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10 IP Address Management Software for Small to Medium Business

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In today’s internet-driven world, it’s hard to find devices that don’t support network connectivity. 

In fact, with rapid digitalization and cheaper internet, it has become overwhelming for organizations to track, manage and preserve huge databases.

Although large enterprises are self-sufficient in managing large databases, small businesses still suffer from a lack of affordable and reliable IP address management systems.

In this article, you will discover the top 10 IPAM software for small to medium businesses. But before we get you to the tools, let’s first understand IPAM and why it is important for businesses?

What is IPAM?

IP Address Management (IPAM) is an integrated suite of tools to plan, track and manage complex IP address infrastructure.

what is ipam

Internet Protocol (IP) is how devices on a network communicate with each other. Thus, each device connected to a network has a unique permanent or temporary IP address assigned to it.

As of today, two versions of IP are in use – IPv4, and IPv6. However, the original IPv4 protocol is still used on the internet and many enterprise networks. The IPv6 is the latest version which is steadily gaining popularity.

Pivoting back to IPAM – IP address management solutions simplify and automate the administration process and the task involved in the management of internet protocol space.

When the internet connects billions of devices, it’s impossible for individuals and enterprises to manage billions of critical IP address databases manually.

IPAM software and tools automate the lengthy tasks involved in IP space management. The tools automatically detect IP addresses and DNS servers on your network and allow you to manage everything from a central feature-rich interface while assisting you in all possible ways.

From small enterprises to humongous firms, everyone makes use of IP address management tools. We have researched and listed below some key benefits companies acknowledge after using IPAM technology.

Benefits of IPAM Tools

Easier Administration

IPAM eases your administration process. As in,

  • Delegates IP address space management tasks
  • Improves visibility and tracking over IP resources
  • Automates DNS-DHCP configuration
  • Real-time updates on user activities
  • Built-in comprehensive analytical reports

But this doesn’t mean you don’t need an administrator. You still need to hire someone with vast IT knowledge to efficiently handle and control the functioning of IPAM software.

Promises Reliability

You will want someone reliable to manage tens of thousands of IPs every second. Isn’t it?

IPAM is error-free while assigning, changing, or deleting IPs. After all, that’s why enterprises trust it.

Additionally, IPAM also reduces network service downtime and offers faster troubleshooting to provide a user-friendly internet environment.

Reduced Complexity

With the IPAM tool’s centralized repository, you get a consolidated view of your networks.

It brings a powerful dashboard into place, allowing the administrator to manage both private and public IPs in one place.

Advanced Integrations

IPAM tools are designed to enhance your overall operational efficiency.

Hence, it integrates with the IoT ecosystem through APIs, repositories, and Cloud servers to provide a seamless admin and user experience.

Integration with VLAN and VRF management is the cherry on the cake for users.

Why Do You Need an IPAM tool?

Do you know there are about 4 Billion IP addresses globally?

Out of which, 1,541,605,760 are allocated to the United States, the highest in the world. The USA accounts for 35.9% of the total number of IP addresses.

While China has the second-highest number of IP addresses at 330,321,408, about 7.7% of the total number of IP addresses, followed by Japan with 202,183,168 and the United Kingdom with 123,500,144.

With these 10-figure numbers, it seems overwhelming to manually track and manage every single IP address.

Not just manage, but assign, change, and delete them when devices leave a network and also prevent IP conflicts.

And for all the reasons mentioned above – IPAM is the ice-breaker to prevent IP chaos.

Let’s look at some key features every IPAM software or tool should possess.

Features to look for when choosing an IPAM

Discovery and Exploration Capability

You don’t want your data collection to be limited. Hence, a good IPAM software should be able to capture information via various methods such as data import, information from DHCP servers, and create links between devices automatically.

discovery and exploration capability

Here are a few things to question when comparing the discovery capabilities of your IPAM solution.

  • Does the IPAM tool collect data like device name, OS name, switch portal, VLAN, owner name, etc.?
  • Can the IPAM solution generate reports like all Windows devices running on VLAN 3 connected to switch 5?
  • Does the IPAM support a broad set of networking vendors’ switches and routers?
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Crystal-Clear Reporting

Engaging with thousands of data points daily can pile up into a bulky and complex report.

crystal clear reporting

A good IPAM software should showcase insights like network usage, state of IP addresses, IP address distribution, location, and connectivity via charts and graphs.

Incorporating visual elements into the high-end report makes them easy to understand and speeds up tasks and decision-making.

Role-Based Management

You will have employees with varied skill sets and expertise if you are running an organization.

Therefore, your IP address management software must be able to assign roles accordingly.

role based management

For example:

  • A helpdesk technician may have the authority to assign static IP addresses in a few specific subnets
  • A network admin in a branch office may have entire control over the subnets in the branch office
  • A troubleshooting engineer may only have read-only access to the IPAM connectivity data

This will allow quality delegation rather than pounding all the work on a few expert-level administrators.

DNS/DHCP Integrated

Since we are talking about IPs and network space, DNS (Domain Name System) and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) are two vital aspects of the same.

A good IPAM solution works closely with DNS and DHCP systems to ensure that the DNS records are maintained and updated frequently as new devices join the network.

What if your IPAM software is not friendly with DNS and DHCP systems?

Well, in that case, your IPAM system will not track any IP conflicts happening in your network.

For example, a device from Florida connects to your network. It assigns a static IP address to the device, which is a part of a DHCP range and could potentially be transferred to another device by the DHCP servers, thus causing an IP conflict and connectivity issue.

Advanced Customizations and Integration Features

An IP address management system is not a standalone tool. Eventually, IPAM tasks are part of a larger IT system.

Hence, a good IPAM software will come with multiple customizations and integrations to ease the overall workflow.

Now that we know what features make an excellent IPAM software. Let’s get through the best IP address management software for small businesses.


OpUtils by ManageEngine is a powerful network management toolkit that helps administrators easily manage switch ports and IP addresses.

oputils ip address manager

It’s a comprehensive enterprise IP management software that enables administrators to identify the real-time status of every IP address in their enterprise network.


  • Network Monitoring: Constant monitoring of multiple devices/servers/websites to get real-time availability status of each network center
  • Notification Alerts: Get notified with threshold-based alerts for IP address conflicts and other critical errors, as well as alerts for new devices
  • Active Directory Integration: Seamless integration with Windows active directory to retrieve details of the computer object and synchronize your database
  • Rogue Detection: Periodically scan all available networks or subnets and mark systems/devices as trusted, guest, or rogue; supports blocking of switch ports to prevent unauthorized access

OpUtils’s IP management software offers role-based management to exercise complete control over administrative power. Its advanced IP scanner allows administrators to create a hierarchical network representation and easily locate subnets within seconds.

We can add more to it, but ManageEngine comes with a free trial. So, you can enjoy the enriching experience all by yourself.


Device42 is a robust IPAMS software designed by IT experts to discover, document, and manage databases of small and medium enterprises. 


Its intuitive interface, powerful visualization, and easy-to-use UI help administrators gain actionable insights from raw IP address data.


  • Auto-Assign IPs: Enable staff members to auto-assign available IPs to devices without worrying about outdated IPAM.xlsx
  • Advanced Visualization: Create graphic representations and diagrams of end-to-end connections and databases to understand them easily
  • DNS Integration: Transfer records automatically from DNS servers for easy search and up-to-date documentation and correlation to IP addresses
  • Command Line Management: Identify, search, and assign IPs with a simple API call in a scripting language

Device42 offers automatic IP tracking while providing support for both IPv4 and IPv6. The robust software is trusted by 2000 global clients, including big companies like Mercedes, Walmart, Cisco, etc.

Guess what? Like OpUtils, Device42 also offers a free trial of its software.


SolarWinds IPAM software is designed to help administrators save time and prevent costly errors.

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Its drag-and-drop interface helps administrators create groups, supernets, subnets, and individual IP addresses.


  • Autopilot: Automate the discovery, management, and tracking process of IP addresses to prevent critical human errors and save time
  • Recover Abandoned IPs: Easily reclaim abandoned static and reserved DHCP addresses and simultaneously monitor DHCP pools.
  • Network Scanner: Gain actionable insights from your network with SolarWinds; a powerful network scanning tool
  • Hybrid DNS Management: Centralized console to easily monitor and manage DNS records and generate automated customer DNS reports

SolarWinds IPAM tool intuitive design is best suited for small and medium-sized enterprises, nonprofit and government organizations, and freelancers. It’s trusted by 498 fortune 500 companies. Good enough to give it a try? Try it out with a 30-days no-risk trial period.

WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold by Progress is a customer-friendly, all-in-one network management tool that helps small businesses manage IPs.

whatsup gold

Its interactive mapping and unique architecture give administrators complete visibility of everything connected to your network.


  • Conflict Prevention: Automatically detect and remove duplicate IP addresses to improve the visibility of your network
  • Advanced Reporting: Generate out-of-the-box reporting for better insights into your IP space and easily share them with subordinates to protect and optimize your database
  • Notification Alerts: Automatically get alerts on IP conflicts such as IP address status change and out-threshold-subnet utilization to prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Scheduled Scanning: Automatically scan the entire IP database on a convenient schedule to save time and eliminate the risk of human error

WhatsUp Gold is a standalone IPAM software. It has every set of tools to discover, manage and prevent your IP space without you stepping out of the product.


Founded in 2012, LightMesh is an affordable IP management software specially designed for small to medium-size businesses.


With the LightMesh IPAM tool, you can easily run a dynamic and agile work environment. It’s evidently a time machine for your data that goes far beyond audit trails and helps overall IP management.


  • Graphical Visualization: Enhanced graphical subnet visualization to allow users to view your IP plan from a 30,000 ft view and drill down within IPs and devices with just a click
  • Role-Based Management: LightMesh’s tool provides refined role-based access to its software for various roles and access requirements
  • DNS & DHCP Integration: Seamlessly integrate your existing DNS and DHCP servers to view your IP, DNS, and DHCP data in one place
  • Audit History: Easily audit, review, replay and rollback your historical data with LightMesh’s powerful Time Machine

LightMesh simplifies the process of documentation and managing your IP databases.


Micetro by Men and Mice is a sustainable cloud-based IPAM software that helps enterprises control their Ip network space more efficiently and securely.


It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for administrators to navigate across the software without outsourcing help.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Global overview of all IP addresses for crystal-clear visibility, enabling you to get comprehensive insights about system health and prevent downtime
  • Autopilot Mode: Complete automation of IP management process from assigning to monitoring individual IPs for efficiently managing your IP space
  • Role-Based Access: Granular access controls with a two-way active directory to protect your IP space from malicious activities or human errors
  • Rogue Prevention: Easily track down suspected IP addresses, resolve and prevent overlaps and IP conflicts

Micetro is trusted by some of the biggest companies globally, like Intel, Microsoft, Toyota, and many more. The best part is that this powerful software offers a free trial for those who desire to test its capabilities.

TCP Wave

TCPWave is a modern DDI company that offers cost-effective and scalable IPAM solutions. It simplifies the IPAM automation process for your business by providing over 1700+ REST API Calls.

tcp wave

With TCPWave IP management software, you get access to premium tools such as analytics,  fault management, audit reports, machine learning intelligence to detect malicious traffic, DNS Firewall, and much more.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at its features.


  • Advanced Reporting: In-built DDI reporting framework that automatically fetches data from data repository enabling users to export reports in multiple formats and schedule them for periodic execution
  • Magical Data Wizards: DDI import and export wizards tuned with performance optimization to smoothen the data migration process and save hours of human-work
  • Rich Command-Line-Interface: TCPWave’s powerful CLI allows you to manage the DNS and DHCP infrastructure from simple command lines (over 1700+ integrated CL)
  • Quick Task Wizard: An ideal tool providing a simple visual interface of priority tasks enabling administrators to quickly get started with the TCPWave DDI ecosystem
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TCPWave is the world leader in providing IP management solutions.


Infoblox is another popular IP management tool among small businesses. It’s the world’s leading on-premises platform for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.


Infoblox cloud-first networking and cybersecurity services enable enterprises to simplify their complex and dynamic network space.


  • Extensive discovery to find all devices connected to a network and identify device specifications such as device type, OS type, server type, etc.
  • Flexible metadata attributes to tag key IP resources to organize and share bulk data more effectively and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Centralized dashboard for unified monitoring and management of DNS, DHCP, and IP addresses. This also helps in quick troubleshooting IP conflicts and reduces downtime.
  • Customizable templates to quickly configure new resources and create workflows to automate a wide range of IT processes.

Infoblox is integrated with the company’s highly-rated Grid technology, which is why its IPAM software is best-suited for enterprise-level businesses—interested in the software? Apply for a free demo today!


GestióIP is a free web-based IPAM solution supporting IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses. It has a user-friendly interface and comes along with powerful network discovery and tracking functionalities.


GestióIP’s IPAM solution features advanced search that helps administrators find critical network space information easily and quickly.


  • Data Visualization: Easy-to-use interface and clear graphic representation of data allow administrators to gain actionable insights
  • Autopilot: Easily automate the entire IP address management process ranging from network discovery to scheduled database backups
  • Advanced Integrations: In-built infrastructural integrations such as VLAN management system and integrated tools like subnet calculator to ease administrator’s workload
  • Powerful APIs: GestióIP’s powerful APIs define specific functions that allow other applications to interact with it and facilitate processes like automated deployment of virtual machines

GestióIP is also available as a cloud-based software service. It’s an alternative to the On-Premise installation of the software and offers an easy way to install an IP Address Management system.


PHPIPAM is an open-source PHP-based IP management tool that provides a lightweight and simple IP management application for small businesses.

php ipam

The PHP application supports IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses and runs on the MySQL database backend, using jQuery libraries, Ajax, and HTML5/CSS3 features.


  • Automatic free space display for subnets in your IP network space
  • Easy export and import of XLS/CSV files
  • Automatic network scanning and IP status checks
  • E-mail alerts for new devices added or IP conflicts
  • Easy-to-understand visual subnet display
  • Integrated VLAN and VRF management
  • Supports Custom IP/subnet/user VLAN address fields

phpIPAM has various versions in the market. The latest is phpIPAM version 1.5, released in 2022.

Wrapping Up

IPAM tools are critically important for businesses of all sizes. However, we have covered some of the top IPAM software best-suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. It’s you who has to make a choice. 

We recommend choosing the one that fits your business requirements and is affordable at the same time. 

You may look at some of the IP Scanner tools.

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