G-Core Labs Cloud Review: High-performing and Easy-to-use Truly Global Cloud Platform

G-Core Labs Cloud Review: High-performing and Easy-to-use Truly Global Cloud Platform

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Amidst the powerful and reputed cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure, there is another cloud provider, G-Core Labs Cloud, that has been gaining rapid momentum these days.

The reason for this is the platform’s truly global presence, robust performance and features, and affordability, amongst others.

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, you would wish for a cost-effective cloud solution with excellent performance. But finding such as solution sometimes becomes tough, especially for small businesses. 

So, what if I tell you there is a solution that is budget-friendly, yet comes with the latest technologies to support modern software development?

Sounds interesting, right?

This is what you can expect with G-Core Labs Cloud!

In this article, I’ll review G-Core Labs Cloud to help you decide if this platform is suitable for you.

What Is G-Core Labs Cloud?

G-Core Labs Cloud is an efficient cloud infrastructure available instantly for use in sustainable software development. It is a powerful, global, and secure edge cloud that can handle the highest loads and metaverses and is suitable for AI applications.

This multifunctional data center lets you deploy an unlimited number of virtual resources quickly in a few clicks from your office or home. G-Core Labs Cloud is created in Luxembourg, Europe, and is compliant with GDPR. It is available all the time and accessible from anywhere globally due to its robust infrastructure and network. It also saves you plenty of bucks on expensive equipment.

The platform is less costly and easy to scale according to your projects’ requirements. Using this cloud platform, businesses can significantly accelerate their projects’ development, testing, and deployment with minimum investment.


Here are some of the main features of G-Core Labs Cloud:

  • AI Capabilities: G-Core provides an AI platform powered by Graphcore IPUs, which are 2 times more powerful than well-known international competitors. This platform allows business and development teams to significantly reduce the time-to-market of their applications based on artificial intelligence. AI platform supports a full machine learning cycle, allowing you to organize continuous delivery of models, collaborate on them in real-time and access a catalog of ready-made templates and models. 
  • Bare metal: this solution allows to get ready-to-use, physical service to be deployed within minutes, which can then be used in combination with the provider’s other services to build a flexible cloud infrastructure with simple resource management, balance, and networks.
  • Storage: G-Core Labs Cloud provides object storage (S3-compatible storage) so that you can scale faster. You can also periodically create snapshots of your server resources and store data in different disk types. 
  • Load Balancers: The platform has load balancers to manage infrastructural loads with the help of APIs. This helps ensure your application’s availability during traffic spikes. 
  • Cloud CDN: Accelerate the loading speed of all your applications through an efficient cloud CDN and distribute content across the globe no matter where you are.
  • VPNs: With G-Core Labs Cloud, you can set up Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), even between physical servers and virtual instances. In addition, you will get site-to-site VPNs across the globe. 
  • Direct Connections: They organize direct network connections between their global Cloud and your hardware. 
  • Containers: You can deploy and optimize your clusters and applications using containers, such as Kubernetes. In addition, simplify your cloud deployments using ready-made functions describing your applications’ business logic. 
  • Hybrid Cloud: You can quickly move to their Cloud from any other platform without losing your data. Even during the events of crashes and failures, you can protect your IT infrastructure from downtime. G-Core Labs Cloud also offers the option of designing a customized cloud infrastructure on-premises in your own data center. 
  • Monitoring and logging: G-Core Labs Cloud offers a single repository where you can collect logs and analyze them for all your applications. You will be able to spot issues and risks and get immediate information on events to take action. It will ensure your applications are safe from attacks and perform well.
  • Developer tools: You will get better access controls for all your deployments and resources without any trouble. The platform will also allow you to monitor the activities of your users from a safety point of view. In addition, you will get an efficient API to manage your cloud services along with the option of Terraform. 
  • Datacenter locations: You can deploy your instances in any region of your choice that’s closest to your location. G-Core Labs has a cloud in 15+ locations, covering the five continents – North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Its robust edge network has 150+ points of presence across 130+ cities. In addition, its response rate is under the 20s, which is one of the best in the market. The exact locations are:
  • Chicago, Santa Clara, and Manassas in the US
  • Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg in Europe
  • Singapore, Almaty, Tokyo, and Hong Kong in Asia
  • Istanbul in Turkey
  • Sydney, Johannesburg, and Sao Paulo are coming soon.
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You don’t need to search endlessly for a tier-IV data center; just buy advanced hardware and upgrade it when required.


G-Core Labs Cloud offers all the three cloud-based services – FaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services you require. 

Virtual Machines (VMs)

G-Core Labs Cloud provides ready-made virtual instances that you can deploy faster, even within 10 minutes. You will also benefit from an application marketplace for many ready-made services and systems to choose from for your projects. 

You can access quality images, take snapshots of your virtual machines (VMs), and roll back changes whenever you want. You can also scale your virtual infrastructure, add more SSDs based on your requirement, and manage infrastructural loads through APIs to ensure your application’s availability during traffic spikes with the help of load balancers. 

In addition, you have the option to disable and then migrate your projects’ public IPv4 on demand to other resources. You can connect to VPC and public networks directly and choose any data center location closer to your area. You will get to manage all your configurations easily and orchestrate your VMs via APIs. 

Furthermore, you will get a cloud firewall to set up your security rules for your VMs. The platform also comes with DDoS protection for safety against attacks at the transport and network layers. Their 24/7 customer support team is also excellent, where you can enjoy real-time assistance, quality technical help, and quick integration. 

Bare Metal Servers 

Deploy services and applications on the powerful servers of G-Core Labs Cloud. Use computing resources from physical servers stress-free and also reserve the resources for a longer duration. You will also get different disk types to store data.

G-Core Labs Cloud offers 15+ data center locations across the globe, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Africa. You will also get access to unlimited computing resources. You can manage all your servers from Terraform and APIs. 

Using a single private network, you can use both your virtual machines and dedicated servers. Your servers will be safe from DDoS attacks at the transport and network layers. You will access tier III and IV data centers with a maximum of Gbps channels. You will also get 99.95% SLA along with the financial guarantee and responsive 24/7 tech support.

Now that we have some understanding of G-Core Labs Cloud let’s start the review based on ease of use, performance, security, support, and pricing.

Ease of Use 

Convenient Control Panel

G-Core Labs Cloud offers a convenient cloud control panel that is effortless to use. It can be integrated with many infrastructures products and services, such as CDNs, streaming products, DDoS prevention tools, DNS hosting services, and storage systems.

You will access all the services through a user-friendly account along with support in the English language, which is great if you are familiar with it. In addition, its documentation is available currently in Chinese and German.

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Application Marketplace

G-Core Labs lets you access ready-made services and systems that you can use for your deployments without having to create them from scratch.

Available services include Rust Server, GitLab, Jenkins, Grafana, Nexus, Prometheus, LAMP, and more.


G-Core Labs Cloud exhibits high performance no matter what software you want to deploy. It will help enhance the users’ experience with incredible speed and response times. 

The platform is powered by one of the major edge networks and has the best European and American technologies. The infrastructure of G-Core Labs Cloud is based on the latest Intel CPU generation, including 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable. In addition, it has the power of European innovations, including IPUs by Graphcore, that’s twice more powerful compared to many reputed cloud providers. 

The platform’s virtual machines and bare-metal servers provide outstanding performance, so it’s ready for smooth AI applications and metaverses and can withstand high loads. 

Furthermore, G-Core Labs Cloud is amongst the earliest cloud service providers of bare metal servers for high workloads. In fact, the amalgamation of Graphcore IPUs and bare metal servers makes the platform the best service if you are developing AI-based products and services and dealing with high workload projects. 


Cyberattacks are a major threat in the digital world. But if you are with G-Core Labs, you don’t need to worry much. They offer excellent security features to safeguard your servers from attacks.

  • You will get DDoS prevention to secure your servers and resources at the transport and network layers.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) for security against DDoS attacks at the application level, along with safety from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities. 
  • Cloud firewall to safeguard your servers from incoming and outgoing web traffic.
  • Secrets management where you can upload PKCS12 files and add HTTPS listeners to the load balancers. 

All server clusters they provide are situated in Tier III and Tier IV datacenters by global datacenter management leaders such as Digital Realty, European Data Hub, Equinix, and more. G-Core Labs Cloud is an early cloud service provider to support the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) encryption standard that offers hardware-based memory encryption that isolates specific application code and data in memory. Their powerful hardware and cloud infrastructure also help improve data security.

In addition, G-Core Labs takes care of regulatory compliance to keep your business safe from penalties. It offers GDPR compliance for data privacy and is certified by PCI DSS for storing, transmitting, and processing payment card information. The platform is also compliant with ISO 27001.


You will get premium technical support with 24/7 availability. Their experts can help you with integration, cloud infrastructure maintenance, and real-time monitoring. You can reach out to them via a call, email, or support ticket to seek help.

They take an agile approach to address your concerns and offer premium technical support. They can deploy new cloud locations on demand, install more capacities within a week (instead of months), and quickly deploy private and hybrid clouds. 

Their premium technical support is available 24/7 in English and German. They also document all the processes and maintain task logs of every activity to keep transparency with the customers. You will get monthly reports to predict infrastructural load and plan your budget properly. Plus, you can take the help of their knowledge base to find instructions on setting up and managing cloud services.


G-Core Labs has a transparent pricing policy where you pay only for the number of computing resources you consume, not for traffic. Their pricing is almost 30% cheaper compared to the average market price. 

Get customized pricing based on your resource requirements. They offer different configurations of virtual CPUs (vCPUs), RAM, VM types, and OS types that you can choose from.

  • vCPUs: up to 32 vCPUs. 
  • RAM: up to 256 GB.
  • CPU types: CPU, GPU, SGX, high-frequency MEM, SHR, and STD.
  • OS types: Linux and Windows
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If you choose to host your application in Chicago, US, you can get the basic VM for less than $15 a month. They accept payment through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

How Can G-Core Labs Help Small to Big Businesses?

Businesses located across the globe can leverage G-Core Labs Cloud to support their deployments with efficient, high-performing, and scalable platforms. 

It is trusted by major companies from the US, Asia, and Europe in finance, fintech, retail, media business, gaming, and SaaS. This platform is suitable for businesses of all types, from small to enterprises. Some companies that trust G-Core Labs Cloud is Avast, Wargaming, Metro Cash & Carry, Sandbox Interactive, TradingView, and more.

The top reasons why you can consider using G-Core Labs Cloud:

#1. Cost-Effective

G-Core Labs Cloud is around 30-70% more cost-effective compared to major cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM Cloud. They keep transparent pricing with their pay-as-you-go model and don’t charge for outbound traffic.

In addition, the platform is around 20-30% more affordable compared to its European competitors such as OVHcloud, Atos, LeaseWeb, etc. 

#2. Truly Global

Global locations

The cloud platform is powered by an incredibly efficient edge network that’s truly global. It’s spread across five continents in 150+ points of presence to serve businesses from across the globe. However, you won’t get this with major cloud providers.

Alibaba Cloud covers predominantly Asia and Oceania, while AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and GCP are more advanced in Western Europe and the US while performing mediocre in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the CIS.

#3. Bare Metal as a Service

G-Core Labs Cloud offers bare metal as a service and is amongst the first service providers to do so. Their bare metal servers are powerful and high-performing to support your deployments with next-generation IPUs and CPUs by Graphcore and Intel.

Conclusion: Should You Choose G-Core Labs Cloud?

If you are looking for a high-performing, scalable, and easy-to-use cloud platform for modern application development at an affordable price, G-Core Labs Cloud is undoubtedly a great option. This platform not only has powerful bare metal servers and VMs but also the latest hardware, truly global presence, and other useful features to support your deployments.

As indicated above, you can save around 30-70% with G-Core Labs Cloud compared to famous cloud providers. Hence, whether you are a big business or small, you can use this cloud platform for your projects.

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