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13 Best Platforms to Sell Your Digital Assets

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Starting an online business was never so easy. This is why plenty of individuals are thinking about different online businesses that they can begin.

In this online revolution, it has become possible for people to start a business without hefty investments. This has attracted many entrepreneurs and business people to start something of their own.

Earlier, every product was only physical. But now, creators are also selling digital products.

So, what are digital products? Digital products include everything from ebooks, online courses, and audiobooks to software or data bundles.

Individuals and companies create digital products to capture the audience’s attention. Digital products help an individual or company to build credibility and even test the market for their services.

Plenty of solopreneurs club digital products with consultation calls to bag more customers onto their side. This is the most widely used strategy by solopreneurs to capture the market and grab people’s attention on the internet.

Now, you might be wondering where to sell digital assets. There are several platforms on the internet that can help you sell your digital products.

Before we get to the best platforms, let us first understand why you should sell digital products online.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Everything is moving towards the online world. This is the time for businesses to consider online as an opportunity for scaling their businesses. There are plenty of benefits to selling digital products compared to physical ones. Some of the most significant reasons are:

  • There is no requirement for packing, physical storage, or shipping any products. This reduces various costs of shipping, packaging unit, and storage facility.
  • Digital products will work as an extra income stream for your business. With these products, you can even create a global reach for your online business.
  • There’s no need to completely discard a digital product because you can simply update it with necessary changes to make it relevant for the current market.
  • There is no end to the inventory. You can duplicate your digital products as many times as you wish.
  • Selling digital products does not require your presence at every moment. Even if you are offline, you will earn money whenever your digital product is purchased. This is the best passive income source.

Selling Online

Now, you will be clear about why you should be selling digital products. But, do you know where to sell digital assets?

Digital assets can be sold on specific platforms, which we will discuss later in this article. Here are some strong reasons to help you understand the need for a platform for selling digital products.

Why Do You Need A Selling Platform For Digital Products?

If you are thinking about launching a single product, you can definitely go with a contact form. You can integrate Stripe or PayPal in the form itself to take payments. This is a convenient option for a single product.

But, if you have multiple products to sell online, it is highly recommended to go for a selling platform. These types of platforms will provide you with a complete interface and plenty of features that can help you grow your online business.


Some of the best things about these platforms are:

  • Every customer can have their own account to manage all your digital product purchases
  • You can even sell subscription-based products by providing access through downloads
  • Plenty of built-in tools to promote and display your digital products
  • Easier to accept payments from multiple payment methods
  • Directly deliver digital products like online courses, ebooks, lessons, and more to the customers in their accounts

Other than these, the most significant benefit of selling your digital products through various platforms is visibility. If you simply set up your own website, you will still need to wait until there are visitors to get sales. On the other hand, there are plenty of visitors on these platforms every single day. So, your sales of digital products can definitely get a significant boost on these platforms.

These points will clarify why you should focus on selling your digital products through a platform. Whether you are an individual or an online business, the use of online selling platforms can skyrocket your sales.

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Let us look at some well-known platforms to sell your digital assets.


Gumroad is the most loved platform of all creators when it comes to digital products. It is an e-commerce platform that simplifies the process of selling digital products online for the creators. With Gumroad, the creators can easily get paid for what they make.


Gumroad supports all types of digital assets like online courses, ebooks, music, software, comics, and more. The setup is pretty simple to use, and it’s highly secure. You can even integrate Guumroad into your own website to simplify the sales of your digital products. With the help of Zapier, you can connect your Gumroad account to plenty of apps.

On top of that, customer management and in-depth analytics are best available on Gumroad.

There’s no fee for starting, but commissions apply, based on the number of customers.


Podia is another fully-functional e-commerce platform that can help you sell digital products like online courses, downloads, memberships, and webinars. It is pretty easy to use with plenty of features that can help you increase your sales.

Podia supports affiliate and email marketing. You can even add a live chat widget to engage with all your potential customers and increase your conversion rates.

You are allowed to upload unlimited files on Podia. There are different payment plans to choose from as per your requirements. You can even upsell on Podia. The best feature of Podia is instant payouts and no transaction fees. Though, you will have to pay Stripe and PayPal’s processing fees.

Podia also supports a blog to use content marketing to increase your sales.


If you are looking for something simple and effective for selling your digital products online, Sellfy is the right choice. You can set up your store and start selling within 5 minutes. If you want quick results without complexities, then this should be your go-to option.


Sellfy comes with various tools to promote your products on social media and improve your sales. Some of the most sold digital products on Sellfy are ebooks, comic books, design items, and music content. Among these items, the most popular one is the design items with a huge variety of options.

You can completely customize the landing pages by inserting your logo, introducing your brand colors, and also organizing the elements. Stripe and PayPal payments are supported on Sellfy.


E-junkie is a largely growing platform for selling digital products because it has been committed to not charging any fees. You only need to pay the flat monthly fees on E-junkie to use all the services and make sales for your digital products.

E-junkie is popular among various creators who sell services for areas like business and marketing. The platform makes it easy to manage everything from a single place. As soon as the user makes the payment, the platform will verify the user’s identity and allow them to download all the purchased digital products instantly.

You can even increase your sales with the help of an affiliate platform on E-junkie. Digital selling of graphics, themes, and ebooks is pretty simplified on E-junkie. With the help of analytics, you can easily understand how sales are growing or declining with time.


Sellwire is a simple platform for selling digital products with plenty of features packed in it. It is an analytics-oriented e-commerce platform with file management, promotional offers, and order tracking features. You can also get a clear idea about how your products are performing through precise analytics from Sellwire.


There is no need to worry about security as all the payments are processed through Stripe and PayPal. Sellwire says that you don’t need a complex e-commerce setup for selling your digital products. You can easily sell every digital asset on Sellwire. The smart reporting feature is a plus point for Sellwire.


Amazon is the biggest marketplace for selling anything. Whether you are selling physical products or digital products, you can definitely rely on Amazon to increase your sales. There are millions of customers shopping in the entire world on Amazon every single day.

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Amazon has made it pretty easy to sell digital products too. You can set up your own storefront on Amazon and start selling your digital products like ebooks, software, themes, and more. If you are looking for more attention and visibility among the customers, it is the right choice to start selling your digital products on Amazon.

You can build a solid brand for your digital products on Amazon to bring to customers’ notice. On top of that, you can use your keyword research skills to rank your products better on Amazon.

Simple Goods

Simple Goods is an e-commerce platform that simply focuses on selling your digital products. There is no need for you to set up a store or shop. You only need to create an account, upload all your digital products, add customized pop-out checkouts, and utilize its hosted payment pages for receiving cash.

Simple Goods

There is no requirement for coding or lengthy procedures. It only requires 5 minutes for you to start selling your digital products online through Simple Goods. Simple Goods support various powerful integrations to help you promote your products and grow your online business.

It is a perfect place for selling various digital products like photos, music, ebooks, themes, designs, and more. It offers $0 pricing/month for up to 3 products.


Ko-fi is a free and excellent way to sell digital products, offer memberships, and even accept donations from your fans. The best thing about Ko-fi is that there are no fees, and you receive 100% of the money from your fans.

You can build your Ko-fi shop within 60 seconds and add all your physical and digital products for sale. There is no need for any website or shop. You can directly start making sales through the product links.

Ko-fi allows you to build a monthly income by offering memberships for your subscription-based digital products. You can also set up crowdfunding goals for any cause on Ko-fi and allow your fans to contribute to it.

Ko-fi is a complete platform that allows you to share your creative journey through videos, audio clips, and blog posts. On top of that, Ko-fi also supports plenty of integrations like Zapier, WordPress, Discord, and more.


SendOwl is an excellent platform for experienced and inexperienced sellers who wish to sell online. It is an excellent e-commerce platform that helps you out in selling digital products from social media and other websites. SendOwl allows you to set up a store within a few minutes with all your digital products listed on it. Now, you can customize it and add it to your blog to promote your digital products.

On top of that, SendOwl also helps you to directly create social links for selling through Facebook and other social media platforms. There are plenty of useful features like responsive checkout, various payment options, and multi-language support.

SendOwl is also capable of handling the sales of physical products. You will find all the necessary analytics to determine how your digital and physical products are performing in the market.


Payhip is a useful platform for selling digital downloads with ease. If you are thinking about selling digital products like online courses, ebooks, software, or other online learning resources, you can definitely consider Payhip. Additionally, you can also sell subscriptions and memberships on this platform.

You can sell your digital products from your blog, social media pages, or even your e-commerce store through the use of Payhip. Payhip also has an affiliate program so that you don’t need to keep track of customers who are promoting your digital products.


The most innovative thing about Payhip is that you can digitally stamp all the PDF documents of digital files with the purchaser’s name. This will prevent them from illegally sharing with other people. Other than that, Payhip also has an option for limiting the downloads of your digital products. The starting fee is $0, but the platform charges transaction fees.


Envato is a huge community for digital creators to make something while doing what they love. On Envato, you are allowed to sell everything that is creative and digital. From codescripts and music to website themes and design assets, you can sell everything on Envato to earn credit and money for your work.

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You can build your brand by selling digital products on the marketplace in the way you like. The entire ecosystem of Envato is enormous. This allows you to be as creative as you can and explore more. Analytics can make it easy for you to find the best times in the market and also see how your products are performing.

Selling your digital products is simplified and also effective on Envato. Fees are based on product sales.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you wish to sell your digital products directly through your WordPress blog, then Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect choice for you. As you will be selling the digital products directly from your website, it will be great for SEO, and you will also receive more organic sales through your blog.

Easy Digital Downloads

There are several useful features like coupon codes, affiliate programs, and also discount pricing for customers when they share your products on social media platforms or subscribe to your newsletter. Everything is handled by the platform itself so that you can entirely focus on your products and find out how you can improve your sales.

All the sales data is captured and stored in the reports. You can analyze this data to find out your hero product and also work on different ways to increase the sales of your products.


Etsy has a huge marketplace with millions of shoppers looking for creative products. The platform also helps its entrepreneurs set up a shop and sell their digital products on their platform by taking help from Etsy support specialists.


You won’t have to spend more of your time managing your shop because Etsy does the work for you. There are plenty of simple yet powerful tools to help you get started and even scale up. Etsy is available on all platforms to make it easy for you to handle everything on the go.

The promotional tools on Etsy can help you drive more sales through the platform as well as other social media sites. Other than that, detailed analytics will portray the performance trends and traffic sources to help you grow your business. You can list your product on Etsy for only $0.20; additional fees apply for making sales.


Selling digital products online is the way to grow your business. As everything moves towards the online market, plenty of online creators are coming up with various useful digital products. Every platform has different features, and you can select any platform based on your requirements.

You may also check these platforms for selling online.

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