Best Shopify Apps For Your Ecommerce Business Success

10 Best Shopify Apps For Your Ecommerce Business Success

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Shopify offers all the features you need to start your online business and handle day-to-day tasks. However, it does limit your choice when it comes to advanced customization options and automation. This is where Shopify apps will help you.

To truly scale and diversify your e-commerce business, the default Shopify features aren’t enough. Thankfully, there are thousands of third-party apps for your Shopify store to get any feature you want.

To help you get started with Shopify apps, I bring you one of the best Shopify apps that will surely help your online store succeed.

Best Shopify Apps For Your E-commerce

Customer trust is crucial for successful purchases, and what could be a better way to build it than through authentic reviews from real customers? is a product review app that gives you all the tools you need to both collect customer reviews and publish them.

After purchase, it can send personalized emails to collect customer reviews right inside the email. The customer can give product reviews, ratings, and photos/videos. You can also import reviews from social apps like Facebook. These reviews can then be shown on your store, social pages, Google Search featured snippets, and Google Shopping listings.

Highlight Features

  • Supports 38 languages.
  • Create question/answer widgets.
  • Fully customizable themes to display the reviews matching your brand theme.
  • Review can be written and submitted right from the email.
  • Supports both email and SMS follow-up.
  • Built-in protection features to prevent fake and spam reviews.
  • Centralized dashboard.

Alternatively, you can also try Ali Reviews if you also want to import previous reviews from other sources like AliExpress.



Privy is your all-in-one solution for all types of email and SMS marketing needs. Using a simple drag-and-drop process, you can edit elements to make it suit your brand theme. You can run promotion campaigns, send cart abandonment follow-up messages, sign up and after-order messages, and much more.

It can help grow your email list using customizable pop-ups and banners, including exit-intent pop-ups. Its dashboard also offers deep analytics to create new strategies and even run A/B tests.

Highlight Features

  • Easy-to-use editor.
  • Manage email and SMS marketing in one place.
  • Many different types of pop-ups to promote products and collect information.
  • Run targeted campaigns based on location, behavior, purchase history, etc.
  • Seamless integration with other email marketing tools.
  • Extensive analytics and reporting.

I should mention that its SMS marketing features are only available in the higher-end plans. They are good enough that you won’t need another app, but be ready to upgrade to a medium-tier plan.

Try Privy

Plug In SEO

For all your SEO needs, Plug In SEO has every tool. It helps you understand your current SEO state and improve it. Upon installation, it will run a complete site audit to detect SEO issues and then give step-by-step instructions to fix them.

It can fix and optimize title and meta descriptions, image ALT text, heading tags, 404 page not found errors, and more. On top of this, it also has dedicated tools to generate XML sitemap, improve page speed, fix broken links, canonically manage URLs, manage redirects, and add JSON-LD structured data.

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Highlight Features

  • Perform on-page SEO audits.
  • Automatically apply basic SEO fixes with one click.
  • Google Analytics integration to track traffic and analyze user behavior.
  • Provides SEO training resources.
  • Offers keyword optimizations for individual pages.
  • Provides simple instructions to fix SEO issues.

Overall, Plug In SEO gives you the tools to increase traffic using SEO and enhance user experience to boost sales.

Try Plug In SEO

Globo Product Options

Although Shopify does provide reliable product customization options, it still has many limitations. For truly unlimited product customization, you’ll need Globo Product Options. The app lets you add unlimited product variants from different categories. This includes a text field, file upload, color swatch, material choice, and almost anything else you need.

Highlight Features

  • Infinite customization options.
  • Increase price dynamically based on the number of choices made.
  • Offers lots of variant options.
  • Edit options of similar products in bulk.
  • Apply conditional logic to variants, prices, and display images.
  • Manage SKUs for different product variants.

The pricing and images change dynamically with customer choice, and it can also limit product variants based on customer choice. Overall, it can allow customers to create a fully customized product only, including the features they want.

Try Globo Product Options


DSers is one of the best AliExpress dropshipping apps that make bulk processing a snap. It can process hundreds of orders using automatic mapping to ensure the right product is ordered from the source. The app also helps maximize your profits by helping you find cheaper suppliers with a reliable history.

Highlight Features

  • Bulk order processing.
  • Filters to choose profitable and in-demand products.
  • Lots of automation features.
  • Built-in AliExpress search function.
  • Make changes to the order even after placing it.
  • Manage up to 25 stores in the same dashboard.

It offers a centralized dashboard to track orders and package status and automatically displays this information when an order is placed. Other than this, it has many automation features like automatic price calculation, shipping rules, stock updates, order fulfillment, and more.

Try DSers helps to easily set up loyalty and reward programs to increase sales, encourage repeat purchases, and increase overall brand loyalty.

Some of the programs it can create include earning points for rewards, exclusive tiers, referral programs, VIP programs, spending-based programs, social media engagement rewards, special events (like birthdays), gamified programs, Early access, and many more.

Highlight Features

  • Extensive support for loyalty and reward programs.
  • Easy to set up without requiring any coding.
  • Built-in email communication support to nudge customers to remember their rewards.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting to keep track of program success.
  • Segment customers based on engagement to tailor rewards and communication accordingly.

All the programs are fully customizable, with options to choose exactly what you want to offer. Furthermore, the program banners and interface are customizable as well to match your brand theme.

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Rewind Backups

Incorrect changes or malicious attacks can greatly impact business profits and reputation. Rewind Backups helps you back up your store and easily restore it in case of any problem.

You can create individual backups of important things or make a complete backup of the store. Recurring backups can be scheduled to run at a specific time, and multiple versions can be saved to restore the right one. If you need to make some big changes, you can also create a backup on demand.

Highlight Features

  • Automated store backups.
  • Backup of individual store elements.
  • Version control to restore the right version.
  • Activity logs to keep track of changes made.
  • Notifications alerts for backup status, including success and failure.
  • Collaboration features allow multiple team members to manage the backups.

All the data is encrypted and saved in the cloud and easily accessible from a centralized dashboard. You can manage the data of multiple stores from the same dashboard.

Try Rewind Backups


Why stop at one purchase? Use ReConvert to strategically offer upsell and cross-sell deals to customers at the checkout and thank you page. You can further increase your revenue by enticing customers who are already buying to buy even more.

For example, you can recommend related products on the checkout page or even offer a discount on buying more than one item. You can also use the thank you page to ask to complete a survey or collect more information, such as birthdays. It can also offer coupons and discounts for completing the purchase to minimize cart abandonment.

Highlight Features

  • Highly customizable upsell and cross-sell offers.
  • Product recommendation based on customer history.
  • Provide exclusive discounts and coupons for completing the purchase.
  • Add a countdown timer to add urgency.
  • Analytics and insights to measure the performance of your thank you pages and upsell offers

Creating the offers is also really simple, with a drag-and-drop interface and highly customizable themes to go along with your brand’s look.

If you want a bit more aggressive app, then Bold Upsell is worth trying. It also shows upsell offers on the product page and inside the cart.

Try ReConvert


With PushOwl, you don’t need the customer’s email address or phone number to run your marketing campaigns. Prompt your visitors to enable push notifications and run the marketing campaign using push notifications.

Highlight Features

  • Use push notifications to promote products.
  • Ask engaging customers for email addresses to further enhance marketing.
  • Target audience based on behavior for higher conversion rate.
  • Supports notification on both mobile and desktop.

Based on the customer’s past visits, you can offer products to buy, remind them about items in the cart, notify them about new product launches, and give back-in-stock alerts. The analytics section also helps learn more about the push notifications’ success and improve strategy.

Try PushOwl


A powerful live chat feature that not only lets you talk to your customers but also uses AI chatbots to recommend products and enhance customer experience. Using Tidio, you can train chatbots to answer the most common questions regarding your products and provide any assistance customer asks.

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Furthermore, these AI chatbots can recommend products based on customer cart or behavior. The customers can also talk to a live agent, and the agent can start the conversation as well. If no live agent is available, customers can leave a message to get a reply later.

Highlight Features

  • Use AI chatbots to answer common questions.
  • Recommend products in chat based on customer behavior.
  • Live chat with customer and solve their problems.
  • Built-in ticketing system to solve problems.
  • Highly customizable chat widget to match your brand style.
  • Greet visitors on arrival.
  • Analytics and insights into chatbot performance, user interactions, and outcomes.

I am mainly recommending it for its extensive AI features since getting a regular live chat feature isn’t too difficult anyway. So make sure you need the AI chatbot features if you want to use Tidio.

Try Tidio

Ending Words 🛍️

Combined, these apps will ensure your customers get an enhanced on-page experience and your sales will increase as well, thanks to targeted recommendations. Best of all, most of these apps have a free version to test before upgrading. Some of the free versions are even good enough for regular use for micro businesses.

You can trust Geekflare

Imagine the satisfaction of finding just what you wanted and needed. We understand that feeling, too, so we go to great lengths to evaluate free and paid trials, subscribe to the premium plan if required, have a cup of coffee, and test the software and tools! While we may receive affiliate commissions from purchasing links on our site, our primary focus remains steadfast: delivering unbiased editorial insights, meticulously crafted product tables, and in-depth reviews. To learn more about our expert unbiased reviews from your perspective, check out how we test.

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