing functions.

Buddy Punch helps streamline time and attendance records by utilizing approval workflows, manager permissions, and approval workflows. It also integrates payroll and accounting systems to simplify and reduce administrative mistakes.

If you require access to the data on attendance and time, Buddy Punch offers various reports on-demand. Additionally, the software has alarm, reminder, and notifications capabilities to keep you up-to current regarding the attendance of your employees.


TrackSmart is best suited for small-sized businesses in different industries with 100 employees.

It is one of the most efficient ways for companies to effortlessly keep track of employee leaves, work hours, and any other days off. The user-friendly, web-based solution encompasses all the latest features such as attendance-tracking calendars and timesheets for employees.

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It includes all the functions of paper-based forms but is upgraded with an automated reporting and record-keeping leave request, as well as an approval procedures tool.



  • Absence Management
  • Calendar Management
  • FMLA Tracking
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Self Service Portal
  • Timesheets
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking

Annual Plans start at a minimum of $169 per year. Free trials are also available. It’s cloud-based and ideal for owners, HR professionals, and managers. It also helps businesses keep track of the overtime.


factoHR is the world’s leading provider in workforce management, serving over 1000+ clients across the globe and more than 1 million employees. It is committed to providing the highest level of support to its clients as they believe that a relationship with the client over the long term is the most effective method to grow your business.


Its attendance tracking feature offers various functionalities such as automatically picking up real-time data from any reader and calculating late coming, early going, and overtime policies. Other features of Attendance Management are:

  • Biometric Integration
  • Web Check-In/Out
  • Leave Management
  • Timesheet Management

factoHR is built upon the help of more than twenty years of expertise and has clients from diverse industries. It has also been recognized as the top HR Software vendor of the year by the World HRD Congress for providing the best solution for all the basic and essential requirements of businesses from different business fields.


MyAttendanceTracker helps to track the attendance of students on any device. Configure your attendance tracking using the terms you’d like to use.



Integrated Student Gradebook: Now, you can include fully customizable assessments to every class to keep your entire grades the same way you’re taking attendance.

Teacher/Parent Communication: Automatically notify parents of absences to drop, grades changes, or behavioral problems. You can send individual, class, or school-wide messages via text and email.

Grade Dashboards: Check out everything happening in every class and with students by examining simple metrics immediately on your student dashboards for class and grades. Get custom reports for deeper insights into how students are doing in class.

Compatible with All Devices: The process of recording all the data you require can be as easy as tapping the screen a few times with your tablet or phone. The app was designed to function just as well on smartphones as on a big screen.

Track student progress: Each class has its overview page, where you can easily create and track your assessments, check the current progress of your class, add or remove students, and make quick notes to review.

Task Hours

Register and create employee accounts for your workforce with Task Hours. They can download desktop clients, log in and track their activities. It’s that simple. Create reporting hierarchies to improve control at every level of the company.

task hours


Automated Time Tracking:  With Task Hours, the time tracking of your desktop client and timesheet generation is automatic and live. There are no lengthy forms to fill out and no need to rush to complete manually generated timesheets. Your team members can concentrate on their primary tasks.

Automated Screen Capturing:  Monitor activities using automated screen capture. It only records screens when actions are recorded. It also works offline! There is no logging of personal computer hours and thus no privacy issues.

Manual Timesheets: Your team members can manually log their time if they don’t use the Task Hours desktop client during their duties. Check and approve the times reported.

Intelligent Analytics: Task Hours’ intelligent analytics assist you in identifying employees’ behavior and productivity zones which is an essential feature to consider when making HR-related decisions.

Robust Reporting: Flexible reporting allows you to track and analyze the efficiency and performance of the team member(s) as high as every minute of productivity and time wasted. You can identify who is doing his best to grow your business.

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Smart Notifications: You will be notified of every task initiated, completed, or stopped. Task Hours will remind your team members automatically to make use of it. Receive daily timesheets in your inbox. There is nothing that keeps you informed more effectively than this.

Live Support: Our live support team has all the answers you need to know more about the features of Task Hours. If you’re not using the features you want, contact live support to receive the answers within minutes. On weekends email support is accessible.


Timenotes is an intelligent and easy attendance tracker application that helps track your employees’ attendance and work. It takes away the hassle of filling out paper timesheets since it records and stores the information for you.

What is the process? When members register, they select the task and complete the required information. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll be able to immediately see the work logs within reports and then export them to the format you want.

It is possible to track attendance and employees’ leave trackers, know who was working on what and how much profit they earned, and the amount you must pay them in salaries.


Customizable: Because of its extensive customization options, Timenotes can be adjusted precisely to meet the needs of your employees and company.

Reports and Dashboards: Create filters and select specific employee attendance time ranges to download files in Excel, PDF & CSV formats. Create reports for invoicing clients, payroll, or management with just a few clicks.

Keep track of your team’s time off: Make sure your employees are present by reviewing the planned vacation time for your team. You can easily manage your employees’ attendance and confirm absence requests.

Real-time tracking: Track work-related logs and the activities in real-time with just a couple of clicks.

Final Words

Creating a culture where your workforce feels empowered and supported needs a deep understanding of managing the workforce and the process. You need the ability to gauge employee performance, manage their day-to-day task, and gain the kind of observation that help you build a plan of action.

Attendance Tracking Software can do all of the above, giving you what you need to strengthen your culture and guide your organization forward.

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