12 Cool Tools to Create Animated Characters for Your Business

12 Cool Tools to Create Animated Characters for Your Business

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Gone are the days of static and plain images. The animated visuals are at their peaks with GIFs, videos, animated characters, drawings, or cartoons, as everyone depends on it to gain viewers.

Several types of animated visuals are available in the market, such as animated infographics, animated graphics, GIFs, videos, etc. Statista showcased the size of the animated market worldwide to 270 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

Earlier, the professional videos contain animating text only for designs. However, animated text generators allow changing colors, sparkles, and moving text with smartphones or computers.

Animation tools are essential for game developers, digital art, and character designers to develop illustrative animated visuals. Several principles of animation are extremely famous that allows the designers to give texture and element to the outcome with:

  • Pose to post and straight ahead are the two ways to handle animation drawing that offers realistic and fluid movements.
  • Squash and stretch add illusions of weight, gravity, flexibility, and mass to the objects and characters.
  • Draw attention to the details to stage a perfect artwork to draw the user’s attention.
  • Build anticipation and add action to make it more realistic with animating movements.

These are just a few basic principles of animation that one needs to be aware of. However, when making animated characters, one needs to pay attention to the details.

One can achieve it quickly with the help of top tools making animated characters’ drawings easier. Here are some of the tools one must be aware of.


Animaker is considered an excellent platform for non-designers, beginners, and professionals to create live-action and animated videos. Its Cartoon Maker is free, easy to use, and reliable for professionals. The cartoon video market has several themes that instantly bring the characters to life.

To come up with the cartoon animation using this tool, one needs to follow up a few simple steps such as:

  • Choose the animated template that fits the requirements.
  • Customize the template instantly while overcoming limitations such as backgrounds, cartoon characters, images, animated text, and properties.
  • Select the music tracks if you wish to add one from the Animaker library or upload it.
  • Share or download the video.

It is an excellent way to streamline cartoons with custom builders and bring the character to life. The tool contains a massive range of facial features, accessories, expressions, 200+ voices, and costumes for uniqueness.


Adobe animate can help build interactive animations for the web, TV shows, and games to bring banners and cartoons to life. It also helps design infographics, eLearning content, avatars, doodles, etc., to share on multiple platforms.

It is a powerful animated and illustration tool to create mobile and web content as augmented reality experiences. The tool has sketched and draw features allowing in bloom and blend with Adobe Fresco.

The designers can work frame-by-frame to talk, blind, and walk to create web banners and reach audiences on TV, mobile, and desktop. It is also easy to export the animation to WebGL, HTML5 Canvas, SVG, and Flash/Abobe AIR. The users can also explore tutorials, artist stories, live stream events, etc.


Vyond is used to make animated videos for work, including eLearning, training, sales, human resources,  and marketing. Instantly create media with a library of resources, prebuilt templates, and a full suite of collaborative tools.

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The tool can help transform the organization through customizable and give the brands a whole new touch. It also offers data security and privacy to deliver secure video to customers.

For a distributed workforce, one can quickly transform the generic into dynamic videos with sounds, a library of templates, props, etc. It is easy to create affordable videos and is flexible driving positive business outcomes with visually beautiful.

The tool can help produce videos like a pro with static, stale text, and communication without any budget. It is easier to build the videos from scratch with ready-made templates, choose props, and create custom characters.


Animatron is considered the best online animation maker to make explainer videos, design HTML5 banners, try whiteboard animation style, make stunning presentations, and create HTM5 animations. The tool comes with 200 pre-animated sets to drag-n-drop, a library of 500K royalty-free audios, videos, photos, and whiteboard animation style.

One can use this tool for selling more video demos or catalogs, explainer videos to educate leads, grab attention with banner ads, and tell the business stories. The tool has several features like backgrounds, pre-animated characters, and props that are free to build animated sets, icons, and themed infographics.

It can use the media to edit, place, and import to build video, audio, photos, and graphics content. One can easily combine, splice, annotate and overlay while adding branding elements and animated text.

The tool also allows customization with basic shapes, reshaping, editing every piece, recoloring, etc., to change the animation.


Reallusion’s CrazyTalk has made it easier to create 3D talking heads. It is a facial animation software that has made adding text and voice to the images more accessible. It contains several features for revolutionary auto motion and converts them into talking animations.

The 3D Head Creation tool can help transform the images into animated talking characters. One can create unique animated photo albums, emails, e-cards, and online greetings.

The face fitting technology allows users to turn their static images and drawings into the 2D and 3D heads for any comic story. It also has multi-layer editing options to create vivid eyes based on human anatomies.

It synthesizes the head from the side and front photos, defining facial contours. CrazyTalk 8 Head Creator also offers creative retouches to inanimate objects to increase creativity.

The tool comes with edition comparisons such as the standard for $49, pro for $149, and pipeline for $199.


TonnyTool is used to share and create comics, cartoons, and animations. The free online cartoon and comic strip maker is easy to use, choose a background, add speech bubbles or characters, and start creating the frame comics.

Users can easily create animation or comics using this tool to share it online or save on the system. One can quickly develop games marketing aspect as well to promote top-notch portals.


Renderforest is an online easy-to-use cartoon maker that helps create stunning videos using professionally-designed templates. This multi-functional cartoon maker allows users to pick suitable matches to craft online cartoons in browsers.

There are several templates: kids promo toolkit, line-style explainer video toolkit, educational video toolkit, explainer world toolkit, character adventures toolkit, explainer video toolkit, healthcare explainer toolkit, and ultimate icon animation pack, and whiteboard animation toolkit.

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Users can easily simplify the video creation with the following steps without prior design skills to elaborate a compelling story.

  • Pick the best cartoon templates or start creating them from scratch,
  • Edit the ready-made story or use animated characters or scenes to start the video creation,
  • Customize the design, add voice-over or music to fit the brand message, add texts, pick a transition, edit style or colors,
  • And create unique animated cartoons.

Share and export the video once it is up to the mark. The tool can help animate promotion strategies, explain the engaging ideas, connect with the audience instantly, boost engagement with attractive, informative, or cartoons, and increase conversions to promote products.


Colorcinch photo editing software Cartoonize is famous for instantly editing, creating, and turning photos into personalized artwork. It allows users to design free, beautiful, and simple cartoons that speak for the brands.

It has a simple, productive, and intuitive interface available offline and online. The smart editing tools offer top-notch results with fewer clicks for empowering AI-powered photo editing and effects.

There are premium vector graphics, an extensive library, icons, etc., to increase the quality of the photos. The features include:

  • Creating and organizing user-friendly layers
  • Adding scenes with overlays, bokeh, flares, and falling rain
  • Cartoon photo maker with one-click image cartoonizer
  • Stylize with frames from handcrafted photo frames
  • Applying artistic, floral, and shape patterns
  • Freehand drawing using multi-style brushes
  • Transforming images using one-click blend modes

The all-in-one text and photo editor comes with transforming, enhancing, and resizing features. It beautifies and customizes the artwork with top features making it easier to add cartoonizer effects, sketches, and adjustable filters.


If you wish to create customized videos, Doratoon is the way to go forward. It offers props, backgrounds, templates, animations, and stock footage. Doratoon includes more than 1000 animated characters with facial expressions, stock props, stock videos and photos, 10,000+ 2D and 3D backgrounds images, etc.

The marketers, educators, entrepreneurs, and HR can leverage the tool to create adorable animated videos, friendly video interaction, compelling content, ads, or promos, and video presentations. It includes incredible templates that beginners can use for any domain such as advertisement, project list, marketing research, internal meeting, employee boarding, finance report, lecture summary, and tips for work efficiency.


To make engaging and captivating cartoon videos, Biteable can be a great choice. The cartoon animation software comes with several templates such as:

  • Leadership skills tips
  • Funky sloth ads
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Travel agent explainer

One can develop a cartoon video in simple steps:

  • Open Biteable on your laptop
  • Choose the cartoon template that can fit the requirement
  • Log in or sign up to the account
  • Add backing music, cartoon clip, text, etc. to make the animated cartoon maker
  • Embed on the website, put it on social media, email, etc.

It is easy to create a cartoon character and build trust with the audience. The tool tackles essential subjects such as touchy topics, controversial or sensitive words, or traditionally dull issues.

It comes with animated templates, fun video clips, favorite colors, music, etc. The users can create attention-grabbing cartoons using Biteable for user engagement. It is essential to keep the videos sweet and short to be relatable to viewers.


FlexClip is a free animated cartoon video creating a tool with professionally-designed templates. It is easy to personalize or start from scratch. There are also features like drag-and-drop, edits, uploading animated photos, adding some music, etc., to build cartoons.

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The free cartoon video templates include sooky Halloween invite, Halloween countdown video, travel intro, cartoon Halloween intro, Halloween snacks sale, cute intro, colorful cartoon intro, flash intro, kids cartoon birthday, YouTube intro for Vlogger, etc.

The cartoon video maker is easy and doesn’t come with customization steps. It comes with fit the style, cartoon video templates, adjust video text, visual library with animation footage, uncountable cartoon pictures, etc.

The users can easily add the music from multiple tracks to make it adorable and lifelike. It is easy to add slow-down footage, bubble text, 3D texts, on-the-go words text, and use stock cartoon visuals to fit the requirements.


Create the animated videos instantly using Powtoon online video editors. The users can easily create animated explainer videos to studio-created videos using this tool. The free animated video maker software is packed with features and 100+ video templates to start from scratches, such as change management, virtual webinar, or all-hands meeting.

To start making the animated videos, one can start with:

  • Visiting the website – Powtoon
  • Sign up or log in to create animated videos
  • Choose the templates
  • Customize the template with illustrations, icons, colors, music, animation, custom character, etc.
  • Download or share the video on social media or website

The designers don’t need the tech or design skills to start using the 100+ ready-made templates, footage, and characters. The tool also offers several resources allowing users to learn more about animation.


Businesses can use these animation tools to invite members, prepare presentations, develop videos, etc. It is an effective medium that can enhance the quality of animated videos. It helps in creating new and exciting dimensions for the videos. The character, game, and digital artists can use static images and add a hint of animation to make it out of the line.

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