How ADP HR and Payroll Solutions Can Help Your Growing Business?

How ADP HR and Payroll Solutions Can Help Your Growing Business?

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Payroll and HR services are essential for every business, even small businesses, and startups. These operations must be handled well to ensure the smooth running of your business.

It’s because payroll and HR are directly associated with your employees, who are the backbone of your company. And keeping your employee happy is necessary to ensure everything runs just fine in your organization and make them feel valued to serve you for the longest time. It not only boosts loyalty but can also take your business to great heights.

And to help you with all this, you need an excellent payroll and HR solution like ADP. It will automate those repetitive tasks to boost productivity, accelerate processes, and ensure no errors are in payroll or HR operations. Although you can build your in-house solution, it will take a significant amount of time and resources, not to mention periodic maintenance that costs extra.

Thus, it makes sense to go for an expert solution like ADP for businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses with limited budgets, employees, and other resources.

In this article, I’ll review ADP payroll and HR solutions to help you decide whether it’s worth considering for your business.

Let’s start!

About ADP Payroll and HR Products and Services

ADP is one of the leading companies globally that offers outstanding payroll and HR services. They have been in the industry for 70 years, providing solutions and software to simplify work. They offer comprehensive cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions, including HR, payroll, time, and talent, along with tax and benefits, analytics, and business outsourcing solutions.

ADP uses advanced technologies, deep insight, and its tremendous experience in the field to transform human resources and payroll functions and offer its customers a business advantage. They offer a wide range of HR services and payroll products, from entry-level tools to complete payroll and HR management services such as HR administration, intuitive reporting, and attendance and time.

The payroll and HR services they offer are for:

  • Small businesses with 1-49 employees
  • Midsize companies with 50-999 employees
  • Large and multinational companies with 1000+ employees

ADP Payroll and HR Solutions

You get a full range of payroll and HR solutions at ADP, from basics to advanced management like HRIS, outsourcing, compliance, and tax.

  • RUN: This web-based solution allows small businesses to manage their HR and payroll processes.
  • ADP TotalSource: It’s a professional employer organization (PEO) that comes with sophisticated cloud technologies and dedicated guidance to handle payroll, HR, and talent.
  • ADP Workforce Now: This is an all-in-one solution for HR, payroll, talent, benefits, and time management with intuitive analytics and expert support.
  • ADP Next-Gen HCM: It’s a customizable and comprehensive HCM platform with cloud technology, deep expertise, and data-driven insights.
  • ADP Vantage HCM: It’s an open-architecture solution to manage talent, payroll, capital, benefits, and time.
  • ADP Enterprise HR: This HCM solution offers powerful analytics, insights, interface and integrates with various ADP offerings.
  • ADP Comprehensive Service: This HR platform comes with technologies and dedicated support.
  • ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services: This is for large businesses to help in HR, talent, payroll, benefits, and time management.
  • Wisely by ADP: This is a cost-effective paycard solution that integrates easily with payroll systems.
  • ADP Celergo: This elegant solution is best for an organization with up to 1k employees per country. It collects employee data, organizes it in a single system, and supports up to 140 countries.
  • ADP Global Payroll: It combines ADP Celergo and ADP GlobalView Payroll to help multinational companies of all sizes. It offers on-demand analytics and reporting, analytics, built-in compliance, safety, and data privacy features.
  • ADP GlobalView Payroll: It’s for companies with 1000+ employees in at least one country. It supports 140+ countries and helps big multinational companies manage their payroll and HR operations, offering robust HR admin tools, excellent reporting options, built-in data connectors, etc.
  • WorkMarket: This is a freelance management system to help businesses organize, pay, and manage their independent contractors and freelancers.
  • ADP Mobile Solutions: ADP offers a mobile application to manage payroll, benefits, time, etc.

ADP: Features

Some of the features of ADP payroll and HR solutions are:

Payroll Processing

ADP allows you to process payroll online using its mobile application on Android and iOS devices. Just enter your employees’ work hours into the application for a pay period, and the software will calculate their paychecks depending upon their salary or wage rate. In addition, it calculates tax deductions, retirement contributions, and health benefits automatically.

Payroll Taxes

To calculate payroll taxes, ADP fills out forms and files the tax on time without errors, makes necessary payments to the state, local, and federal bodies, and responds to their queries regarding payments or submissions.

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Payment Options

ADP supports various modes of payment. You can pay via direct deposits, paper cheques, and debit cards. For paper checks, ADP sends all of them directly to your office so you can hand them over to the employees hassle-free. In different plans, ADP can also sign paper checks and direct deposits, putting them inside an envelope, making it even easier for you to pay your employees.

HR and Payroll Reports

You will access multiple HR and payment reports in all the plans ADP offers. They are easy to customize the reports based on your preferences. In addition, it will handle the reporting process of new joiners with proper federal and state agencies. It will also do all the documentation for you to save time.

HR Services

You will get additional HR tools and resources other than basic features in the higher plans. This will allow you to conduct thorough background checks on candidates and post jobs on portals. You will also get a wizard for an employee handbook and job description, new hire onboarding, HR form and document library, best practice guides, and a database of HR compliance.

Compliance Monitoring Services

ADP offers practical and proactive support with compliance monitoring to help you address complexities due to changing rules and regulations.

Quality Control

ADP ensures that their teams execute routine quality checks to detect, flag, and solve payroll issues. It will ensure there are no errors in your reports so you can make accurate transactions.


You will get a dashboard with an intuitive and simple interface. It will help you access all the payroll and HR insights and leverage the features. You can track employees’ data, various files and documents, and payments, so everything runs smoothly.

You can also easily manage your employees, freelancers, and contractors using the dashboard. It will help you add or remove data such as job title, time off, payment data, tax deductions, benefits, incentives, and more.

Time Tracking and Attendance

ADP will help you track your employees’ work hours and attendance with ease and reduce errors and mistakes. Automating all these functions will help you increase your productivity.

In addition, no matter where your employees work from, at home or office, you can track them easily. It will enable the employees to punch in using a time clock or their mobile or computer. You can also create and publish shift schedules and track leaves, holidays, special approvals, and time offs.


You can integrate ADP with accounting software like QuickBooks, Wave, Xero, etc. It will help you automatically input data and be more productive. ADP also integrates with many other tools and applications to make it easy for you to work, such as business software, HR systems, ERPs, and time tracking software. Additionally, you can integrate ADP with biometric devices for face recognition, fingerprints, or palm scanning.

ADP: Advantages

Easy to Use

ADP is effortless to use for everyone, irrespective of their technical expertise. Once it’s set up, everyone can use the cloud-based platform easily with its user-friendly interface without downloading, installing, or maintaining any software. You can add information, update it quickly without confusion, and make minor adjustments if you need it. In addition, customizing the dashboard and reports is also easy with this tool.

Not only can the admins manage everything efficiently, but even the employees can also log into their profiles to view information, update documents and data, view payment information, attendance, benefits, used and unused leaves, and more.


ADP is a versatile platform that can serve organizations of all industries and sizes. Whether you have a small team with less than 10 employees or a multinational company with thousands of employees across the globe, it can justify your payroll and HR requirements.

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In addition, it is faster to run payrolls with ADP in just minutes by reviewing employee time cards to ensure accuracy, payroll totals, and approving the payroll. It can automate everything to save your time and sends an automatic notification if any issue arises like bank-related changes, security problems, etc.

Scalable Platform

ADP can scale with your business. If you are a small business, you can take their basic plan and then gradually move to the higher plans as your business grows. This scalable platform will help meet your growing user demands without causing anyone trouble or hampering your operations.

Comprehensive Reporting

Using the detailed reports and insights from the dashboard will help you measure the performance of your business and employees. It will also determine other crucial information like workforce demographics, pay equity, compensation strategies, etc. Thus, you can find the issues quickly and fine-tune your business strategies.

Multiple Device Support

ADP is a cloud-based software that you can use on any laptop, smartphone, or computer. It also supports both iOS and Android platforms. This enables employees to work from anywhere.


Collaborative scheduling allows your team to set up schedules that are feasible for everyone. It also reduces unnecessary friction between team members and allows each one of them to use ADP from their preferred device to switch schedules with pre-approvals or requests for time offs.

Customization and Flexibility

ADP offers customized solutions that can fit your organizational needs, whether you are looking for just payroll or HR tools, a combination of both, or a full suite of HR tools and services. Based on your industry, such as healthcare, finance, etc., and your goals like productivity, streamlining operations, etc., you can fully tailor ADP payroll and HR services.


For security, ADP offers multiple technologies to secure your systems from frauds and attacks. You get anti-malware, fraud prevention systems, threat protection, behavior analysis and monitoring, intellectual property protection, and more.

One issue with ADP software is that it doesn’t offer you a direct free trial to try the product first and then decide whether to purchase. It also charges you per payroll, which may increase based on how frequent you want your payroll to run. This can be a challenge for businesses with many freelancers and contractors.

ADP: Customer Support

Issues can arise at any time; hence, you need a reliable and responsive customer team to help you address those issues. There are mixed reviews for ADP regarding customer support; many are happy about it, while others have faced struggles getting quick solutions.

They offer customer support through various channels, including phone calls, live chats, and emails. You can also leverage their community forums to post a query, and others can respond to help you. In addition, ADP is quite active on its social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, where they may answer your questions. And to get more knowledge about it, you can watch videos on their YouTube channel.

ADP: Pricing

There are no fixed rates for ADP payroll and HR services that are displayed on the official website. It’s because they offer fully customized services based on your requirements. Hence, if you want to determine the pricing for your business, you will have to contact them and get a quote.

As the pricing structure is a bit confusing, not everyone would understand how much exactly they will pay per month. Also, it will become difficult for you if you want to compare different companies based on pricing. On average, companies with 1-10 employees may pay $160 per month. But it’s better to get a quote from them to understand the pricing for your business.

Although ADP is fantastic with its features, capabilities, and services, some businesses may look for alternatives due to its pricing, setup, customer support, or other issues.

That’s why I’ve discussed some of the ADP alternatives for you below. Don’t forget to check them out!


OnPay’s HR and payroll solutions will ease your processes so that you can focus on your business. Whether you have one employee or hundreds of them, get everything you need to meet challenges. Businesses like dentists, restaurants, doctors, gyms, franchises, accountants, etc., and startups can use OnPay for suitable solutions.

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OnPay integrates with Xero and Quickbooks that help keep your employee paperwork and finances in sync and completely organized. Apart from this, you will get unlimited pay runs every month, automated tax filings, free 1099 and w-2 processing, HR tools, software integrations, expert hand, and more.

Get started with a low monthly base fee of $36/month plus $4/month/person. Calculate the price according to your number of employees and enjoy the first month FREE to explore more.


Rippling is an all-in-one software for HR and payroll solution to manage and automate all the operations from onboarding to everything in between at a single place. It gives you the easy-to-use HRIS and advanced features like customization to fit your company’s needs, integration with over 500+ applications like Office365, Slack, etc., to make your work easier.

You can generate offer letters, run background checks, e-verify, enroll in health insurance, assign and streamline training processes, set up applications, use analytics, and track employees’ time via kiosk, mobile, or web, approve their attendance. Onboard your new employees within 90 seconds by entering basic info like start date, salary, etc.

Rippling is priced at $8/month/user. However, you can talk to an expert and get a custom quote according to your requirements.


Gusto is built purposefully to offer you the benefits you deserve with its modern HR and payroll solutions. This all-in-one platform lets you manage your employees, offers full-service payroll, employee benefits, attendance, time, onboarding, talent management, insights, and reporting.

Gusto files your taxes automatically, helps with compliance and identifies tax credits to save your money. Get financial and health benefits for your employees like FSA, HSA, dental, vision, life insurance, medical insurance, 401(k) retirement savings, 529 college savings, and workers’ comp. You also get features like time tracking tools, performance reviews, development tools, and more.

For small businesses with simple wages, pay schedules, and salaries, Gusto comes with a simple plan of $39/month and $6/person.

Conclusion: Should You Consider Buying ADP Payroll and HR Solutions?

Purchasing an excellent payroll and HR solution like ADP helps you streamline your processes, run them efficiently, and save time without making errors. This is useful for all businesses, especially small sizes, because of limited resources and budget to build a solution in-house. Instead, you can ADP to run your payroll and HR functions effortlessly and enjoy its top-notch performance and features.

However, many businesses won’t find ADP’s pricing structure beneficial or face trouble with setup or support and may look for alternatives. If that’s the case with you, please check out the ADP alternatives I’ve discussed and go for the one you like with the best pricing, services, and feature combination.

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