11 Best TikTok Video Editor for Showstopping Visuals

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Launched in 2017, TikTok soon became a household name, and the craze for creating TikTokable content spread like a wildfire!

This video hosting service of the entertainment category allows you to create short video content focused on the song, dance, and lip-syncing activities.


TikTok is flocked by creators who are always looking forward to bringing something new to the table.

While TikTok is equipped with a decent video editor, which is self-sufficient in itself if you want to create basic content. But if you intend to create eye-popping videos for your fanbase, you need something more than that. 

Fortunately, several TikTok video editing apps are perfect for refining your TikTok content. 

Want to bring glamour to your TikTok videos? Check out our best picks for the TikTok video editing apps lined below. 

Opt Promo to create and edit gorgeous TikTok videos with millions of footage to choose from in the most effortless way possible. This online video editing tool delivers engaging and entertaining video content by powering your individual or TikTok videos with over 110M media content. 

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Here is everything that Promo has to offer: 

  • Upload, resize, and edit the content using a simple video editor and TikTok resizer to create personalized content. 
  • Use the pre-designed video editing templates to hasten the video editing and customize them to meet your requirements. 
  • Include animated presets, a variety of fonts, and color palettes to enhance your TikTok videos and deliver the intended message.
  • Choose suitable tracks for your videos from the rich music library of over 1.5K tracks filterable by Genre, Theme, Instrument, and more.
  • Download the videos without the TikTok watermark or share them directly to different social media platforms. 


Loaded with tons of features, Veed is a great platform for creating jaw-dropping Tiktok videos customized using overlays, color settings, customizable texts, logos, and so on.


Accessible using web browsers, the platform offers an array of sample video templates that come in handy for amateurs to edit videos.

The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface supports several media file formats and provides an option to easily convert videos into GIF format.

Thanks to the color correction technique, Veed automatically weeds out chromatic aberrations and distortions providing flawless TikTok video results at the end.

The platform allows you to choose between manual subtitle uploads or automatic subtitle generations to result in informative and entertaining videos. 

Veed allows you to perform the following:

  • Resize the TikTok videos to fit the preset VEED canvas sizes. 
  • Generate automatic TikTok subtitles within the overlay text on your screen 
  • Choose from TikTok’s sound library or upload your tracks to add background sounds. 
  • Add video and sound effects to your videos and choose from a range of TikTok filters, glitch effects, and so much more. 

Adobe Express 

Adobe Express is another platform to try for editing exciting content for TikTok to catch the audience’s eye in the feed.

Available on desktops and mobile, Adobe Express streamlines the TikTok video editing process wherever you are. The free and easily customizable templates are very useful for creating personalized TikTok content regardless of your passion or skill level.


Editing TikTok videos with Adobe is a breeze. You are free to upload your videos, choose from the different available layouts, and add texts, photos, effects, and filters to edit the videos to your liking.

Adobe Express allows you to access hundreds of thousands of royalty-free Adobe Stock collection photos, Adobe Fonts, icons, and backgrounds and include them in your TikTok videos.

Apart from this, you can use the tool to remove the image background, resize, trim and animate video, convert it into GIFs, and apply text effects, textures, overlays, and more. 


Choose Flixier to dramatically accelerate your video editing skills and make cloud-sharing videos on TikTok easy. The platform offers plenty of cloud storage, allowing you to store and share TikTok videos and projects to facilitate easy collaboration.


Flixier is suitable for users with finesse, so novice users first have to equip themselves with considerable video editing knowledge.  

Flixier eliminates the requirement of installing any apps or programs, giving you the freedom to directly edit the TikTok videos to create engaging ones right from your web browser. 

While the free version of Flixier is lined with decent features, the Pro version offers several advanced functionalities, including the capability to render videos within a minute, surpassing the slow processing speed.

The Flixier library is loaded with tons of transitions, motion graphics, and animated text, along with more than 2 million music tracks, video, and image stock files, which can transform your videos into something magical for TikTok. 


Go for the WeVideo video editor if you wish to edit your raw video clips into professional-looking TikTok videos. This popular video editing app has an intuitive interface that offers a full-screen preview and timeline during the video editing process, which further simplifies the video editing process. 


WeVideo supports videos with 4K resolution and offers a green screen effect to ensure your videos are more appealing than before. The platform features a rich library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and stock video clips to level up your TikTok visuals.

WeVideo is a great option to seamlessly edit your TikTok videos across Macs, PCs, and iOS and Android mobile devices. The features offered by the platform are as follows: 

  • Use Premium video effects like video shine, picture-in-picture, green screen, and animation and create non-scrolling TikTok videos.
  • Resize your Videos to fit the 9:16 aspect ratio on TikTok devices. 
  • Apply sound transitions like fade audio in/out, mix sound effects, or add background music to make the audio track sound better. 
  • Use the in-built webcam recording tools to record the voiceover for your TikTok videos.
  • Polish the raw video content by adding motion titles and music present in the extensive library of stock assets.


Animoto is a simple video editor for TikTok that is popular amongst users owing to its intuitive video editing interface.


Despite offering ease of use, the tool is packed with rich video editing features which are perfect for everyone- experienced or inexperienced to turn their raw photos and video clips into entertaining videos in a matter of minutes.

Animoto allows you to create unlimited TikTok videos for free if you are not bothered by watermark and offers an in-depth tutorial for the video editing process. Moreover, you can opt for a step-by-step guide if you are new to video editing.

The Animoto library is stocked with catchy music tunes and more than 60 pre-designed templates, which can be tailored by adding your original content. These templates can be edited by adding your favorite fonts, colors, sections, and so on. 

Animoto allows you to export the resulting TikTok videos in two HD resolutions- 720p and 1080p and two SD resolutions: 360p and 480p to cater to all your needs.


Trusted by thousands of marketers, business owners, and news agencies, Typito is another cloud-based TikTok Video Editor, which is a great choice for making short and funny TikTok videos.

You can add photos, videos, and music to spice up your TikTok content. The platform offers trim crop resize techniques to make the videos fit perfectly on TikTok.


Typito is perfect for creating video compilations for TikTok and growing your fanbase.

The key highlights of Typito are as follows:

  • The video editor is available for free to create TikTok videos and engage your audience.
  • The easy drag and drop editor is useful to quickly resize, trim and crop videos for TikTok, add music, stylish text captions, and more.
  • Supports more than 20 Video Formats and aspect ratios such as 1:1 square letterbox, 9:16 vertical & others. 
  • Customize the TikTok videos by modifying the colors, fonts, and style with that of your brand.
  • Get the live video preview of the final TikTok videos to avoid surprises at the end.


Hone your video editing skills using Descript, a fun-filled and easy TikTok Video Editor you will love to work with. The editing and scripting tools of Descript make it easy to search transcripts for key moments, edit them into a clip, add text and captions and upload the resulting video on TikTok. 


Descript allows you to overlay the audio, video, and image effects into the TikTok videos and even drag and drop the emojis that are not part of the sticker roster. 

Apart from this, there are plenty of audio and video transitions that are perfect for your project if you intend to make scroll-stopping TikTok videos. You also have the option to add titles and captions if you want to make your content easily accessible.


Canva is the best option if you want to start the TikTok video creation process from scratch and edit the videos to add the TikTok-able factor to your videos.

While Canva may seem odd on the list, the tool provides you with practical video editing features that make video editing a breeze.


Just like templates of other video types, Canva features lots of TikTok video templates that can impress the most tasteful eye. 

The added advantage of Canva is that the tool also facilitates the designing of images for TikTok, TikTok outro, and even catchy thumbnails. Creating a great TikTok video using Canva is straightforward, and you also get an option to upload the resulting video directly on TikTok. 


Let’s not forget Clideo, a simple video maker for TikTok that offers the easiest method to create TikToks by uploading photos, videos, and music of your choice.


Popular amongst the newbies wanting to make a mark on TikTok, the video creation and editing method is quite fast and results in flawless dynamic visuals.

Several video editing tools are present on the platform; some of the handiest ones are video resizer, cutter, looper, and subtitle generation.

This TikTok Online Video Maker empowers you to create engaging TikTok content by combining several visuals, videos, and GIFs with the audio tracks of your choice without the need for possessing video editing skills. 

This online platform is free to use, and this user-friendly platform is perfect for beginners. You can drag and drop the initial files, adjust the aspect ratio to fit TikTok, crop the parts of the video, and add transitions to result in amazing TikTok content your audience will love to watch. 


Biteable boasts of delivering the most trend-worthy TikTok videos you dream of entertaining your TikTok followers with! It is versatile and is a great pick for creating jaw-dropping TikTok videos and promos from scratch without spending a penny.


While you can always begin afresh, you will have a huge library of templates at your disposal to choose from; if you run out of ideas.

Besides, you will find a vast library piled with stock images and animations that you can use to customize your TikTok videos and make them more attractive.

Biteable is a great choice for both; novice and seasoned users as the interface is quick to master, and you do not have to fumble with anything complex. 

Loaded with everything you may require to produce an engaging Tiktok video, you will save a ton of effort when trying hands with this software.

A free plan for Biteable is available, which watermarks the resulting video and limits the functionality of the platform. To unlock all the features, such as premium stock videos, video privacy, and other advanced features, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan. 

Last Words

TikTok is a popular entertainment app that initially focused on short videos. With time, the focus has now shifted from the 15-second long videos to those three seconds long. TikTok is crowded with creators, and leaving a mark in the minds of audiences is harder than ever. 

Thus, it is extremely essential to employ powerful video editors for TikTok to get intriguing videos for your account, and the list curated above mentions all the capable ones. 

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