9 Best Risk Assessment Templates for Proactive Decision-Making

9 Best Risk Assessment Templates for Proactive Decision-Making

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Risk assessment templates enable proactive decision-making, promote compliance, and safeguard finances and reputation. Risk assessment is crucial for the sustainable growth of any organization, irrespective of size, sector, and complexity.

What is Risk Assessment and its importance?

A Risk assessme­nt involves identifying, evaluating, and controlling risks re­lated to a specific activity, project, or situation. This is a crucial proce­ss and helps organizations of all sizes and sectors analyze­ risk and its impact. By doing so, they can effective­ly plan for measures to mitigate financial losse­s, accidents, and injuries.

A notebook with the word risk assessment on it.

A diverse­ team of experts, including safe­ty professionals, enginee­rs, risk managers, and other stakeholders, collaborates to e­nsure the appropriate risk assessment and risk mitigation plan is in place to ensure the safety, security, and overall we­ll-being of an organization.

A Risk assessme­nt aids organizations in fulfilling legal requireme­nts, avoiding penalties, and reducing the­ risk of project termination or triggering se­rvice level agre­ements (SLAs). It even highlights how to handle risks, whether to avoid, mitigate, or accept them, depending on their severity and likelihood.

The Risks can arise from various sources, including internal factors within the organization, economic conditions, competition from other companies, and government regulations.

Let’s see some of the importance of Risk Assessment:

Deloitte research shows that over 60% of projects often face problems like going over budget, delays, and failure to meet requirements. Using effective risk assessment techniques helps identify and prioritize threats to your project, increasing the chances of success.

  • A Risk assessment supports proactive decision-making by informing individuals and organizations of potential risks.
  • Allows stakeholders to allocate resources efficiently and make informed choices and avoid financial losses.
  • A Risk assessment process also helps businesses to stay compliant and follow ethical guidelines to execute projects
  • Organizations in the IT sector predominately follow Risk assessment for almost all projects to mitigate the financial impact and escalations
  • A Risk assessment plays a very crucial role in Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to support emergency planning and disaster recovery.

The process of risk assessment can be executed quickly and efficiently with the help of pre-designed risk assessment templates. In the section below, we will review the top risk assessment templates and discuss their benefits for organizations.

Benefits of using pre-designed risk assessment templates  

A businessman holding a wooden block with the word risk on it.

A risk assessment template is an invaluable asset for accurately and efficiently assessing risks and developing a successful course of action.

Depending on the business, this process involves evaluating various elements such as potential areas affected by risks, their probability of occurrence, and the impacts they may have on operations in different magnitudes, still allowing efficient strategies to mitigate any associated risks.

The assessment template also gauges both likelihood and severity so that all threats can be properly addressed accordingly.

Here are a few key advantages of utilizing pre-made risk assessment templates;

  • Pre-designed risk assessment templates help organizations save time, make proactive decision making and minimize potential issues right from the start of the project
  • By identifying and evaluating risks using criteria, these templates enhance the accuracy and consistency of the risk assessment process.
  • Using an assessment template streamlines the procedure, saving time while ensuring an approach.
  • Engaging stakeholders through templates for assessing risks allows for collaboration with all parties leading to alignment and a comprehensive evaluation from perspectives.
  • With pre-designed risk assessment templates, organizations can save time and minimize potential issues right from the start of the project
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Risk assessment templates are a great way to mitigate errors by offering step-by-step instructions and preventing mistakes. This flexibility lets businesses customize them according to their industry, company, or project type – all while adhering to safety guidelines and tailoring the template for specific requirements.

Let’s see some of the top Risk assessment templates in the below section:


Logicmanager is an award-winning Risk management software provider for enterprises. It provides a complimentary Excel risk assessment template that helps to standardize and improve risk assessment processes.  

A spreadsheet with the word log manager on it.

It uses a uniform numerical scale and objective evaluation criteria to measure and compare risks. It incorporates calibrated assessment criteria, a universal business elements breakdown, and a standard resource library for comprehensive risk assessments.

It generates data-based risk heatmaps and provides step-by-step instructions for its usage. The template emphasizes prioritization and connecting measures to risks and commitments. It highlights the benefits of ERM software in formalizing connections, resource allocation, performance management, and risk mitigation.

Features include standardized assessment, objective evaluation, calibrated criteria, universal business elements, resource linking, common library, consolidated data collection, holistic reports, tasks, and workflows

The templates aim to provide a structured and objective approach to risk assessment, aiding informed business decisions and effective risk management.

1st Reporting

An example of a risk assessment form.

1st Reporting offers organizations an innovative and efficient reporting solution that includes a Risk Assessment Form to evaluate risks in different scenarios. It covers risk categories, such as financial, public relations, equipment, property, and building safety.

Besides this form’s information on risk types with severity levels and recommended actions based on probability, it provides suggestions for implementing practices like training programs raising awareness about risks while identifying all proactively and measures are taken to minimize exposure.

With 1st Reporting, you can ensure compliance with health & safety policies across your organization.


Miro‘s risk assessment matrix evaluates risks based on their likelihood and potential impact, then assigns a weighted score to prioritize mitigation efforts.

A screen shot of a swiss army knife swiss army knife swiss army knife s.

It is a flexible template for discussing different risk types, including operational, economic, strategic, regulatory, and others as well that don’t fit into these categories.

Different types of risk evaluations can be performed using the given template, including qualitative, quantitative, generic, site-particular, and dynamic assessments. Different types cater to distinct goals, and their applications can vary.

The whiteboard offered by Miro promotes seamless teamwork and assessment exchange. The risk evaluation and assessment procedure incorporates color coding and numerical scales.

Incident Report

Incident Report site offers comprehensive incident reporting solutions to help organizations manage risks efficiently. The site provides incident reporting software and guidance that allows users to access high-quality databases, Hazard Reporting templates, checklists & forms, as well as an app for quick reports from anywhere.

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A table with a red, yellow, and orange color.

Its Risk assessment template is designed based on the size and complexity of each organization.

It evaluates aspects such as personnel and management system flexibility, program designs, information systems security, and more while also providing a risk matrix (likelihood/consequence).

The template also provides records of individuals at risk, harm prevention measures taken by responsible parties, and action deadlines for managing control systems.


Vitalics site provides over 145 pre-created internal control forms, checklists, and templates. With Vitalics’ comprehensive range of customizable forms, companies can safeguard their business interests with ease.

A sample of a small business assessment form.

Vitalics provides a free download of the Small Business Risk Assessment questionnaire, also called an Internal Control Questionnaire.

This Business Risk Assessment Questionnaire covers a wide array of various fraud scheme categories such as Employee/HR assessment; Check Tampering Schemes; Payroll Fraud schemes; Theft of inventory/equipment etc., enabling you to stay assured about the security of business operations.

Small business owners can use the Risk Assessment questionnaire to identify and reduce potential financial risks, protect themselves from fraud and theft, and develop internal control systems for their business processes.

Its aim is to assist smaller organizations in creating an easy-to-implement and follow-control program. Vitalics has been helping small organizations protect their businesses and secure an environment that safeguards the company’s finances.


Atlassian is an iconic leader in software solutions which help people collaborate and increase their productivity at work. Their products focus on Work Management, IT Service Management, Agile/DevOps methodologies, and more.

The Atlassian Risk Assessment Matrix Template enables users to identify, evaluate and control risks associated with a particular project or initiative – it’s totally free of charge.

Risk assessment matrix template.

This template can be fully customized to best meet the needs of each individual user; available as PDFs, Word documents, Confluence pages, etc.; its four-step process consists of identifying potential risks; evaluating severity & likelihood; determining mitigating controls measures for ultimate mitigation.

Atlassian‘s risk assessment template is advantageous: user-friendly, customizable, and accessible in multiple formats. It aids in identifying, assessing, and managing project risks, enhancing decision-making, and safeguarding the organization.


Cascade’s Business Continuity Risk Assessment Template offers organizations a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy. By identifying and prioritizing potential risks, defining strategies to reduce those risks, and creating quick response/recovery plans for the event of disruption, this template provides an effective approach to secure businesses’ operations.

Business continuity risk assessment plan.

It covers key focus areas with associated objectives, projects, and KPIs that ensure total coverage in order for business continuity measures to be successful. The purpose behind this template is ultimately designed so companies can assess current procedures against possible threats or disruptions while simultaneously developing proper responses ready in case of emergency situations.

Additionally, Cascade provides its Strategy Execution Platform that helps organizations develop, monitor, and adjust their business continuity plans. Teams can easily set goals, track performance, and delegate projects. With real-time insights, users can adapt and refine strategies as needed.

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Smartsheet site contains a collection of expert-tested, professionally designed risk assessment templates in Word, PDF, and Excel formats.

Free risk assessment form templates and samples.

It contains risk assessment form templates for general risk assessments for financial, legal, or reputational; workplace risk assessments to classify jobs by department, project, or another relevant category; project risk assessments template to evaluate and manage risks associated with a project, event risk assessments to identify and classify potential risks for an event and more.

All assessments are free of cost. The site also provides steps on how to conduct a risk assessment.


Clickup library offers ten free risk assessment templates and uses case examples to ensure your project or program meets its safety requirements.

10 free risk assessment templates and examples excel and clickup.

Their Risk Assessment Excel Template is designed specifically to help you take the initial steps in standardizing your processes, while their Risk Matrix template takes each potential threat into consideration when determining the impact on a project outcome.

The IT Risk Assessment Template helps identify risks related to specific IT infrastructure requirements, as well as Pi Planning templates for you to get an overview of your PI planning process, ensuring any potential threats are managed correctly before they happen.

Final words

Regular risk assessments save plenty of errors, reduce escalations and prevent financial losses. To ease the process of risk assessment, templates prove a great effective tool that helps to perform this process quicker, standardizes the process, improves accuracy, follows compliance and best practices, and is easy to customize as per the project or program requirement.

You may also explore some best GRC Platforms for risk management.

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