10 Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms to Get Your Blockchain Domain Name

10 Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms to Get Your Blockchain Domain Name

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If you are a crypto lover, you must know about Blockchain Naming Service (BNS), which can be used with a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Frigate, Edge, etc., or separately as software. 

However, using BNS through a website browser extension is the preferable option.

Although many invest in cryptocurrencies, very few have the technical knowledge to indulge deep in the use-cases of blockchain technology. 

Since IP addresses are hard to remember, checking your wallet address again and again is time-consuming and may lead to mishaps. 

Due to such issues, most crypto users tilt towards unique, human-readable blockchain addresses. 

Let’s understand a few things about BNS and look at some of the best BNS platforms to get your blockchain domain name.

What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?

A Domain Name System (DNS) is the gateway to the internet, or you can say a phonebook of the internet. 

It is essential everywhere, especially for businesses, to define your website’s address. It enables everyone sitting in front of the computer to access your website directly from any location. 

Example: If you want to visit a website named “XYZ,” you must type www.XYZ.com in any browser instead of the IP address. 

This way, you don’t have to remember confusing numbers with digits and alphabets. Instead, you can type the web address to eliminate confusion and save time and effort.

What is a Blockchain Naming Service (BNS)?

Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) works the same as DNS, but it is different in several ways. 

Blockchain domains are secure and open due to their decentralized and transparent nature. 

This means a user has more functionality as compared to the traditional domains. Here, the blockchain domain is used to store data securely. It is simple to access but tough to tamper with or delete. Using BNS will offer you many opportunities and flexibility.

BNS is based on human-readable and unique addresses which are easy to remember. You just need to install certain extensions and plugins on your web browser to access any website. 

Furthermore, the domain assets only belong to the owner, which can not be censored. By using this, you can make secure payments without using long alphanumeric addresses. It contains three important qualities such as availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

How is BNS Different from DNS?

DNS is a centralized web domain system that leads to domain censoring, relentless hacking, website seizing, and government surveillance. 

Example: www.ABCD.com, where “.com” is a top-level domain and “ABCD”, is a unique and easy-to-remember domain name. 

DNS maps the domain names into the website IP addresses to follow your request to open a given site. 

BNS is used as a decentralized domain name along with a decentralized wallet address and decentralized identity. Thus, there is no censorship option available for anyone to access. It offers security and safety from cyberattacks.

Example: www.ABCD.eth where “.eth” stands for Ethereum

You can use the same address to transfer payments by simply using it as a single software or adding it in the browser extension. Hence, BNS solves the Blockchain’s fundamental problem and allows users to adopt the new wave.

Use Cases of BNS

Let’s go deeper to see the use cases of the blockchain domain systems:

Content Creation

Generally, content creators want to have ownership and control over their digital identity. Thus, instead of depending upon social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to host their content, they could do it using a decentralized web using blockchain technology.

A content creator can easily remove or alter the content with the blockchain domain. They can relax knowing that their content is safe and customers are growing without any company interference. 

They can even charge many companies to see their data. In this way, the content creator can benefit in terms of revenue by allowing microtransactions. 


The decentralized nature of the blockchain domain allows musicians to publish their music solely and communicate directly with the fans. BNS platforms help musicians mint event tickets, merchandise, audio NFTs, and more.

There is no involvement of third parties in downloading, streaming, licensing, merchandising, and more. The struggle for musicians is over as they can access their own secure IP ownership.

Personal Pages

Many companies and individuals are switching from centralized networks to decentralized platforms to host their professional and personal websites. Decentralized websites are completely user-owned, and hence, there are no recurring hosting fees.

They will benefit from not remembering the recurring payment date and month. Due to this, the risk of eliminating or shutting down the websites is almost nil. This is an incredible opportunity for photographers, authors, designers, and other professionals to sell their digital products and services.

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With the help of Chain Link verification, you can be assured that you are communicating with the right person. 


Many online stores understand the transformation and show interest in decentralized domain systems. They are now selling their goods via blockchain domains directly. The technology also simplifies the way you receive payments. 

All this helps provide a unique shopping experience to your customers.

Features of BNS

BNS plays a crucial role for businesses and individuals, such as securing transactions. Some of the major features of Blockchain Naming Service are as follows:

  • Self-custody is an important feature of the blockchain domain. This makes your domain name decentralized, giving you complete control over the domain. Due to self-custody, a third party can not seize your domain, you will get decentralized websites, sole control, and more.
  • Blockchain domains can not be changed, modified, censored, or purged by third parties.
  • The blockchain domain is directly linked to cryptocurrency wallets rather than websites. 
  • You need software to access blockchain domain names, which is easier. You can also add the domain to your browser extensions to resolve major issues.
  • BNS offers security, enhanced functionality, and openness to use the blockchain domain today.
  • It gives users more power or ownership and resists censorship. 
  • It can also be used as a decentralized data storage and recovery platform that does not host any content on the central server.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best BNS platforms to get your blockchain domain name.

Unstoppable Domains

Grab your blockchain domain name with Unstoppable Domains before it is too late. You can have domains like .zil, .crypto, .wallet, .coin, .x, .nft, .dao, .bitcoin, and more.

You can use the domain name as your username across the websites and applications, your website URL, payment addresses for the wallets, etc. Browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave support the domains, so you will not face any problem using blockchain domains.

Many applications also support Unstoppable Domains, such as Chainlink, Bitcoin.com Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, The Graph, BRD, and so on. With all the benefits of using these blockchain domains, you will never have to worry about sending payment to the wrong address. 

Sending cryptocurrency to the recipient’s domain is more straightforward than before. You can send Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more with a single domain. Instead of looking for a rented domain, you can own one with Unstoppable Domains. 

Pay once and use lifelong. It behaves just like cryptocurrency, which means you store the domain in your wallet so that no one can access it other than you. You can also use the services with Android and iOS applications. 

Choose your domain now at $5.


ENS offers decentralized naming for your websites, wallets, and more. Search your preferable domain with the Ethereum Name Service search bar, register the same by defining years, and start using it in every transfer. 

Manage your domain easily from the dashboard. There is no point in using sandboxed usernames anymore when you have the benefit of using your own username. ENS helps you grab your own username, store a preferable avatar, store profile data, and use the same across various services.

Furthermore, use your ENS domain to store all your addresses and receive tokens, cryptocurrency NFT, and more. You can also launch a decentralized website with ENS, upload it to IPFS, and directly access it with the ENS name you register. 

In addition, you can use your ENS names with the DNS names you know. ENS supports various DNS names, such as .com, .org, .io, .xyz, .art, .app, and more. With ENS, you get the suffix of .ETH along with complete security benefits.

Inside the ENS ecosystem, you will find many wallets like Rainbow, MyCrypto, Coinbase, Bitcoin.com Wallet, and more. Moreover, you will also get many applications, including Uniswap, Showtime, Etherscan, OpenSea, Aave, and a lot more.

You can access your website address in browsers like Status, Cloudflare, MetaMask Extension, Opera, Brae, etc. 


Register your blockchain domain with PeerName as the future is with decentralized domain names. It offers a web-based interface that you can use easily to register your domain name. 

PeerName stores all the domains in cold storage, which means outside the computers and internet. It helps protect your domains from stealing and attacks. Hence, you can rely on PeerName as your domains are in safe hands. 

With PeerName, you will get absolute ownership of your domains, better security communications, hidden owner name service, and more. It relies on offline signed transactions for the renewal and registration of domains. 

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Request the transfer any time you want for free. Using of PeerName is also free for the first year. It provides certain blockchain domains, such as .bit, .coin, .bazar, .emc, .lib, and .onion. Register your domain as a renewal service at $13.99/year for .bit. Launch your domain for a lifetime at $399.


Diode offers a blockchain naming service where you can search your accounts, blocks, etc. It authenticates your account with the help of MetaMask.

MetaMask is a gateway and a crypto wallet to blockchain applications. In addition, it is equipped with secure login, key vault, token exchange, and token wallet. You will get everything you want to manage digital assets. 

You need to enable MetaMask in the Diode Network Explorer to manage the settings and secure your login. For this, you must make sure the MetaMask is already installed as a plugin in your browser. 

If you do not have MetaMask installed in your browser, you can still explore or view many pieces of information about the network, but you can not manage it. That way, you can directly install MetaMask from its website.

Once it is installed, you can see a fox head at the right corner of the browser. Explore the registered blockchain names or search from the search bar on the top. 


Unleash the full potential of Bitcoin with Stacks and explore the possibilities of embracing this technology. 

Blockchain Naming System is a network system that does not rely on central control points in binding Stacks usernames with the off-chain state. The Stacks blockchain gives assurance that every node’s BNS view is synced to all the nodes across the world. 

Thus, you will find the same queries in every node. In addition, you will get unique, meaningful, and strongly owned domains only by you. You will also learn many aspects, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which have unique traits. 

DeFi is an untapped and large market, and Stacks is positioned in a manner to enable Bitcoin DeFi that gives access to contracts visibility in the Bitcoin state and Stacks’ inherent ability. 

Anyone can create a unique namespace and set its unique properties. It is served on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once you own a special blockchain domain, it will last forever, unlike DNS. Moreover, you will find key properties of BNS that make it a powerful tool in network applications:

  • It is unique to avoid name collisions.
  • Every name you select must be unique and meaningful.
  • You will get access only to make changes.


Don’t be afraid that your website will get suspended by the authorities. Emercoin brings EmerDNS for you. It is the way out as it is entirely decentralized. 

EmerDNS is safe from whatever censorship is in front of you. It does not allow any other user to modify your record; only you will have access to manipulate the content whenever you need it. In addition, websites are easily resolved with the help of various browser extensions via OpenNIC servers or proxies. 

EmerDNS supports the complete range of DNS records and operates under ‘dns’ service abbreviation in Emercoin NVS. Thus, records of the domain names are uncensorable and decentralized, thanks to its distributed and secure Blockchain.

Moreover, you will be the sole person to control the private key linked with the payment address. You can use the name_update and name_new commands through Emercoin API. It also provides the best solution for you to prevent all the domain names from being suspended or revoked. 

Start using Emercoin by downloading the wallet. It is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. You can also use it on your smartphones.


RIF architecture enables a unique identification of the addresses through human-readable names. It has a very simple mission and wants to provide an easy way for users to reach their destination, whether they are non-technical or unbanked. 

RIF Name Service ensures easy use of blockchain technology, allowing all to adopt the modern way. It is used in RIF communications, RIF storage, RIF payments, and other services to provide an awesome experience to the end-users.

The key to its success lies in the interoperability of the ecosystem. RIF provides a cross-platform naming service for every major Blockchain, including Litecoin, Bitcoin, and more. It enhances Bitcoin’s security and decentralized nature. 

Once you get the domain, you can delegate subdomains at no extra cost. It supports many wallets that have integrated RNS, such as RIF on CHAIN, Mew, MyCrypto, D’Cent, Bleumi Pay, Money on Chain, and more.


Get unique domains on Solana and simplify your fund’s transfer. Register your domain now and start developing your projects. 

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To avoid malfunction, create a user-friendly and easy-to-remember domain name instead of a long wallet address. The way is very simple here; just place your bid by exploring the domain names.

In addition, you can put the same domain in the auction to monetize your collection. It supports various wallets, such as Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Torus, Coin98, Slope, Clover, MathWallet, Blockto, and more.

Select your preferable wallet and bid for the available domain name before the auction ends. You will find a variety of domains created in the leaderboard and their money. 

All you need to do is search your domain name or check the auction list to place a bid.


Convert your art into money with .ART and enhance web traffic. You can choose from multiple available domains or type your preferable name to check its availability. 

URL is always the first impression that matters in building your brand. All the domain names are being categorized according to the exploration and pricing. 

Choose your favorite one and pay with ease and simplicity. It will provide you with just one address that will cover everything for you to build your brand. The domain name with .ART is impossible to forget and helps you generate organic traffic.

.ART builds an excellent pricing model to satisfy you with the price while you buy your preferred domain name. If you are not happy with the service, you have five days to decide and apply for a full refund.

Proton Chain

Proton Chain is the payment Blockchain that works well for businesses. The concept of the Proton chain is very clear and straightforward. Proton Naming Service plays an essential role in the crypto world. 

Every individual and business account will get a unique name that is human-readable and easy to remember. 

For example, if you want to send $20 to any person, you can use the address of that person to send that money. It is that simple with Proton Chain. 

Proton Chain stores many identity attestations for businesses and individuals. With your permission, the Proton chain queries the identity providers. It also supports a wide range of multiple wrapped stablecoins, such as PAX, TUSD, and USDC. 

Proton Chain can handle around 40 million transactions every day, which is far more traffic than other blockchain applications. Every transaction you make is absolutely free of cost. 

Proton applies the concept of decentralized verification and decentralized identity along with decentralized domains. You will have domains like .BTC, .XPR, .BNB, .ETH, and more. It also supports top-level domains, including .COM, .EDU, .GOV, and more.

Applications can interact with the Blockchain through in-wallet payment requests. It is so helpful that it eliminates the use of Chrome plugins by its revolutionary technology. You can say it is programmable money that works for you. 


Blockchain domains have many advantages over regular ones. BNS has the potential to change the view of the digital world. It is the beginning of decentralized websites and identification, and this technology can help many individuals and businesses.

Thus, go for any of the above Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) platforms mentioned above and get your own blockchain domain name with ease, without involving third parties or censorship.

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